September 10

CNET Asks Did you notice the Facebook outage

first_imgFacebook experienced an almost day-long outage on Wednesday. Facebook’s outage affected a near 2 billion people, with their problems starting around 9 a.m. PT Wednesday morning. The outage affected users mainly in the US and Europe, but also affected users in South America, Australia and Asia. The outage was also felt in apps and companies owned by Facebook, most notably Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook’s virtual reality company Oculus, was also affected. On Thursday Facebook announced the problem was due to a server configuration change and apologized for what eventually became the longest and largest outage in its history. While many abstain from social media, there’s no denying its presence in today’s world. Many people were frustrated not being able to load their social feeds. Many businesses who use Facebook or Instagram for ad placements were undoubtedly upset as well. Did this outage affect you at all? Did you even notice it? While Facebook and Instagram are the largest services to go down, what if other social media outlets such as Twitter or Snapchat were out as well? How crazy would that be? Let us know how you feel about these questions and more in the poll below and feel free to explain your vote in the comments. Check out previous installments of CNET Asks here, and cast your votes on a wide range of topics. If there is a particular question you’d like to see asked, or if you’d like a shot at being featured in a future edition, join us at CNET Member Asks and submit your topic idea. Facebook Instagram WhatsApp 1:42 Mobile Mobile Apps 2 Tags Share your voice Where were you when Facebook went down? Now playing: Watch this: Tour Facebook’s new Instagram-worthy digs in Singapore Comments CNET Asks 23 Photoslast_img

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