December 18

Flight lands safely after poisoning scare

first_imgAn FBI spokesman says the man stood up during the flight Monday to make the claim but that there is no indication that any passengers were poisoned. United Airlines says Flight 116 continued as scheduled after the man made the statement.A passenger from another plane at the terminal says a heavy police contingent greeted the flight’s arrival at Newark Liberty Airport.University of San Francisco student Merrill Amos tells The Associated Press than more than a couple dozen police and emergency vehicles were on the tarmac. She says she saw a staircase pulled up to the plane and an ambulance nearby.“He wasn’t passed-out limp, but he looked very sluggish,” Ms Amos said.last_img read more

December 17

Bane-Welker Equipment locations achieved Case IH Pinnacle status

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Bane-Welker Equipment is proud to announce four of their 13 locations achieved Case IH Pinnacle status in 2017. There are 613 dealer locations across the country participating in the Pinnacle Program. Of those 613, only 27 total Case IH dealer locations achieved Pinnacle status in all six categories: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Parts, Service, and AFS. Four of those 27 dealers were Bane-Welker stores and one was the Bane-Welker Equipment, LLC in Georgetown, Ohio.“We could not be prouder of our team for their hard work this year,” said Phil Bane, CEO of Bane-Welker Equipment. “We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Having four of our thirteen locations reach this goal is impressive and we won’t take that for granted. We will continue to work hard for our customers at all 13 locations.”The Pinnacle Program represents the highest level of excellence in the Case IH dealer network. The program is a company-wide initiative developed cooperatively by Case IH and the Case IH Dealer Advisory Board to help dealers deliver a best-in-class experience. It recognizes dealerships for achievement in six key areas identified as important to success by both dealers and Case IH.“This is the highest number of participating dealer locations since the launch of the program, and we at Case IH, are very grateful to Bane-Welker for the time and effort they dedicated in striving for continued improvements,” said Tony Steinke of Case IH.Bane-Welker Equipment, founded in 1967, is a an agriculture equipment company representing Case IH and other complimentary brands. Bane-Welker offers new and used equipment, parts, sales, service, precision farming, online parts sales and customer support. The company operates 10 stores in Indiana including Crawfordsville, La Crosse, Lebanon, Remington, Terre Haute, Pendleton, Plymouth, Winamac, and Wingate, and three stores in Ohio, including Eaton, Wilmington and Georgetown. In 2018, the company became 100% employee owned.last_img read more

December 17

Twitter’s Psychologist Strikes Again: Analyze Your Lists

first_imgjolie odell The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos When I looked at results for the list of women I follow, I saw they tweet a lot about sex, themselves, the past, anxiety and negative emotions, in that order. It was like watching an episode of Sex and the City flash before my eyes. They tweeted very little about money, learning, control (including self-control) and constructive behavior. Keep in mind, this isn’t a generalization about the state of womanhood on the Internet; I follow a very limited and eclectic group of ladies, all of whom I find very charming in their own fashion.Of course, I had to check out the stats on the ReadWriteWeb crew. We seem to tweet a lot about leisure and activities other than work. Uh, don’t tell the boss? However, tweets about work finished a close third, right behind tweets about ourselves. As a group, we don’t tend to tweet about personal things, such as money, sex or emotions.Other interesting hypotheses can be drawn when examining “social media” and “technology” lists. Many geek-centric lists I examined were shockingly devoid of tweets about leisure, positive or other emotions or physical sensations and dominated by tweets about learning, the self and control. Perhaps this is due to our realization that the personal and professional are quickly merging and our perceived need to present a reasonably consistent face and least objectionable programming-type content.At any rate, Zarrella’s given us another insightful peek into how Twitter reveals interesting snippets of information about various demographics and sociological segments.Give the new lists function a spin, and let us know your findings in the comments! Tags:#twitter#web And my lengthy list of San Francisco/Bay Area people on Twitter gave evidence of a complete lack of interest in celebrities and a preoccupation with self, the future and control.But when I looked at my “Southern Comfort” list of geeks south of the Mason-Dixon line, I got a very different picture. These folks are using the social web to tweet about their emotions, the passage of time, themselves, and dreams of unconscious thoughts, while they tweet less than others about celebrities, sex and money. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…center_img Dan Zarrella has long impressed us with his discourses on the science of retweets, as well as his psychoanalytic apps that scan and parse Twitter streams – one for general analysis and one for dreams.His latest project, TweetPsych for lists, is an enlightening and often amusing look at what your lists are talking about, how they view the world, what turns them on (or off), and more. Depending on how you group your Twitter friends, you can make interesting generalizations or conjectures about society as a whole. What do the denizens of L.A. or San Francisco tweet about most? What about women – what’s got them buzzing? Read on for more on precisely that cross-section of the Twittersphere.My “I Heart L.A.” list, a curation of tweets from the L.A. tech scene, shows a hilarious preoccupation with sex and a lack of tweeting about work, for example. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Related Posts last_img read more

December 9

How to Be a Yes Woman (or Man)

first_imgThere are some people who have wired themselves to say “no.” There is no risk that is worth taking. There is no new initiative that is worth pursuing. There are no changes worth making. If they get to weigh in on a decision, their answer is universally “no.” These “No men” and “No women” are worse than the Devil’s Advocate. They don’t point out an idea’s weakness; they actively work to make sure it is never brought to life.In a world of accelerating disruptive change, ideas are the currency of growth—and, if we are being honest, survival. Even though there are plenty of bad ideas, there is a good reason to say “yes” to new ideas, to try things, and to iterate.Find the GoodInstead of reflexively saying “no” to a new idea, look for what’s right about the idea. What makes the idea interesting? How does it change things that might allow you to do better work in the future? What would your clients value in this idea—even an idea that would, at first anyway, make them uncomfortable?By looking to see what’s good, you give yourself and your team permission to explore is further.Ask HowGood ideas are a dime a dozen. Bad ideas can be had for even less. Without the ability to execute, no idea is a good idea. But the most unlikely, unreasonable, and difficult ideas sometimes turn out to be solid gold. More still, the idea that you resist and refuse might be the very idea your competitor figures out how to use to leapfrog you.Instead of “no,” ask “how?” Instead of finding reasons you can’t do something, explore how you could do what is being proposed. Even if it means you have to collaborate and make changes. Even if it means you have to do it in stages or phases. Even if it means you have to play politics.Say YesYour job is to find ideas that will improve your results and bring them to life. Saying “no” means you cut yourself off from the very things that will propel you into the future. Instead of trying to say “no,” find a way to say “yes.” Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

December 1

Rights group protests ‘harassment’ of activists, locals in Niyamgiri

first_imgThe People’s Union for Democratic Rights, a Delhi-based civil liberties and democratic rights organisation, has expressed concern over “intimidation and death threats to public-spirited individuals and professionals in the Niyamgiri region by the office of the Superintendent of Police, Kalahandi”.In a statement, the PUDR said that Padmanabha Choudhury, a journalist, had been invited by the villagers to cover a meeting on Forest Rights Act at Laptaguda in Chatrapur panchayat in Lanjigarh block of the district on June 17. Policemen visited him at his house that very evening and asked him to accompany them to the Lanjigarh police station, alleging that he had attended a Maoist meeting.“Mr. Chaudhury’s motorcycle key was forcibly taken from him and the vehicle detained at the police station. He waited two days to meet the superintendent of police in his office. On June 19, the SP interrogated him and began abusing him in filthy language… He [Mr. Chaudhury] repeatedly informed him that the meeting was a discussion on FRAand that the villagers are planning to meet the district magistrate too. The SP did not heed his explanation, but threatened to beat him with a plastic cable, and threatened to have him killed in an encounter if he argued about why he attended the Maoist meeting,” the PUDR statement said.“Most shaken and tense with these threats and intimidation by the SP to go yet again to his office, the journalist reached the State Human Rights Commission in Bhubaneswar and registered a complaint stating that he is in fear of his safety and his life.”The PUDR statement, signed by its secretaries — Deepika Tandon and Shahana Bhattacharya — said that Mr. Chaudhury’s intimidation forms part of the relentless harassment, custodial violence and illegal detentions of people of Niyamgiri for resisting bauxite mining by Vedanta in their hills.“Previously, the Kalahandi police and administration have targeted British Kumar, a youth leader of the Khandualamli Suraksha Samiti and Bhumi Adhikaar Suraksha Samiti, Lingaraj Azad and Lada Sikaka, members of Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti, on allegations of association with Maoists, while they attempt to assert their constitutional rights and bring attention to the ongoing rights violations and repression in the area,” said the PUDR statement.The organisation said that in 2013, 12 gram sabhas in the area had unanimously rejected bauxite mining by Vedanta in the Niyamgiri hills pursuant to a Supreme Court order. Instead of implementing the verdict of the Supreme Court and the decision of the gram sabhas under the FRA, the Odisha government is using targeted persecution of locals and journalists to crush opposition to the project, it added.The PUDR demanded that the Odisha government should initiate action against the SP for targeted intimidation of the journalist and local activists and end violation of democratic rights of the people of Niyamgiri and those seeking to expose the ongoing human rights violations in the area.last_img read more

November 28

From Dehradun to Switzerland, Monisha Kaltenborn’s come a long way

first_imgBorn as Monisha Narang in Dehradun, India, May 10, 1971. She moved to Austria as an eight-year old child when her parents emigrated and took over Austrian citizenship. Till then, she studied at the Welham Girls School, Dehradun.Monisha studied law at the University of Vienna, graduating in 1995, then completed a masters’ degree in International Business Law at the London School of Economics. She simultaneously worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the UN Commission for International Trade Law, and on completion of studies worked for various legal firms: Gleiss Lutz in Stuttgart; Wolf & Theis in Vienna and finally for the Fritz Kaiser Group in 1998-1999.Kaiser, who was part owner of the Sauber team in Formula One, was responsible for bringing Monisha into the sport. She was given charge of the team’s corporate and legal affairs.By 2000, Kaiser had sold his shares but Monisha remained with the team as head of its legal department. She was made a member of the team’s management board in 2001 and in early 2010, following the team’s return to independent status following the withdrawal of former partner BMW, was appointed CEO.Monisha is also a member of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA) Commission for Women and Motorsport. On May 16, 2012, she was rewarded with 33.3% shares of Sauber Motorsport.She met her husband Jens Kaltenborn during her first job in Stuttgart and got married in Dehradun. They have two children and live in Ksnacht, close to the Sauber factory in Hinwil, Switzerland.last_img read more

November 27

Asian Games: India lose out on gold

first_imgWhen Saurav Ghosal stepped out of the glass court on Tuesday after an hour and 15 minutes of energy-sapping action, his face reflected the anguish he was feeling.It is not every day that one finds oneself on the verge of a historic Asian Games gold medal, only to be denied by a sudden reversal of fortunes. One wonders how long it will take Ghosal to recover after he squandered a two-game lead and a match point in the third to lose 10-12, 2-11, 14-12, 11-8, 11-9 in the squash men’s singles final to Kuwait’s Abdullah Al Muzayen. To be in the driver’s seat for so long and not finish the job will haunt him for a long time.It was India’s first silver medal ever in squash at the Asian Games. All the earlier ones were bronze, but that was scant consolation for the Kolkatan.At the end, he could not hide his frustration as Abdullah lay prostrate on the court after his Houdini act. At the medal ceremony too, Ghosal wore a forlorn expression. This was not a silver won, but a gold lost.”I can’t express what’s going on inside my mind. I came here to win gold and I feel sad that I didn’t win it. But you have to give it to him (Abdullah) as he came back from 0-2 down,” Ghosal said after the five-game gut-wrencher.”He hit some unbelievable shots which I can’t even explain. He had to do something very special to get me from that point and unfortunately for me he saved that best for the last.”advertisementIt was a far cry from the way in which the match started. Ghosal, sporting a navy blue T-shirt, had Abdullah in a spin with his guile and clever changes of pace as he realised that the Kuwaiti thrived on power. There were times when Abdullah was stranded in the forecourt as the Indian would pin him down with his angled shots.It was a study in contrasts. Ghosal was trim and fast, covering the court like a hare. On the other hand, Abdullah was the embodiment of brute force.The contest was gladiatorial in nature but generally played in a good spirit. There was one moment when Abdullah went full stretch with the racquet flying out of his hand. Ghosal picked it up and gave it to his opponent.However, once Ghosal blew a match point in the third game, it all started going downhill for him. Abdullah decided to make full use of the second life. All of a sudden, Ghosal looked lost. It was as if he had been blinded by Abdullah’s power and aggression.”I had one match point but he played a very good point. There was not a single moment in the entire match when there were any easy points given by either of us. The shots he was hitting were outstanding. What can I say! Everything came off for him towards the end,” the Indian said.Frequent interruptions and asking for ‘let’ did disturb the pattern of play. “The court was slippery with sweat towards the end and had to be swept. It gave me some time to get my breath back,” said Abdullah. Finally, Ghosal lost the match while expecting a ‘let’, and was left to wonder what could’ve been had he killed the match off when he had the chance.last_img read more

October 28

10 months agoEverton boss Marco Silva: Winning most important thing in FA Cup

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Everton boss Marco Silva: Winning most important thing in FA Cupby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveEverton did enough to see off FA Cup opponents Lincoln City 2-1 on Saturday.Ademola Lookman, with his first goal in 394 days, and Bernard put the hosts ahead inside 14 minutes but they struggled once Michael Bostwick pulled one back.”First, we achieved the main thing which was to play the next round in the competition,” Everton manager Marco Silva said.”It looks in some moments that we didn’t like to have a quiet afternoon. But for 20 minutes we did well, we started with intensity, with some good moments, the second goal was a good finish.”After that we lost focus completely and gave them hope and is something that has happened with our team during the last few games and is something we have to stop as quick as we can.”He added: “The game is always open until we score the third goal, we didn’t score the third goal but we achieved the main thing to be in the next round.” last_img read more