January 20

FA boss hails St Catherine Manning Cup teams

first_imgSeveral teams from St Catherine have made bright starts to the 2016 ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup, catching the eye of St Catherine Football Association president Peter Reid. Jonathan Grant, St Catherine High and St Jago High have all won their first two games, and Reid is encouraging them to keep going. He expressed the hope that the St Catherine teams would stay in contention. “I’d say it’s early days,” he cautioned, “but put your head in front and people will have to catch you.” So far in the Manning Cup Group G, St Jago have beaten Calabar and Campion College. Meanwhile, Jonathan Grant High and St Catherine High have each won twice in Group D. He also noted that several of the players on these teams have emerged from age group competition staged by the association. “Congratulations to the management and staff of the St Catherine teams,” he said while watching a Manning Cup game this week at the Prison Oval in Spanish Town, “but we have been doing our part in that.” “We have our Under-15, our Under-17,” he related, “and the boys would matriculate into the Manning Cup.” Speaking about the St Jago team that edged Calabar 1-0 in the match he was watching, he said: “I see about six boys who came through a programme and that would spread all throughout the different schools.”last_img read more

January 11

Questions raised over legality of Govt compulsorily acquiring land

first_img…after gazetted notice of land takeover for Demerara bridgeThe gazette notice announcing the Public Infrastructure Ministry’s intention to appropriate land for the construction of the new Demerara River Bridge has raised questions, particularly since the Government is a caretaker administration.According to Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall, the move to acquire private land for public works is governed by strict laws that must also be observed in tandem with the Constitution of Guyana. He noted that acquiring land in such circumstances should only be a last resort and questioned the rush to do this when a design for the bridge has not even been completed.The orders that were gazette by the caretaker GovernmentSince the supreme law, the Constitution guarantees the protection of private property as a fundamental right and freedom of the citizenry. The rule of law, naturally, mandates that any law which authorises the confiscation of private property must enjoy strict and scrupulous compliance whenever such a process is being embarked upon.Additionally, since the rule of law frowns upon any concept that facilitates the State compulsorily acquiring private property, such a process must only be embarked upon as a matter of last resort, and those affected must be adequately consulted and compensated in the end. Against this background, certain elementary but crucially vital questions must inexorably be posed in relation to the actions of (Public Infrastructure Minister) David Patterson, Nandlall said.One of the fundamental questions he raised was whether a Government defeated by a No-Confidence Motion in the National Assembly and mandated to call snap elections can lawfully perform such an act.He pointed out that the Government never received an extension from Parliament and moreover, elections are due in March 2020, at which time reversing any harmful policies might be difficult for a new Government.“In my respectful opinion, the answer is a resounding “no”! Professor Peter Hogg, in the text Constitutional Law of Canada Vol 1, at page 9.4B writes: ‘For the caretaker period…in matters of policy, expenditure and appointments, the Government should restrict itself to activity that is: (a) routine or, (b) non-controversial or, (c) urgent and in the public interest or, (d) reversible by a new Government without undue cost or disruption or, (e) agreed upon by the Opposition.”“I must swiftly point out that these restrictions apply to a caretaker government of which this Government is not. This Government’s caretaker status expired on the 18th September 2019, at best. Currently, therefore, they do not enjoy even that limited legitimacy with which a caretaker government is cloaked. This Government’s existence is utterly and absolutely extra-constitutional and unlawful.”DecisionsNandlall noted that as a consequence, every decision the Government makes or contract executed can be deemed as unlawful. In addition, he questioned the urgency of the move, considering the incomplete designs that make assessing the size of land impossible and the cloud under which the Ministry is executing the project.He added, in fact, Patterson has been found guilty by the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) of spending nearly $200 million (despite) the Procurement Act, “to single-source a contractor to do a feasibility study in respect of this project. In short, this project is far away from even its embryonic stages. So, a case cannot be made out for urgency”.A related issue, he noted, is the reason for embarking upon a course of action at this pre-emptive stage of elections, which a new Government might find it impossible to lawfully reverse. “At this juncture, I can confirm that the Opposition has not been consulted, nor is it in agreement with this course of action by Mr Patterson”.Nandlall noted that when one considers the lengthy process that must be followed including consultations, negotiating compensation and approval from the National Assembly for that compensation before the land is acquired, there is no logic behind the decision.“The only rational explanation is that the move to acquire these lands is but yet another publicity gimmick to convey the false impression that a new Demerara River crossing is on the electoral horizon,” Nandlall said.According to the Order that was signed by Patterson and released on December 16, the lands are being acquired for public purposes to construct access roads for a new bridge. On the East Bank of Demerara, 55.623 acres of the land in question comprising of tracts ‘RR’, ‘RR1’, ‘RR2’, ‘RR3’, Parcel 184, 4727, sub-parcel 4220A and sub-parcel 204A, being portions of Plantation Houston and Ruimveldt are being acquired.Meanwhile, Schedule 2 speaks to 36.37 and 7.43 acres of land at Plantation Versailles, West Bank Demerara, also being acquired. Furthermore, 23.9 acres of land located at Plantation Goed Fortuin, Versailles, Malgre Tout, Klien Pouderoyen, Grant 7042 and 7043, at the rear of Plantation Vreed-en-Hoop are also up for compulsory acquisition.last_img read more

January 11

Newly developed webpage connects apprentices with employers

first_img“Today, one of the biggest hurdles for apprenticeships is securing employment with an employer, and employers are an essential component of any apprenticeships – as basically 80 per cent of an apprentice’s journey is spent in practical training under the guidance of their employer,” ITA’s Apprenticeship Advisor for northeast B.C., Pam Eales said.Students, local employers, and other industry stakeholders were present to learn more about how the tool works and how it can assist them in their job or apprentice search.Feron Young of Murray GM says, “Apprentice job match tool is a great idea because it opens up the employment pool for industry.”- Advertisement -ITA says by 2022, there are expected to be “one million jobs” opening in B.C.“Northern Lights College is pleased that its students will be able to make good use of the Apprentice Job Match tool,”  Rene Tremblay, Dean of Trades and Apprenticeships, Northern Lights College said. “It’s a great way to connect local employers with our apprentices and speed up the process of building solid careers in the trades.”If you missed today’s announcement, ITA is hosting a webinar on November 12 to take B.C. apprentices and employers through the online job match process step-by-step.Advertisementlast_img read more

December 27


first_imgThe Boyles are the boys to beat Pic Paul McIlroy ‏@paulmcilroyDECLAN Boyle leads after Day One of the Donegal International Rally on a day when Garry Jennings had to pull out after engine failure.Declan and co-driver Brian Boyle are six seconds ahead of Donagh Kelly in his Ford Focus, with Manus Kelly lying in third going into tomorrow’s race.O/A Car Driver/Codriver Make Class Pos SS6 Road Total Diff 1st Diff Prev1 3 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle Ford Fiesta WRC 7 O/A 3:39.1 0:00 34:18.92 2 Donagh Kelly/Conor Foley Ford Focus wrc 7 O/A 3:41.2 0:00 34:25.1 0:06.2 0:06.23 10 Manus Kelly/Donall Barrett Subaru S12 7 O/A 3:44.9 0:00 34:38.7 0:19.8 0:13.64 11 Seamus Leonard/John McCafferty Subaru S14 7 1 3:43.2 0:00 35:09.0 0:50.1 0:30.35 6 Alaistair Fisher/Gordon Noble Ford Fiesta R5 5 1 3:44.7 0:00 35:09.8 0:50.9 0:00.86 8 Sam Moffett/Karl Atkinson Ford Fiesta R5 5 2 3:48.2 0:00 35:14.0 0:55.1 0:04.27 9 Josh Moffett/John Rowan Ford Fiesta R5 5 3 3:48.3 0:00 35:25.4 1:06.5 0:11.48 7 Keith Cronin/Mikie Galvin Citroen DS3 R5 5 4 3:43.5 0:00 35:54.4 1:35.5 0:29.09 16 Jonathan Greer/Kirsty Riddick Citroen DS3 R5 5 5 3:52.6 0:00 36:11.2 1:52.3 0:16.810 4 Eugene Donnelly/Paddy Toner BMW Mini WRC 7 2 3:49.1 0:00 36:18.1 1:59.2 0:06.911 14 Stephen Wright/Arthur Kierans Ford Fiesta R5 5 6 3:48.8 0:00 36:24.0 2:05.1 0:05.912 15 Joseph McGonigle/Ciaran Geaney Skoda Fabia s2000 5 7 3:51.6 0:00 36:25.8 2:06.9 0:01.813 58 Pauric Duffy/Kevin Glynn Ford Fiesta R5 5 8 3:57.8 0:00 37:06.9 2:48.0 0:41.114 34 Aidan Wray/Kieran McGrath Mitsubishi Evo 10 4 1 3:57.8 0:00 37:20.7 3:01.8 0:13.815 29 Aaron McHale/Paul McGee Skoda Fabia 5 9 4:04.1 0:00 37:29.7 3:10.8 0:09.016 37 David Guest/Paddy Robinson Mitsubishi Evo 9 4 2 4:04.0 0:00 37:43.2 3:24.3 0:13.517 56 Callum Devine/Keith Moriarty Opel Adam 2 1 4:10.2 0:00 38:12.9 3:54.0 0:29.718 66 William Creighton/Liam Regan Peugeot 208 2 2 4:06.8 0:00 38:36.7 4:17.8 0:23.819 57 Paul Rowley/Patrick Brides Skoda Fabia s2000 5 10 4:07.4 0:00 38:50.1 4:31.2 0:13.420 59 Gary Cairns/Justin Coyle Mitsubishi Evo 9 4 3 4:10.0 0:00 39:11.5 4:52.6 0:21.421 113 Cathan McCourt/Brian Hoy Mitsubishi Evo 9 4 4 4:10.1 0:00 39:11.8 4:52.9 0:00.322 74 Gavin Kelly/Elaine Ni She Mitsubishi Evo 9 4 5 4:09.6 0:00 39:16.4 4:57.5 0:04.623 65 Marty Gallagher/Dean O’Sullivan Peugeot 208 2 3 4:09.2 0:00 39:27.6 5:08.7 0:11.224 63 Gus Kearney/Tommy Hayes Mitsubishi Evo 9 4 6 4:18.8 0:00 39:51.6 5:32.7 0:24.025 95 John Mulholland/Jeff Case Skoda Fabia s2000 5 11 4:12.9 0:00 39:54.3 5:35.4 0:02.726 112 Peter O’Kane/Tommy Cuddily Mitsubishi Evo 10 4 7 4:15.7 0:00 40:18.2 5:59.3 0:23.927 120 Fraser Mulholland/Geoff Patterson Ford Fiesta 2 4 4:22.3 0:00 40:32.3 6:13.4 0:14.128 32 Tony Quinn/Anthony Nestor Subaru WRC 7 3 5:49.6 0:00 41:06.8 6:47.9 0:34.529 135 Christopher Boyce/Pascal Dillon Honda Civic 3 1 4:35.8 0:00 43:44.4 9:25.5 2:37.630 140 Alistair Glenn/Gavin Doherty Peugeot 206 2 5 5:12.1 0:00 48:31.3 14:12.4 4:46.9Results for the National category O/A Car Driver/Codriver Make Class Pos SS6 Road Total Diff 1st Diff Prev1 20 Brian Brogan/Damien McGettigan Ford Escort Mk2 14 O/A 3:51.8 0:00 36:11.52 24 Damien Tourish/Domhnall McAlaney Ford Escort Mk2 13 O/A 3:54.4 0:00 36:18.6 0:07.1 0:07.13 18 Declan Gallagher/James McNulty Toyota Starlet RWD 13 O/A 3:52.8 0:00 36:20.3 0:08.8 0:01.74 17 Jonathan Pringle/Alan Keena Ford Escort Mk2 14 1 3:53.4 0:00 36:20.6 0:09.1 0:00.35 22 Damien Gallagher/Mac Walsh Ford Escort Mk2 14 2 3:55.8 0:00 36:34.4 0:22.9 0:13.86 19 David Bogie/Enda Sherry Ford Escort Mk2 14 3 3:53.9 0:00 36:39.1 0:27.6 0:04.77 21 Frank Kelly/Michael Coady Ford Escort Mk2 14 4 3:56.2 0:00 36:39.2 0:27.7 0:00.18 31 Stephen McCann/Damien Fleming Subaru WRC 15 1 4:00.3 0:00 36:57.5 0:46.0 0:18.39 48 Conor Curley/Nigel Frazer Ford Escort Mk2 13 1 3:56.7 0:00 37:05.6 0:54.1 0:08.110 30 Frank Wray/Joe McNulty Subaru WRC 15 2 3:59.0 0:00 37:14.3 1:02.8 0:08.711 27 Gary Kiernan/Niall Tierney Ford Escort Mk2 13 2 4:01.8 0:00 37:23.2 1:11.7 0:08.912 41 Brendan McDaid/Karl Reid Ford Escort Mk2 14 5 4:04.2 0:00 37:27.8 1:16.3 0:04.613 53 Peter Wilson/Brendan McElhinney Ford Escort Mk2 13 3 4:00.0 0:00 37:46.4 1:34.9 0:18.614 47 David Moffett/Johnny Baird Toyota Starlet 13 4 4:00.8 0:00 37:52.1 1:40.6 0:05.715 45 Richard Moffett/Martin Connolly Toyota Starlet 14 6 3:59.4 1:00 37:55.6 1:44.1 0:03.516 51 Patrick McHugh/Pauric O’Donnell Ford Escort Mk2 13 5 4:05.9 0:00 37:57.9 1:46.4 0:02.317 44 Daniel Conaghan/Terence Magee Ford Escort Mk2 13 6 4:05.6 0:00 38:13.2 2:01.7 0:15.318 38 Jason McSweeney/Denis O’Mahoney Mitsubishi Evo 9 20 1 4:06.7 0:00 38:14.9 2:03.4 0:01.719 85 Gerard McQuaid/Thomas Treanor Ford Escort Mk2 13 7 4:08.6 0:00 38:23.0 2:11.5 0:08.120 49 Michael Carbin/Darragh Kelly Mitsubishi Evo 4 20 2 4:04.1 0:00 38:26.0 2:14.5 0:03.021 52 William McFadden/David Gordon Ford Escort G3 13 8 4:06.0 0:15 38:31.8 2:20.3 0:05.822 36 Pat Kirk/John McElhinney Mitsubishi Evo 10 20 3 4:09.2 0:00 38:39.4 2:27.9 0:07.623 90 Brendan Friel/Jp Boyle Toyota Corolla 11R 1 4:11.3 0:00 38:44.5 2:33.0 0:05.124 33 Pj McDermott/Niall Burns Subaru Impreza 15 3 4:11.0 0:00 38:46.2 2:34.7 0:01.725 97 Kyle McGettigan/Dale McGettigan Toyota Corolla 11R 2 4:09.1 0:00 38:47.1 2:35.6 0:00.926 77 Patrick Boyle/Donal McCole Toyota Corolla 13 9 4:02.6 1:00 38:49.6 2:38.1 0:02.527 43 John Bonner/Leon Jordan Ford Escort Mk2 13 10 4:08.7 0:00 38:51.9 2:40.4 0:02.328 55 John Ross Marshall/Dave Robson Ford Escort Mk2 13 11 4:08.6 0:00 38:53.7 2:42.2 0:01.829 75 Jason Roache/John McCarthy Ford Escort Mk2 13 12 4:10.3 0:00 39:03.6 2:52.1 0:09.930 82 Liam Doherty/Dermot McGettigan Ford Escort Mk2 11R 3 4:08.9 0:00 39:10.1 2:58.6 0:06.531 89 John Reddington/Paddy McCrudden Ford Escort Mk2 14 7 4:11.7 0:00 39:14.8 3:03.3 0:04.732 25 James Cullen/Damien Connolly Ford Escort Mk2 14 8 4:19.6 0:00 39:24.6 3:13.1 0:09.833 39 Robbie Peoples/Keith Stewart Ford Escort Mk2 13 13 4:14.1 0:00 39:24.8 3:13.3 0:00.234 40 David Armstrong/Martin McGarrity Ford Escort R5 14 9 4:14.4 0:00 39:26.0 3:14.5 0:01.235 91 Leonard Craig/Conal McNulty Toyota Starlet 11R 4 4:10.4 0:00 39:31.0 3:19.5 0:05.036 87 Stewart Morrison/Alexander Corrigan Ford Escort Mk2 13 14 4:13.8 0:00 39:31.3 3:19.8 0:00.337 106 Donal Kelly/Shane Byrne Honda Civic 11F 1 4:16.8 0:00 39:45.9 3:34.4 0:14.638 94 Gene McDonald/Emmett Kelly Ford Escort Mk2 9 1 4:17.5 0:00 39:48.4 3:36.9 0:02.539 117 Darragh Kelly/Eamonn Doherty Ford Escort Mk2 11R 5 4:16.6 0:00 39:52.3 3:40.8 0:03.940 86 Gary McElhinney/Emmet Brosnan Ford Escort Mk2 13 15 4:10.4 0:00 39:53.8 3:42.3 0:01.541 166 Patrick Bradley/Niall McDaid Ford Escort Mk2 13 16 4:19.3 0:00 40:00.9 3:49.4 0:07.142 80 Thomas O’Connell/Emmett Sherry Ford Escort Mk2 13 17 4:16.7 0:00 40:01.1 3:49.6 0:00.243 102 James McCarville/Gareth Doherty Ford Escort Mk2 11R 6 4:17.6 0:00 40:01.7 3:50.2 0:00.644 92 Christy Gallagher/Adrian Rankin Toyota Starlet 11R 7 4:17.5 0:00 40:03.2 3:51.7 0:01.545 71 Kieron Graffin/Eoghan Rodgers Mitsubishi Evo X 20 4 4:20.4 0:00 40:19.5 4:08.0 0:16.346 137 Lee McLaughlin/Aaron McLaughlin Mitsubishi Evo 5 20 5 4:17.0 0:00 40:24.8 4:13.3 0:05.347 101 Paul Doherty/Hugh Coll Ford Escort Mk2 13 18 4:19.4 0:00 40:33.5 4:22.0 0:08.748 157 Ivan Stewart/Timothy Doogan Mitsubishi Evo 9 20 6 4:23.6 0:00 40:36.8 4:25.3 0:03.349 104 Vincent Collins/Fintan Kilroe Ford Escort Mk2 12 1 4:26.4 0:00 40:43.1 4:31.6 0:06.350 84 Conor Watters/John Boyle Ford Escort Mk2 14 10 4:19.9 0:00 40:52.6 4:41.1 0:09.551 100 Dermot Cannon/Bobby Trimble Ford Escort Mk2 13 19 4:19.9 0:00 40:54.1 4:42.6 0:01.552 124 Martin McLaughlin/Martin Jr McLaughlin Toyota Corolla 13 20 4:22.3 0:00 40:56.7 4:45.2 0:02.653 111 Shaun Callaghan/Paddy McBride Ford Escort Mk2 13 21 4:25.3 0:00 40:59.8 4:48.3 0:03.154 99 Damian Campbell/Declan McGarrity Ford Escort Mk2 13 22 4:24.4 0:00 41:07.2 4:55.7 0:07.455 119 Roy Baldrick/Stacey McNutt Talbot Sunbeam 13 23 4:32.1 0:00 41:10.0 4:58.5 0:02.856 93 Barry McGill/Derek Heena Ford Escort Mk2 9 2 4:27.8 0:00 41:20.1 5:08.6 0:10.157 108 Kieran McGinley/Danny McCloskey Honda Civic 11F 2 4:26.5 0:00 41:20.4 5:08.9 0:00.358 72 Jp Logue/James Logue Honda Civic 11F 3 4:20.5 0:00 41:23.6 5:12.1 0:03.259 129 Donal McGrath/Finbarr Fogarty Toyota Corolla 11R 8 4:23.2 0:00 41:24.3 5:12.8 0:00.760 109 Simon Michael/Connor Dunlop Ford Escort Mk2 12 2 4:29.6 0:00 41:25.3 5:13.8 0:01.061 130 David Smyth/Loretta Kelly Toyota Corolla 11R 9 4:25.3 0:00 41:27.5 5:16.0 0:02.262 73 John O’Sullivan/JJ Cremin Ford Fiesta 11F 4 4:21.5 0:00 41:34.8 5:23.3 0:07.363 118 Darragh Doherty/James McDermott Toyota Corolla 11R 10 4:28.7 0:00 41:36.2 5:24.7 0:01.464 127 Charlie Heraghty/Barry McBride Toyota Corolla 11R 11 4:28.9 0:00 41:37.7 5:26.2 0:01.565 79 John Dolan/Liam McIntyre Ford Escort Mk2 13 24 4:30.2 0:00 41:40.4 5:28.9 0:02.766 162 Kieran O’Kane/John Frew Opel Ascona 14 11 4:27.2 0:00 41:41.6 5:30.1 0:01.267 128 Dermot McGroary/Joseph Timoney Talbot Sunbeam 11R 12 4:25.7 0:00 41:42.8 5:31.3 0:01.268 161 Danny McBride/Daniel McBride Honda Civic 11F 5 4:27.7 0:00 41:43.4 5:31.9 0:00.669 105 Darrel Quinn/Michael Laverty Ford Escort Mk2 12 3 4:29.4 0:00 41:59.5 5:48.0 0:16.170 126 Padraig Coll/Aidan Sweeney Toyota Corolla 11R 13 4:30.3 0:00 42:12.6 6:01.1 0:13.171 145 Shane McLaughlin/Fiona Devlin Ford Escort Mk2 10 1 4:30.4 0:00 42:18.0 6:06.5 0:05.472 165 Daniel McCanny/Martin Gallogley Ford Escort Mk2 13 25 4:32.0 0:00 42:20.0 6:08.5 0:02.073 134 Brian Quigley/Ryan Bradley Honda Civic 11F 6 4:36.2 0:00 42:25.0 6:13.5 0:05.074 132 Shane Carr/Ciaran Carr Vauxhall Nova 10 2 4:35.3 0:00 42:41.5 6:30.0 0:16.575 164 Gerard McGivney/Gavin McGivney Ford Escort Mk2 13 26 4:37.0 0:00 42:41.5 6:30.076 110 Quentin Park/Alan Stewart Ford Escort Mk2 12 4 4:29.9 0:00 43:09.4 6:57.9 0:27.977 83 Jim McDowall/Charlotte McDowall Subaru Impreza N10 15 4 4:25.8 1:30 43:11.9 7:00.4 0:02.578 159 William Vance/Billy Vance Ford Escort Mk2 12 5 4:38.1 0:00 43:24.7 7:13.2 0:12.879 107 Victor Beamish/Susan Beamish Vauxhall Nova 10 3 4:39.3 0:00 43:40.1 7:28.6 0:15.480 163 Alaistar Hethrington/Dermott Friel Ford Escort Mk2 12 6 4:42.7 0:00 43:55.0 7:43.5 0:14.981 116 Eamonn Russell/Gavin O’Donnell Honda Civic 11F 7 4:40.8 0:00 44:05.3 7:53.8 0:10.382 154 Jonathan Stewart/Rory McBride Ford Escort Mk2 13 27 4:40.0 1:00 44:32.0 8:20.5 0:26.783 152 Alan Browne/Michael Donnellan Subaru Impreza 20 7 4:41.3 0:00 44:35.9 8:24.4 0:03.984 121 Roy Jarvis/Adam Milner Ford Fiesta 11F 8 4:45.5 0:00 44:40.3 8:28.8 0:04.485 142 Andrew Stewart/Keith Harris Mitsubishi Evo 4 15 5 4:44.1 0:00 44:41.7 8:30.2 0:01.486 150 Mark Glackin/Michael Glackin Honda Civic 11F 9 4:50.4 0:00 44:45.1 8:33.6 0:03.487 136 Odhran McLaughlin/Kieran Burke VW Golf 20 8 4:42.3 0:00 44:48.1 8:36.6 0:03.088 114 Declan Gallagher/Columba Heena Toyota Corolla 11R 14 4:44.5 0:00 44:54.9 8:43.4 0:06.889 96 Adrian Sweeney/Shane Buckley Peugeot 207 11F 10 4:15.9 5:00 44:57.1 8:45.6 0:02.290 156 Michael Black/Pauric McGinley Ford Fiesta R2 11F 11 4:47.0 0:00 44:58.2 8:46.7 0:01.191 133 James Greenan/Darren Harvey Opel Corsa 9 3 4:52.4 0:00 45:04.6 8:53.1 0:06.492 103 James McDermott/Paul McDermott Vauxhall Chevette 12 7 4:27.6 0:00 45:14.8 9:03.3 0:10.293 143 Nick Barnett/Martin Brady Honda Civic 17 O/A 4:50.6 0:00 45:50.4 9:38.9 0:35.694 149 Eamon McLaughlin/Steven Boyle Vauxhall Nova 10 4 4:48.0 0:00 45:51.8 9:40.3 0:01.495 148 Michael Nutt/Desmond Nutt Honda Civic 17 O/A 4:57.8 0:00 46:05.8 9:54.3 0:14.096 139 David Kelly/James Conwell Honda Civic 11F 12 8:51.6 0:00 46:34.5 10:23.0 0:28.797 146 Gerard Seaman/Daniel Hanratty Honda Civic 17 O/A 4:53.0 0:00 46:49.4 10:37.9 0:14.998 122 Kevin Bradley/Keith Alexander Subaru Impreza 15 6 5:05.0 0:00 48:03.2 11:51.7 1:13.899 123 Ciaran Brogan/Sean Brogan Ford Escort Mk2 12 8 4:38.3 0:00 49:40.5 13:29.0 1:37.3100 167 Gary Cooney/Darragh Mullen Subaru Impreza 15 7 4:16.2 0:00 52:29.8 16:18.3 2:49.3101 141 Johnny Wilhare/Cahor Wilhare Honda Civic 11F 13 4:23.3 1:00 57:21.9 21:10.4 4:52.1102 125 Andrew Hegarty/Eoin Kelly Ford Puma 11F 14 4:23.8 3:00 1:06:58.1 30:46.6 9:36.2DONEGAL RALLY RESULTS AFTER DAY ONE AS BOYLES LEAD was last modified: June 17th, 2016 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:day onedonegal rally resultslast_img read more

December 25

Bruins clicking with camaraderie

first_img Bruins linebacker Spencer Havner said the new relationship made it easy for him to meet Monday with defensive coordinator Larry Kerr and suggest how to possibly eliminate slow starts, by establishing a higher tempo at the start of practice to simulate a game. But the shape of the relationship between coaches and players began taking shape in the spring, and made it all right for players to ask for one change. Conditioning drills were at 6 a.m., and unsupervised 7-on-7 drills were in the late afternoon. It left many players angry about sitting around campus for two or three hours until the passing drills. Lewis said some players spoke to the coaches about starting conditioning an hour later, and staging passing drills earlier. The coaches agreed, and everyone was happy. “Instead of making us fit their program, it seems like they’ve been doing things to make the program fit us,” Lewis said. “That’s a big difference.” In turn, the players felt they had a bigger investment in the program. “By no means do we tell the coaches what to do, but it’s about working together,” Olson said. “It’s the relationship. We sat Coach Dorrell down and gave him ideas, and he sat us down and gave us his thoughts. It’s sort of a win-win situation if you take it the right way.” Olson has evolved into one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. He has 15 touchdown passes, three interceptions, a 67.2 completion percentage and three consecutive fourth-quarter comebacks. The Bruins seem to be better conditioned, outscoring their opponents 88-17 in the fourth quarter, and have 24 touchdowns and three field goals in 28 red-zone trips. And UCLA’s six wins came against teams with a combined 15-22 record. “I have no idea what kind of team we could be,” Dorrell said. “I’ll tell you this. We could be so much better than we are. I know that, and we have a lot of potential to really improve and possibly be a great team in the end.” UCLA NOTES: The biggest curiosity about Oregon State quarterback Moore’s transfer from UCLA in 2003 was the timing. He left during the season, weeks before the Bruins’ bowl game. “I would expect something like that to happen back then,” Page said. “That’s just the way our team was going back then. There are no hard feelings. It’s just going to be another football game.” … OSU is 95th of 117 Division I-A teams in rushing offense (106.8 yards per game), and UCLA is 114th in rushing defense (229.7). 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week “We really feel like it’s a family,” fullback Michael Pitre said. “I think it’s the camaraderie, and how close the team is,” Olson said. “Everybody is so close,” tight end Marcedes Lewis said. After spring Football 101 classes in which players better learned what coaches expected, and coaches better learned what players desired, a close-knit bond formed, and the large gap between coaches and players was bridged. “They talk to us now, and ask us for suggestions on how things should be going (in practice), or what we feel we could do to be better with this and that,” senior strong safety Jarrad Page said. “It’s because we’ve earned their respect and their trust by what we’ve done.” UCLA quarterback Drew Olson rolled to his right and lofted the game-tying touchdown pass to Marcus Everett with 44 seconds remaining in regulation. The first person Olson came in contact with after leading the 17-point comeback was running backs coach Eric Bieniemy, who engulfed Olson in a bear hug. center_img In dissecting how UCLA rose from unranked to No. 8 in the nation, there are plenty of reasons red-zone efficiency, superior conditioning, Olson’s much-improved play, a favorable schedule and a resiliency not seen in Westwood in a long time. But as the Bruins (6-0, 3-0 Pacific-10 Conference) look for their first 7-0 start since 1998, and fourth since 1954, today at the Rose Bowl against Matt Moore-led Oregon State, one factor stands alone. last_img read more

December 21

Transfer gossip: Chelsea linked with Croatia midfielder

first_imgSome of the recent transfer speculation involving Chelsea…Embed from Getty ImagesChelsea have been linked with Fiorentina midfielder Milan Badelj.Talksport have picked up on Gazzetta dello Sport suggesting that the Blues are considering a move for Badelj, 27, in January.The Croatia international, who featured in Euro 2016, has just over 18 months to run on his contract and is yet to extend his current deal.That has led to speculation that Fiorentina could sell him in the new year.Badelj could be available for £9m, it is claimed. De Vrij speculation persistsEmbed from Getty ImagesTalksport have also picked up reports in Italy claiming that Arsenal as well as Chelsea are interested in Lazio’s Stefan de Vrij.Chelsea continue to be linked with the Netherlands international, who was one of a host of defenders they were tipped to move for during the summer transfer window.Talksport say Chelsea and Arsenal have been “given hope” in their “pursuit” of the 24-year-old by the fact that he has not signed a new contract.It follows reports that the Gunners are monitoring his situation at Lazio. Terry speculation continuesChelsea captain John Terry has again been linked with a move to Guangzhou Evergrande.The Daily Mail say Terry, who is an ambassador for the Chinese club, can expect to earn in excess of £8m per season if he decides to sign for them in the summer.The Chelsea captain’s current contract at Stamford Bridge expires at the end of the season and a number of clubs in Europe and the Far East are said to be interested in signing him.A decision on the 35-year-old’s future is not expected to be made until the new year. Duo want to stay – SunEmbed from Getty ImagesCesc Fabregas and Branislav Ivanovic both plan to stay at Chelsea, The Sun reported on Wednesday.It follows reports that Chelsea are willing to send Fabregas out on loan and that Ivanovic, whose contract expires at the end of the season, could move on in January.The Sun say Fabregas has told friends he intends to stay until the end of the season and then make a decision on his future.And Ivanovic, who has been linked with a move to Crystal Palace, is also said to be determined to stay put.The Sun quote a source as saying: ”Branislav intends to stay Chelsea and fight for his place in Conte’s team.“He’s missed a couple of games through injury and is returning to full match fitness. He certainly isn’t considering leaving the club.“He plans to have discussions with Chelsea, his agent and management team at the end of the season but nothing will happen until then.” Chelsea linked with Scottish prospectThe Daily Mirror say Chelsea are among a number of Premier League clubs chasing Billy Gilmour, a 15-year-old currently with Glasgow Rangers.Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal are also said to be keen on the youngster, who has been touted as Scotland’s best prospect for many years.The Scotland Under-16 international is currently involved in the annual Victory Shield tournament in Edinburgh.Scouts from top English clubs are reportedly planning to attend in order to watch him. Blues eyeing Kolasinac, Bild claimEmbed from Getty ImagesChelsea are showing an interest in Schalke left-back Sead Kolasinac, German newspaper Bild claim.Bild say West Ham are also interested in the 23-year-old Bosnia & Herzegovina international, whose contract is due to expire next summer.Speculation over his future comes as he is seemingly negotiating a new deal at Schalke, who are apparently keen to keep him.   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

December 18

Big entry expected for Mandela Day Marathon

first_img24 June 2014The 2014 Mandela Day Marathon, to be run from Pietermaritzburg’s Imbali Township, where Nelson Mandela made his final speech before his imprisonment for 27 years, to Howick, where he was arrested in 1962, takes place on 31 August.The event has a R1-million purse, but for most of the thousands of competitors expected to participate in the marathon and its associated events, it will be more about an opportunity to honour the great man’s legacy.Now in its third year, the marathon will celebrate the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, with runners tackling what race administrator Johan van Staden, of KwaZulu-Natal Athletics, has described as “one of the hardest marathon routes in the world”.Around 10 000 athletes and 25 000 spectators are expected to converge on the province’s Midlands region for the race, while millions more will enjoy live television coverage on SABC2.‘Economic impact’“The envisaged economic impact is R80-million, with benefits for the local rural community, hospitality industry, transport and service suppliers,” Yusuf Bamjee, the uMgungundlovu District Municipality’s Mayor, said at the official on-site launch on 12 June.Also speaking at the launch, provincial minister for co-operative governance and traditional affairs Nomusa Dube-Ncube said the marathon would showcase KwaZulu-Natal to South Africa and the world.“They will see our province as an example of rapid socio-economic development and increasing prosperity, and as a desirable destination for domestic and international tourism and investment,” she said.The KwaZulu-Natal Athletics Association, official hosts of the event, said it was committed to delivering “a fully IAAF-compliant race, with strong emphasis on safety and security”.Race routeThe route starts at the Manayi Hall in Imbali, where Mandela, in his last speech as a free man, uttered his now-famous quote: “One person, one vote. Amandla awethu (the strength is ours).”The race ends in Howick, at the official capture site where Mandela was stopped at a roadblock on 5 August 1962.In addition to the 42.2km Mandela Day Marathon, there will be a 46664 race for invited celebrities, Members of Parliament, national and provincial sponsors and VIPs, a 10km race and, for the first time, a 21km race. The number 46664 is famous as Mandela’s prisoner number while he was incarcerated on Robben Island.Bongumusa Mthembu, the 2014 winner of the Comrades Marathon, will join veteran long-distance running stars Bruce Fordyce and Willie Mtolo and a number of radio personalities who have been chosen as ambassadors for the race.‘Very humbling’“It will be very humbling for me to run in this race for the first time, commemorating this great man. I am not out to win, but will be supporting others along the way,” Mthembu said.On the day before the big races, Saturday, 30 August, there will be a 5km children’s race, 10km and 42km mountain bike races, and a 10km trail-running race.The overall male and female marathon winners will each receive R50 000, while the first South African and first KwaZulu-Natalian home will also be rewarded.The proceeds of the marathon will be used to bolster the many philanthropic projects initiated by Nelson Mandela in support of the less fortunate.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

December 18

Western Cape plans Mandela heritage route

first_img17 July 2015A heritage tourism route tracing the journey of Nelson Mandela in the Western Cape will be submitted to Cabinet for approval next month.The provincial minister of economic opportunities, Alan Winde, said yesterday that as part of the province’s growth strategy, entitled Project Khulisa, a series of initiatives were being proposed to boost Western Cape’s heritage tourism offering.Five sites had been identified for the proposed Mandela journey: Robben Island, Pollsmoor Prison, Drakenstein Correctional Centre, City Hall and Parliament.The proposal would be included in an action plan aimed at growing the tourism industry in the province.“Project Khulisa has shown that under a high-growth scenario we can increase the economic contribution of the tourism sector by up to R28-billion from R17-billion,” Winde said.“Under this same scenario, it could add up to 100 000 formal jobs. Currently, 204 000 residents are formally employed in the tourism sector.”The proposal stemmed from South African Tourism’s mobile app, which was based on the “Madiba-inspired tourism attractions” map, he explained.“The map was launched in 2014 to encourage local and international tourists to walk in the footsteps of Madiba.”Source: News24Wirelast_img read more

December 17

Coming soon…

first_img SharePrint RelatedIntroducing the Powerful New Geocaching SearchMarch 11, 2015In “Geocaching Info”A new logging experience is coming to Geocaching.comApril 24, 2017In “News”19 Geocaching New Year’s Resolutions for 2019January 1, 2019In “News” Hello and welcome to HQ TV news. We begin with breaking news: Mystery at the Museum Share with your Friends:Morelast_img

December 16

Get Ready for Heat-Pump Water Heaters

first_imgLast week I wrote about “hybrid” water heaters, a relatively new type of water heater that includes features of both storage and tankless models. This week I’ll cover another type of water heater that is also (confusingly) referred to as “hybrid”: heat-pump water heaters. These produce over twice as much hot water for each unit of electricity consumed as any other type of electric water heater (storage or tankless).You’re going to be hearing a lot about heat-pump water heaters over the next few years, because new federal regulations that take effect in 2015 will require heat pump functionality for larger electric water heaters — more on that below. New water heater regs to require heat-pump water heaters New federal regulations that are due to kick in on April 16, 2015, will require that electric water heaters larger than 55 gallons have energy factors close to 2.0. The exact energy factor required is based on a formula that factors in the storage volume, but for all sizes in this category the required EF is close to 2 — a performance level that can only be achieved with heat pump technology.The energy factor requirements for smaller water heaters — up to 55 gallons in size — are also rising in April 2015, but will remain below 1.0 and will be achievable with a very well insulated electric-resistance water heater. My next water heater will likely be a heat-pump modelI’m pretty sure we’ll install a heat-pump water heater in the house we’re currently renovating. Given what’s on the market today, I will probably select the GE GeoSpring water heater, a 50-gallon model that’s 10 dB quieter and half the cost of the German-made efficiency leader, Stiebel Eltron. I’ll also look at the Rheem Hybrid Electric and the A.O. Smith Voltex, which have the same energy factor (2.4) as the GeoSpring — though noise will be the biggest determinant. The GeoSpring is the only heat-pump water heater that’s made in America.At an electricity cost of 15¢/kWh, a heat-pump water heater will be significantly cheaper to operate than the highest-efficiency, condensing propane water heater (we don’t have natural gas in southern Vermont) — even if propane were to drop to $2/gallon (far below its current price). Where natural gas is available — and assuming the price of natural gas remains so low — heat-pump water heaters will have trouble competing on economic grounds.A big attraction to me of heat-pump water heaters is that they can be powered using a photovoltaic (solar electric) system. Our new place will be net-zero-energy and we hope to entirely avoid fossil fuels in the house.Be aware that heat-pump water heaters aren’t cheap. That GE GeoSpring I mentioned above lists for about $1,200, plus installation, and the Stiebel Eltron model costs about $2,500. Unlike electric-resistance water heaters, heat-pump models require condensate drains, which can add cost. By comparison, a standard electric or gas storage water heater can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. Noisier than other water heatersBe aware that these mechanical components produce noise — often significantly louder than a refrigerator. Heat-pump water heaters I’ve examined have noise ratings from 55 to 65 decibels (dB), which is a large range of variability (65 dB is ten times as loud as 55 dB). Most refrigerators are 40-50 dB.If you are particularly sensitive to noise and don’t have an acoustically isolated place to install it, the energy savings from a heat-pump water heater might not be worth it. Electric-resistance vs. heat-pump water heatingUp until recently, almost all electric water heaters relied on electric-resistance heat. Electric current flows through a special element with high electrical resistance, and the electricity is converted directly to heat. The conversion of electricity into heat is virtually 100% efficient — though heat loss from an electric storage-type water heater always results in an overall efficiency lower than 100%. (Note that if we’re looking at primary or source energy that the power plants use to produce the electricity, the efficiency is far lower.)Heat-pump water heaters are very different. Electricity isn’t converted directly into heat; rather it is used to move heat from one place to another. This is counterintuitive, because the heat is moved from a colder place (the room air where the water heater is located) to a warmer place (the water in the storage tank).This seemingly magic process happens because a specialized refrigerant fluid is alternately condensed and evaporated in a closed loop. This process relies on phase changes of the refrigerant that capture and release significant amounts of heat.A detailed explanation of the refrigerant cycle is beyond the scope of this blog. Trust me that it works. (It’s the same basic principle used in your refrigerator, which extracts heat from inside that insulated box and dumps it into your kitchen.)The net result is that for every one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity consumed, two or more kWh of hot water are produced. The energy factor, which is often thought of as a measure of efficiency, is 2.0 to 2.5 for most heat-pump water heaters on the market, while a 100% efficient electric-resistance water heater would have an energy factor of just 1.0. In an ultra-efficient Passivhaus building (built to the German standard for low-energy homes that is gaining popularity in the U.S.), it’s not unusual for water heating to be the largest energy user in the house, and it can be as much as twice that of space heating. Growing interest in these water heatersThere are a few heat-pump water heaters that have been on the market for decades, but these never really reached the mainstream. All that has changed in the past few years, however, as the largest water heater manufacturers, including A.O. Smith, Rheem, and GE have all introduced heat-pump water heaters.While standard electric water heaters have no moving parts, heat-pump water heaters have compressors (to compress the refrigerant vapor causing it to condense into liquid) and fans (to circulate room air across the heat exchanger so that heat can be extracted from it). Size mattersHeat-pump water heaters come in various sizes: from 40 to 80 gallons for products I know about. For most families, the larger sizes make sense, primarily because heat-pump water heaters heat the water quite slowly — often just eight gallons per hour.Most heat-pump water heaters have different settings that regulate how readily the back-up electric-resistance elements will come on. With larger models, users can operate them on the heat-pump-only mode (the most economic) more of the time. The first-hour rating will give you a sense of recovery time, but which setting the water heater is on makes a big difference. Heat-pump water heaters rob heat from the houseBecause heat-pump water heaters extract heat from the air where they’re located, with most installations they increase heating loads somewhat. If you have an expensive fuel, such as baseboard-electric and are in a cold climate with a significant heating season, a heat-pump water heater may not make sense.These water heaters can make a lot of sense when there is a lot of waste heat, such as in a basement where an oil or gas furnace or boiler is located. Why it’s worth considering water heating carefullyBefore diving into heat-pump water heaters and what makes them tick, it’s worth spending a minute to say why I’ve focused so much attention on water heating in this blog recently. As a fraction of residential energy consumption, water heating has become more and more significant over the past several decades.In 1978, water heating accounted for approximately 14% of a home’s average energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, compared to 66% for space heating. By 2005, those percentages had shifted to 20% and 41%, respectively. I assume that this isn’t because our water heaters are using a lot more energy, but rather that our houses are better insulated and our heating systems more efficient. MORE INFORMATION GBA Encyclopedia: Water HeatingAll About Water HeatersGet Rid of Your Gas Water Heater!Heat-Pump Water HeatersHeat-Pump Water Heaters Come of AgeGetting Into Hot Water — Part 4Product Guide: Heat-Pump Water Heaters Alex is founder of BuildingGreen, Inc. and executive editor of Environmental Building News. He also recently created the Resilient Design Institute. To keep up with Alex’s latest articles and musings, you can sign up for his Twitter feed.last_img read more