December 1

Death by digital exclusion? : on faulty public distribution system in Jharkhand

first_img Ration dealers of the block say they have to feed all the information into the EPOS machine offline and then wait for Internet service to upload the data online. The senior-most ration dealer of the block, Ramdut Prasad, says he sends his son to the adjoining district of Simdega to upload the data. “Unless we upload the data we will not get foodgrain for the next month. Moreover the SIM in the EPOS machine is 2G, whereas we have 4G facility on our phone,” he says. The Internet problem in Latehar not only confuses ration dealers but also district officials. At the office of the District Collector, a young employee of a major hospital chain is struggling to write an application in Hindi. He is working on a pilot project on telemedicine in Latehar, but bad connectivity is posing some serious problems for him.The District Collector, Rajeev Kumar, says there are several areas in the district, including blocks like Mahuadanr, Barwadih and Latehar, where connectivity is a major issue. Of the 592 ration dealers in the district, about 328 are distributing foodgrain offline. “But I cannot say that leakages will stop if the online system is fully functional,” he says. “Even if someone uses his thumb and gets 2 kg of rice instead of 5 kg, what can you do?” Jharkhand’s Food and Supplies Minister Saryu Roy admits that the reports of deaths due to irregularities in the PDS are presenting the State in bad light, but says there is no going back on the online distribution of foodgrain. “There is no point in going back to the earlier system. If we go back, it will be regressive. What we can do to is to bring improvements in the existing system,” he says. To prevent deaths caused by irregularities in the PDS, some steps have been taken. Every ration dealer has been provided with an ‘exception register’ through which he can provide foodgrain to those whose names are not in the system. A protocol has been put in place to investigate the hunger deaths. This requires the district surgeon, the district supplies officer and any representative appointed by the District Collector to determine the cause of death.A lab for experimentsAt his residence in Ranchi, the Minister blames the overenthusiasm of bureaucrats for the “slippages” and “glitches” in PDS distribution. Roy refers to an order passed by a Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) of Chattrapur earlier in the day. The SDO had said that families not using the toilets built under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme would not get foodgrain under the PDS. Things took a turn for the worse, he says, when former Chief Secretary of Jharkhand, Rajbala Verma, in a video conference on March 27, 2017, directed that ration cards that were not linked to Aadhaar be cancelled. Roy does not directly answer why Jharkhand has turned into a lab for all these digital experiments. He goes on to talk about another pilot project, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), in which money was being transferred directly to the bank accounts of PDS beneficiaries to enable them to buy ration. The project has been stopped, because that too came with many problems. The DBT scheme was tried at Nagri in Ranchi where about 12,000 people across 13 Panchayats received money to buy rations. Other than connectivity issues and money not landing in accounts on time, the DBT made things more complicated. Roy says: “While it took one day for a beneficiary to get foodgrain earlier, under the DBT the PDS beneficiary had to go to the bank, collect money, and then buy rations from the PDS dealer.” After nearly a year of protests by people and Right to Food activists, the Jharkhand government finally decided to roll back the DBT scheme in October 2018.A government in denialWhile the government remains in denial about the deaths highlighted by Right to Food activists, the Minister admits that Santoshi Kumar, 11, died because her family ration card was deleted for not being linked to Aadhaar. Taramani Sahu, a foot soldier of the Right to Food Campaign, says she had raised this issue with the district authorities months before Santoshi died. The administration assured intervention, but that came only after the child’s death. Twenty months after Santoshi died in Karimati village, her family has ration cards under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) scheme, which means that they are entitled to 35 kg of foodgrain a month. Again, it was only because activists intervened that Koyli Devi got a shed built for rearing goats. Despite having a MGNREGA card, Koyli Devi has not got any work under the scheme. She works at a construction site at a nearby market. A Panchayat functionary says she has not applied for work under MGNREGA. The distress emerging out of patchy PDS distribution in the State is further compounded by poor implementation of 100 days of work guaranteed under MGNREGA.A report sent by the Jharkhand government to the Director of MGNREGA at the Centre looks at 18 cases of alleged hunger deaths between 2017 and 2018. While there is no mention of whether the families got jobs under the rural job guarantee scheme, the document dated December 26, 2018, has one concluding sentence at the end of each of the 18 cases: “In this case the death does not appear to be linked with MGNREGA”. The same report rejects hunger deaths in all 18 cases. While in the case of Santoshi the report points out that her death was due to an illness, in case of Soren it refers to a knee injury that occurred due to a fall he had almost two years before his death.While in Santoshi’s case the administration has ensured ration cards to the family, in several cases where similar allegations have surfaced, the families are yet to be enrolled in the PDS. For instance, Budhni Birajia of Amaotoli village in Mahuadanr block of Latehar district died on January 1, 2019. The family, which belongs to a particularly vulnerable tribal group and maintains that there was no food when she died, still does not have a ration card. Sanchi Birajia, Budhni’s daughter-in-law who has to feed a family of five, says that the local ration dealer has spared a few kg of rice for her. In cases where the local dealers feel that denial of ration can lead to starvation, they spare a few kg of foodgrain to those who are not enlisted as PDS beneficiaries.Siraj Dutta, a prominent face of the Right to Food campaign in Jharkhand, says that of the 20 who died, 11 were Adivasis and four were Dalits. Eleven of the deceased were women. In 13 cases, the inability to link Aadhaar to ration cards led to the denial of entitlements. Dutta says all the experimentation with the PDS in Jharkhand is aimed at doing away with “identity fraud”, but studies from 2016 have shown that most of the leakages are “quantity fraud”. Dutta and other activists claim that over 10 lakh ration cards were cancelled in the State when ration cards were linked to Aadhaar. Abject povertyBalram, a Right to Food activist, says, “Even if the digitisation is perfect and all the ration cards are linked with Aadhaar and all the EPOS machines are connected to the Internet, there will be many exclusions as the baseline data on which the ration cards have been issued are not correct.” Given the debate around whether or not these deaths were linked to starvation, he points to the fact that a large number of people live in chronic hunger. Balram’s words ring true in different parts of State where people living in distress claim they do not have ration cards and are not getting foodgrain under the PDS. The argument of district collectors and officials is that the National Food Security Act only permits 80% of the population to be covered under the Act, 86% in rural areas and 62% in urban areas, and unless bogus ration cards are removed from the system, no new cards can be issued. Not far from Budhni Birajia’s house lives Kunti Nagasia with her son Rinku Nagasia. Rinku, who is about 10 years old, is the only earning member of the family. He gets ₹20 a day from doing odd jobs in the village. The family has no ration card. For years, they have not been getting any foodgrain under the PDS. Afsana Khatun, a volunteer with the Right to Food campaign, has raised the plight of the family with authorities and has also arranged for some medical help. Kunti has recently returned from a State-run hospital where she was undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. Rinku has also been diagnosed with the same disease. A peek into the single room hut reveals that the family is battling abject poverty. Two or three utensils and a few rags are all they own.Kunti hurriedly points at a plastic gunny bag kept hidden under the rags. The bag contains rice. As in the case of Budhni’s family, the ration dealer has been kind to spare a few kg of rice to Kunti’s family as well. The neighbours have also been kind and given her four raw mangoes and half a kg of rice.“Who will give us anything after this ends? We will eat it slowly,” Kunti says. Kunti and Rinku cannot recall the last time they had eaten dal. They turn silent when asked about vegetables. For as long as they can remember, their meal has consisted of rice and salt. “If they die tomorrow, will you say that they died of TB or hunger,” Afsana asks. A few weeks before Kaleshwar Soren, 45, died, he sold the last of his belongings, a Palash tree, for one and a half kg of rice. His ration card was cancelled in 2016 for reasons that are still not clear. As a result, the tribal had not received any foodgrain under the public distribution system (PDS) since then. Human rights activists claim that Soren, from Mahuadanr village in Dumka district of Jharkhand, died of starvation on November 11, 2018. The government denies this. Jian Kisku and his wife Rasodi Hembram live in similar conditions next door. The couple has no ration card and has not received any foodgrain under the PDS. A few days ago, they sold a chicken that was bred in their backyard to buy 5 kg of rice, which they ate with the paste of a wild fruit. There is no telling where the next meal will come from. Soren, Kisku and Hembram had ‘priority household’ cards that were later cancelled. Under the National Food Security Act, 2013, the PDS ensures 5 kg of foodgrain per person per month to those who hold these cards. Antyodaya families, or the poorest of the poor, are entitled to 35 kg of foodgrain per family per month under the Act. These people are not exceptions. There are dozens in the village who claim that they are not receiving foodgrain under the PDS. Others who do receive foodgrain don’t have a ration card; they have a ration card number scribbled on a piece of paper. It is on the basis of this that they get their foodgrain.A cruel jokeMahuadanr is a remote tribal village about 300 km from Ranchi, Jharkhand’s capital. The market closest to the village is a few km away in Lakadchowk, where the centre of attraction on a rain-swept afternoon is a giant LED screen mounted on a truck. The screen runs small video clips in the local language as well as in Hindi on how the “double engine growth” of the Narendra Modi government at the Centre and the Raghubar Das government in the State has taken Jharkhand to new heights. Two days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit here to participate in International Yoga Day celebrations, hundreds of people gather in front of the screen to listen to how the Centre’s Ayush and Yoga programmes can cure ailments. While people enjoy the spectacle, they don’t appear to be interested in the message. Men drink hadia, the local liquor made of rice sold by over a dozen women who have brought the drink in plastic containers. While there are video clips on several schemes of the State government, including one to set up a tribal museum dedicated to tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda, there is no video on the PDS, a lifeline for the tribals who comprise 26% of the population in the State. It seems like a cruel joke to them. Right to Food activists in Jharkhand have listed in detail 20 deaths between September 2017 and June 2019 due to hunger and malnutrition because of alleged irregularities in the PDS and a few due to denial of social security pensions. The irregularities are manifold. From the deletion of ration cards to the problems in linking ration cards to Aadhaar, the system seems to create more problems than it solves, excluding many families rather than including them. Many activists also point out that the Socio-Economic and Caste Census of 2011, which helps identify PDS beneficiaries, is faulty and outdated. The last in the series of deaths compiled by the activists was from Latehar district, where Ramcharan Munda, 65, died on June 6, 2019. While the administration is still investigating how Munda died, everyone including the ration dealer admits that ration was not delivered to Munda’s village for several months. The curious case of non-delivery of foodgrain is what ails the PDS in one of the poorest States of the country.Problems without Internet For obtaining foodgrain and other essentials through the PDS in Jharkhand, a beneficiary has to meet several criteria. First, the family needs a ration card. Then they need to have Aadhaar cards. Next, the ration cards and Aadhaar numbers have to be linked. But it doesn’t end there. In a majority of the ration shops of the State, delivery is through an electronic point of sale (EPOS) machine. It is through this machine that the biometrics of a beneficiary, mostly thumb impressions, have to be entered and verified from the server database. The EPOS machine works only if it is connected to the Internet. If the beneficiaries face no hiccups in any of these stages, they get their quota of foodgrain. Something or the other can go wrong in any of these stages. In Lurgumikala village, for instance, the Internet failed. Due to irregular connectivity, the ration dealers of Mahuadanr block of Latehar began distributing ration offline — they made entries in a notebook or register after the ration was handed over to the beneficiary. Problems arose when the ration dealer, Ramrudra Prasad, 68, died and his job was transferred to his wife Manju Devi. This transfer somehow turned the system from offline to online. This meant that the dealer was required to distribute foodgrain by keeping the EPOS machine online and record the biometrics of every beneficiary. As there was no connectivity even after her husband’s death and the EPOS machine would not work, for months Manju Devi collected foodgrain from the warehouse but did not distribute it. The foodgrain remained undelivered. last_img read more

November 26

PCB announces USD 2.6 million profit from T20 league

first_imgKarachi, May 4 (PTI) The PCB announced an overall profit of 260 million rupees (USD 2.6 million) from the first edition of its Pakistan Super League held in February in the UAE. The total profit of the board dwindled since the PCB has promised to distribute around 200 million rupees among the five franchises to cover their losses from inaugural edition of the T20 tournament. But PSL chairman Najam Sethi said yesterday that the PCB was satisfied with the outcome of the first PSL since initially it was thought the tournament would not be a profitable one. “But we have managed to make an overall profit of USD 2.6 million from the countrys first ever Twenty20 league which is a healthy and encouraging sign for us,” Sethi told the media in Lahore. The PSL, which had five franchises, generated massive interest in Pakistan despite being held in Dubai and Sharjah due to security issues in the country. Not only did it generate interest but also hit record television viewership figures worldwide as the PCB adopted the strategy of producing and broadcasting the league itself and aired it simultaneously on three sports channels after buying airtime from them. “Overall the PSL was a bigger success than we initially expected and the profit is a welcome sign,” Sethi said. He said around USD 6 million were earned from television rights and gate money. The inaugural edition was won by the Islamabad United franchise led by Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq and coached by Dean Jones and Wasim Akram. Sethi said there was lot of pressure on the board to add a sixth franchise even though the PCB had an agreement with the five franchises that a new team would only be added after two years. He said the franchises had already increased their brand value after the success of the first edition. Sethi pointed out that Quetta Gladiators, which was brought for an annual sum of just USD 1.1 million, was now valued at around USD 2 million. Sethi said the PSL would soon be registered as a company with the PCB as its owners. He said it was his dream to have some matches of the PSLs second edition in Pakistan. PTI Cor AH AHadvertisementlast_img read more

November 18

Surprise Australia picks Cameron Bancroft, Tim Paine and Shaun Marsh reward selectors’ faith

first_imgAustralia’s selectors endured a barrage of criticism for a trio of surprising picks in the Ashes squad but the hosts’ dominant 10-wicket win over England in the series-opener at the Gabba may have left them feeling more than a little vindicated.The selection of opener Cameron Bancroft, wicketkeeper Tim Paine and number six Shaun Marsh all looked to have backfired early in the series-opener but all three finished strongly in Brisbane to help Australia to victory and boost their confidence ahead of the second Test in Adelaide starting on Saturday.Having replaced hometown favourite Matt Renshaw, Western Australian Bancroft had a nervous start to his Test debut at the Gabba and was out for five after fishing at a Stuart Broad delivery in the first innings.The 25-year-old batted superbly in his second chance, however, putting on a record unbeaten opening partnership in a successful fourth-innings victory chase with David Warner, as they mowed down the 170-run target.Bancroft’s 82 was also the highest score by an Australian debutant in a fourth innings, replacing Norm O’Neil’s 71 from 1958.He later endeared himself to the Australian media with his humorous account of being “headbutted” in a “weird” greeting by England wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow at a Perth nightspot after the tourists’ arrival Down Under.The decision to bring in Paine for Matthew Wade left plenty bewildered, given he was not even keeping for state side Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield when he was recalled for his first Test in seven years.Paine’s first day at the Gabba was largely forgettable as he grassed a nick behind from England number three James Vince off the bowling of spinner Nathan Lyon.advertisementHe recovered well, however, with smart work to stump all-rounder Moeen Ali on day four, a wicket that triggered a middle order collapse and hastened England’s dismissal for 195.Marsh’s selection saw spin bowling all-rounder Glenn Maxwell discarded and the Western Australian batsman had a nightmare start to his eighth recall in Tests.He clattered into pace spearhead Mitchell Starc in a fielding mishap, a clash that gave the Gabba crowd a scare when the bowler came off for treatment with a hole in his trousers and a cut on his knee.At the time, Maxwell was well on the way to a maiden double-century for Victoria in the Sheffield Shield.The 34-year-old Marsh later dropped a very easy catch in the deep and was under huge scrutiny when he joined captain Steve Smith in the middle with their team teetering at 76 for four in their first innings.Marsh survived a number of nervy play-and-misses but remained to score 51, his eighth half-century, in a crucial 99-run stand with Smith that dug Australia out of trouble.last_img read more

November 17

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus launched with massive 10.1-inch screen and 8620mAh battery

first_imgXiaomi has launched the Mi Pad 4 Plus. The tablet has been launched in China. As of now, there are no reports on the India launch. The Mi Pad 4 Plus has been launched for a starting price of 1,899 yuan, which roughly translates to Rs 19,300. If the tablet comes to India anytime soon, it is expected to cost around Rs 18,000.The Mi Pad 4 Plus, as rumoured, is the souped-up version of the Mi Pad 4 which was launched in June this year. The Plus model, compared to the Mi Pad 4, comes with a bigger display and battery. The tablet – as rumoured – sports a 10.1-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1200 WUXGA Full HD resolution. It has an aspect ratio of 16:10. As far as the design is concerned, the Mi Pad 4 Plus comes with a full-metal body.Just as the Mi Pad 4, Mi Pad 4 Plus is also powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz with an Adreno 512 GPU clocked at 650 MHz. As reported, the Plus model has been launched in two storage models and one RAM version. The base model of the Mi Pad 4 Plus comes with 4GB RAM + 64GB storage, while the top-end variant of the tablet packs 4GB RAM + 128GB storage. The storage memory can’t be expanded.As far as the camera department is concerned, the Mi Pad 4 comes with a single rear and front camera. On the back side, the tablet sports a 13-megapixel rear sensor with a f/2.0 aperture. It further paired with several camera features like HDR and Beauty mode. On the front, the tablet packs a 5-megapixel sensor with f/2.0 aperture. The selfie shooter comes with AI face unlock, HDR and Beauty mode. The tablet also includes a fingerprint sensor which sits inside the home button in the front below the display.advertisementThe Mi Pad 4 Plus comes with a massive battery. Much bigger than the Mi Pad 4. The Plus model is backed by an 8620mAh battery set up. To remember, the Mi Pad 4 comes with a 6000mAh battery. Xiaoi claims that the Mi Pad 4 Plus battery is capable of delivering up to 16 hours of video playback. On the software front, as rumoured, the Mi Pad 4 Plus runs Android 8.1 Oreo-based MIUI 9 out-of-the-box. As of now, there are no reports if the tablet will be upgraded to MIUI 10 or not.As for the pricing, Mi Pad 4 Plus comes with a price tag of 1,899 yuan – roughly around Rs 19,300 – for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage variant. The 4GB RAM + 128GB storage model will be available for a price of 2,099 yuan – roughly around Rs 21,300. The tablet will be selling in two colour options – black and gold.last_img read more

November 16

‘Lucas aware of PSG back-up status’

first_imgTransfers Chelsea target Lucas was made aware of PSG back-up status, says Emery Tom Webber Last updated 1 year ago 04:24 11/29/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Lucas Moura PSG Getty Images Transfers PSG PSG v Troyes Troyes Ligue 1 Chelsea Premier League The man in charge at Parc des Princes insists that those being linked with moves, including Javier Pastore, were told what their status would be Lucas Moura was among a group of Paris Saint-Germain players to be told they would likely play a peripheral role in 2017-18 by Unai Emery.Brazil winger Lucas has been linked with a January exit from the Parc des Princes amid limited game time this season – with Chelsea reported to be among his suitors – all five of his Ligue 1 appearances have come off the bench and he is yet to make an outing in the Champions League.PSG -5 4/1 to beat Troyes Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The arrivals of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe have restricted the opportunities handed to the 25-year-old, but Emery claims the situation such squad members would find themselves in was made clear before the campaign got underway.”During the pre-season, I spoke individually with the players to explain to them the new situation within the team,” Emery told a news conference ahead of the Ligue 1 leaders’ meeting with Troyes on Wednesday.”This year, we signed or bought some players that will help the team to go a step ahead. It is now difficult for some players to deal with the competition we were looking to create within the team.”All the players were a little aware about it before the season started. All the players who are in the group have the opportunity to play but also need to face the complexity of the competition if the others are playing well.”Some play less because the competition this season is higher than the previous one.”PSG squad for tomorrow’s match vs. @estac_officiel !#PSGESTAC #AllezParis — PSG English (@PSG_English) November 28, 2017 Lucas will not feature at home against Troyes and was also left out of the matchday squad for the 2-1 away victory over defending Ligue 1 champions Monaco on Sunday, a result that sent PSG nine points clear at the summit.Javier Pastore was a late second-half introduction and the Argentina international confirmed after the match he was considering his future with Atletico Madrid reportedly interested in his signature.Despite Pastore’s comments, Emery is demanding focus from everyone in the squad as PSG look to finish the year strongly.”There is nothing unusual about the fact we can hear rumours about some players. They are important players, great players,” said the coach.”As I said, what I am currently looking for is just to prepare well for Wednesday’s game and Saturday’s [against Strasbourg].”This is a very important month before ending the year. I want all my players focused as I am for the following games. I want them to play at their best of their abilities individually and collectively.”last_img read more

October 22

Province Celebrates DSTN Grand Opening

first_imgA former railcar plant has been transformed into a modern wind turbine tower and blade manufacturing facility that will create hundreds of jobs for Nova Scotians. Premier Darrell Dexter and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Ltd. (DSME) president and CEO Sang-Tae Nam celebrated the grand opening of DSME Trenton Ltd. (DSTN) today, June 14. “Congratulations to everyone who has played a part in creating a world class manufacturing facility in DSTN,” said Premier Dexter. “This investment is already creating the good jobs the province needs while showcasing Nova Scotia as a leader in renewable energy.” Premier Dexter and Mr. Nam completed the transformation by officially starting the company’s production line at the Trenton, Pictou Co. facility. The plant has more than 100 workers, and will continue to expand as new orders are received. With orders for 30 towers, the grand opening marks DSME’s entry into the renewable energy industry. “We are very pleased with the results of our expansion into the North American market, and our strong partnership with the province and the Pictou area,” said DSTN CEO Nam-Ki Lee. “The progress we see here today underlines that we are well on our way to creating a renewable energy cluster in Nova Scotia.” The province secured a 49 per cent stake in the operation through investments made in 2010 to establish DSTN as a joint venture between the province and DSME at the former TrentonWorks site. An additional $10 million was invested by the government of Canada. “Today, thanks to the hard of work of countless people in our community, we welcome a new employer to Pictou County, and a new green technology partner to Nova Scotia,” said Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, on behalf of ACOA Minister Bernard Valcourt. “The federal government is proud to have been a driving force behind bringing industry and jobs back to Pictou County. In the wake of the global economic recession, we are creating jobs and supporting the kind of growth that contributes to a sustainable future for our region and for Canada.” DSME is a diversified company and one of the world’s largest ship builders. The South Korean-based company was established in 1973 and today is a first-class builder of commercial and naval ships and offshore projects. In 2009, DSME acquired DeWind Inc., an American wind turbine engineering company, and announced plans to expand into the wind-power sector and build a production plant in North America. South Korea-based Daewoo is publicly listed on the Korean Stock Exchange.last_img read more

October 17

Don Cherry calls media coverage of kneeling protests hypocritical

first_imgHockey commentator Don Cherry says media coverage of athletes kneeling during the playing of national anthems has been hypocritical.The “Hockey Night in Canada” personality posted a statement to his verified Twitter account Wednesday night, taking aim at “left wing media” and its coverage of National Football League players taking a knee during the American anthem to protest the racist treatment of African Americans.Cherry pointed that former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, a devout Christian, was mocked by the media for taking a knee to pray after scoring a touchdown in his breakout rookie season in 2010.“The late night leftie talk shows made fun of Tim, to the cartoonists in the paper he was a joke and they made fun of him. It was brutal,” Cherry said in the 131-word statement. “Yet the NFL players go on their knees to make a point and they are heroes.”Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began the kneeling phenomenon in 2016, refusing to stand during the anthem in the NFL’s pre-season. It has since become common across the NFL, and support has come from other major leagues.At least one Major League Baseball has knelt during the U.S. anthem, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders linked arms during “O Canada” before a CFL game last week as a show of unity. National Hockey League players Wayne Simmonds and Joel Ward have both entertained the idea of kneeling during the anthems during that sport’s pre-season.The protests have drawn the ire of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticized NFLers for the practice in interviews and on Twitter. In response to Trump’s demands to stop the kneeling, more athletes have begun to protest.On Sunday, all but one of the Pittsburgh Steelers refused to take the field during the national anthem, while other teams linked arms or groups of players sat or took a knee. In response to Trump’s tweets, the National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors refused to visit the White House, a tradition among reigning championship teams.Cherry says that Tebow was mocked while Kaepernick and others have been praised because of religious persecution.“The reason they can make fun and ridicule Tim getting on his knees and thanking the Lord is because he is a Christian,” said Cherry. “No other religion you can make fun of and ridicule … only Christianity. If you are Christian you are open season.”Kaepernick is also open about his Christian beliefs, with Biblical tattoos covering his torso and his own touchdown celebrations “thanking Him.”last_img read more

October 17

No winning ticket for Friday nights 60 million Lotto Max jackpot

first_imgTORONTO — There was no winning ticket for the $60 million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw.There were also 46 Maxmillions prizes of $1 million each up for grabs, and 19 of them were won by ticket holders across the country.The jackpot for the next Lotto Max draw on Dec. 21 will remain at approximately $60 million, but the number of Maxmillions prizes offered will increase to 50.The Canadian Presslast_img

October 12

Morocco’s Benatia To Join Bayern Munich

Fez- According to a number of media reports, Moroccan defender Mehdi Benatia is on his way to German giant Bayern Munich.The Roma highly rated defender has been coveted by a number of European clubs, such as F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United.British media reported last week that the Moroccan international had signed for Chelsea before the rumor was denied by the player’s agent. According to French newspaper L’Equipe, the 27-year old defender’s agent Moussa Sissoko was in Munich on Monday to finalize the terms of the transfer of Benatia. The same source said that Sissoko went back to Roma with a serious offer from the German team to secure the services of the Moroccan international player.Bayern Munich is believed to have offered €30 million, just €5 million below the price set by A.S Roma.  But, it seems that Benatia expressed his desire to leave for Bayern Munich.Last year, Beantia played 33 games with A.S Roma and scored 5 times, and was one of Serie A’s best defenders.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

October 8

TSX steady after BCE dividend hike

The Toronto stock market was relatively flat near midday Wednesday as a dividend boost from BCE Inc. was weighed against caution ahead of a slate of upcoming Chinese economic data.The S&P/TSX composite index was down 1.2 points at 11,862.30, while the TSX Venture Exchange slipped 1.87 points to 1,188.69.The Canadian dollar rose to 100.55 cents US, up 0.30 of a cent.Leading the upside on the TSX were telecom stocks, up 1.4 per cent after BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) announced an increase to both its dividend and 2012 earnings forecast.The telecom and media company says the dividend will rise to $2.27 per share annually, or 56.75 cents per share quarterly, beginning with the October payout. Adjusted earnings have been increased by two cents per share, to a range of between $3.15 and $3.20 per share.The Montreal-based company said its profit rose to $773 million, or $1 per share, compared with $590 million or 76 cents a share a year ago. BCE shares gained $1.67 to $44.92.TSX information technology stocks were up 0.8 per cent, with Research In Motion (TSX:RIM) shares rising five per cent, or 35 cents, to $7.67.“The last few days we’ve seen some risk appetite come back to the market,” said Sadiq Adatia, chief investment officer at Sun Life Global Investments. “I think it’s partly due to the fact that a lot of people are expecting the European Central Bank to do a little bit better and help out Spain a little bit more, and potentially do things that will make it easier for some of the troublesome companies to get more funding.”On Wall Street, markets took a modest decline after several consecutive sessions of gains. The Dow Jones industrial average decreased 12.68 points to 13,155.92 and the broader S&P was off 2.11 points to 1,399.24. The Nasdaq fell 8.58 points to 3,007.28.Meanwhile, investors were waiting for China to release inflation, factory output and retail sales data on Thursday. Analysts expect inflation to fall further, which would give authorities in Beijing room to shore up slowing growth by easing credit without fear of igniting a spike in consumer prices.The pause from traders comes after a run-up in stocks over the past couple of weeks, motivated in part by comments from the U.S. and European central banks. Crude oil prices have also started to climb back higher.In commodities, the September crude contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange increased 35 cents to US$94.02 a barrel.September copper moved down 1.8 cents to US$3.423 a pound, while December gold rose $3 to US$1,615.80 an ounce.In Canadian earnings, Air Canada Inc. (TSX:AC.B) reported a $96-million net loss in the three-month period, more than double the $46 million it lost a year earlier and more than analysts had expected. Revenue was flat, rising a slight $71 million to $2.99 billion. Shares were down nine cents to $1.06.Rona Inc. (TSX:RON) says its profit fell to $34.1 million in the second quarter, a penny below estimates and down from $37 million a year earlier. Revenue at Canada’s biggest home-improvement chain was in line with estimates, rising by 3.4 per cent from a year ago to $1.4 billion. Shares of the company increased six cents to $13.81.In Europe, Germany’s DAX lost 0.5 per cent to 6,932 while France’s CAC-40 was 0.5 per cent lower at 3,437. Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.4 per cent to 5,817 after the Bank of England cut its growth and inflation forecasts. That has confirmed many economists’ expectations that the Bank of England will provide more monetary stimulus later this year.Many of Europe’s indexes have hit multi-month highs on hopes the European Central Bank will soon unveil a new anti-crisis strategy. Those hopes have helped ease the bond market pressure on Italy and Spain. The latter has seen its benchmark 10-year bond yield settle below the seven per cent threshold considered unsustainable in the long run.Earlier in Asia, most markets ended higher. Japan’s Nikkei 225 index rose 0.9 per cent to 8,881.16. South Korea’s Kospi added 0.9 per cent to 1,903.23 as sentiment improved a day ahead of a Bank of Korea meeting where policy-makers are expected to lower interest rates to stimulate the economy. And China’s main index in Shanghai rose 0.2 per cent at 2,160.99.But Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index fell marginally to 20,065.52 as investors became cautious ahead of the release of the key economic data in China. read more

October 2

Security Council imposes arms embargo on Yemen rebels demands all parties resume

The measure was approved through a new resolution adopted by a vote of 14 in favour, with one abstention (Russia). The text demanded that Houthis immediately and unconditionally end violence, withdraw forces from areas they have seized, relinquish all arms, cease activities undermining the authority of the country’s legitimate Government, refrain from provocation against neighbouring States, release the Defence Minister, General Mahmoud al-Subaihi, and end the recruitment of children.The resolution also called upon all Yemeni parties, particularly the Houthis, to abide by the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism, the outcomes of the comprehensive National Dialogue conference, and relevant Security Council resolutions and to resume and accelerate inclusive United Nations-brokered negotiations, including on issues relating to governance, to continue the political transition.It demanded that all Yemeni parties adhere to resolving their differences through dialogue and consultation, reject violence as a means to achieving political goals, and refrain from provocation and all unilateral actions to undermine the political transition.As well as adding Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, the son of Yemen’s former President, to the list of individuals subject to the sanctions imposed by paragraphs 11 and 15 of resolution 2140 (2014), the resolution also decided to impose an arms embargo meaning that all Member States would immediately take necessary measures to prevent direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to, or for the benefit of Mr. Saleh, along with Abdullah Yahya Al Hakim, Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Huthi, and individuals and entities designated by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 19 of resolution 2140 (2014).Meanwhile, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein responded to the growing number of civilian casualties and widespread destruction of public buildings and infrastructure in recent weeks.He reminded all parties to the conflict in Yemen to ensure the prompt investigation of any attacks resulting in civilian casualties and to ensure the scrupulous respect of international human rights and international humanitarian law.“Every hour we are receiving and documenting deeply disturbing and distressing reports of the toll that this conflict is taking on civilian lives and infrastructure,” said United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. “Such a heavy civilian death toll ought to be a clear indication to all parties to this conflict that there may be serious problems in the conduct of hostilities.”In addition to hundreds of fighters, at least 364 civilians are reported to have lost their lives since March 26, including at least 84 children and 25 women. Another 681 civilians – possibly more – have been injured. Dozens of public buildings, including hospitals, schools, airports and mosques have been destroyed in airstrikes, through shelling and other attacks.Over the past week, street fighting also intensified in densely populated areas, particularly in Aden between armed groups affiliated with President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi on one side, and those affiliated with the Houthis and the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh on the other. There have also been accounts of recruitment of children as fighters in Aden, Dhale and Mareb. “The parties to the conflict are obliged to ensure that international humanitarian law and international human rights law are scrupulously respected and that the civilian population is protected,” said Mr. Zeid. “Any suspected breach of international law must be urgently investigated with a view to ensuring victims’ right to justice and redress and to ensure that such incidents do not recur.”Several recent airstrikes by coalition forces have hit residential areas and civilian homes in Amran, Taiz, Ibb, Aljawf and Sa’da, with one, on a military base in Taiz on Saturday, hitting a residential area about 500 metres away, killing ten civilians and injuring seven.He stressed that parties to the conflict should take all feasible measures to avoid locating military objectives in populated residential areas and must exercise maximum care to ensure that civilians and civilian objects are protected against dangers arising from military operations, and he called for the thorough and transparent investigation of such incidents by coalition forces. Among 52 public buildings either partially or completely destroyed in the past three weeks, eight hospitals were hit in Sana’a, Sa’da, Dhale and Aden, with 17 schools and educational institutions in Aden, Dhale, Hajjah, Ibb and Sana’a also destroyed. The country’s three main national airports and its main power station have also been damaged, as well as bridges, factories, farmland and mosques. “Hospitals and ambulances must be safe from attacks and allowed to function at all times. Intentional attacks on hospitals or ambulances being exclusively used for medical purposes would amount to war crimes,” Zeid said. He also warned that the intentional targeting of civilians not taking direct part in hostilities would amount to a war crime, citing particular reports of the killing of civilians by snipers located on rooftops in Dhale, and he also pointed to arbitrary arrests, indiscriminate firing at protesters and attacks against media premises by Houthi-affiliated forces.Underlining the important role of civil society, particularly in the midst of an armed conflict, he urged all sides to negotiate a swift end to the bloodshed and devastation in Yemen. “The people of Yemen have already suffered for too long and the calamitous effects of the conflict are already going to take years, if not decades, to reverse,” the High Commissioner said. “Most of the country is now suffering from the effects of armed conflict, with the situation particularly devastating in Sana’a, Aden, Dhale, Sa’da, Hudayda, Lahj, Ibb, Taiz, Amran and Hajjah. The humanitarian situation is appallingly bad, compounded by wanton violence, lawlessness and serious human rights violations.” read more

September 25

President Trump renews criticism of lousy US embassy in horrible London location

Donald Trump has renewed his criticism of the new US embassy in Nine Elms, London, saying it is in a “lousy” and “horrible” location and a bad deal.The US president, who is visiting the UK on July 13, lashed out again at the move from Grosvenor Square in the centre of the capital to a new location south of the Thames.Speaking at a rally in Michigan, he said: “In the UK, in London, we had the best site in all of London. The best site. Well, some genius said, we’re gonna sell the site and then we’re going to take the money and build a new embassy. That sounds good right, but you’ve got to have money left over if you do that, right?”Mr Trump said he thought – but would have to check – that officials sold the site for 250 million dollars.He said: “They go out and they buy a horrible location. And they build a new embassy. That’s the good news. The bad news is it cost over a billion dollars.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The new building is unveiled of the US Embassy in Nine Elms in Wandsworth, LondonCredit:Getty The new building is unveiled of the US Embassy in Nine Elms in Wandsworth, London  President Trump Holds Rally In Washington, MichiganCredit:Scott Olson/Getty  President Trump Holds Rally In Washington, Michigan Mr Trump, a billionaire who made his fortune as a property magnate, cancelled a planned trip to London to open the embassy earlier this year, complaining the move to an “off location” south of the Thames had been a “bad deal”. He told the rally on Saturday: “By the way, they wanted me to cut the ribbon on the embassy and I said I’m not going. I don’t wanna do it.”I said, ‘I’m not cutting that ribbon’. I said ‘I’m not going’.”Blaming his predecessors for the embassy move, Mr Trump called it a “Bush-Obama special”, that “could have been stopped by Obama”.But in an emollient last comment he said: “Hey, hopefully we’ll have many years of success with that embassy.”At the same rally, he attacked the European Union, China other nations over trade, threatening to “take on” the bloc and superpower.Addressing a rally in Michigan, the US president said the EU “sounds so nice” but it was “formed to take advantage of the US”.Mr Trump said he does “not blame them (the EU). I blame past presidents”.He told supporters: “Long-term you’re going to be so happy… or we are not doing business with these guys.” It is thought his decision may have been driven by a fear of protests in the capital.However he repeated his assertion that it was down to dissatisfaction with the embassy project. read more

September 21

Elderly man in shock after raiders with screwdrivers break into his home

first_img Share6 Tweet Email2 By Louise McCarthy Saturday 11 Feb 2017, 7:25 AM Feb 11th 2017, 7:25 AM 22,466 Views Short URL Elderly man in shock after raiders with screwdrivers break into his home The two men robbed a small amount of cash before fleeing. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img File photo of the Donadea area Image: Google Streetview 6 Comments Image: Google Streetview File photo of the Donadea area AN ELDERLY MAN is in shock after raiders forced their way into his rural Co Kildare home on Thursday night.Two men, armed with screwdrivers, pushed their way into the Donadea home of the man who is in his 70s. One man is understood to have been wearing a scarf over his face.They robbed a small amount of cash before fleeing.Both men are described as being 5′ 9″ or 10″ in height, of thin build, and wearing dark clothing.Sergeant Paul Reilly of Clane Garda Station said the pensioner became suspicious when a car drove into his backyard with no lights on at 7pm.Investigating gardaí are appealing for anyone in the Donadea or Tiermohan area who witnessed anything unusual between 6.30pm and 7.30pm to contact them at 045 868 262 or at Naas Garda Station on 045 884 300.Read: 16-year-old girl among four arrested for allegedly plotting terror attack in ParisMore: Investigation launched after woman assaulted in Temple Barlast_img read more

September 20

No One Should Be Surprised That a Final Fantasy XV Porn Parody

first_img As rule 34 demands: if it exists, someone will make a porno out of it. Earlier this year, we brought you a story about a porno based on Pokemon, so it should come as no surprise that the recently released Final Fantasy XV is getting a porn parody too. Unlike porno films based on the Avengers and Justice League, Brazzer’s Full Service Station barely tries to resemble its source material.The film stars Shawn Lawless and Nikki Benz. They don’t appear to have any in-movie names, but I guess that isn’t really important. Lawless is driving his van around in the desert until it breaks down. Lucky for him, Nikki Benz — who sort of looks like FFXV‘s busty mechanic, Cindy — just so happens to show up to fix his vehicle. After doing inappropriate things to herself with repair tools and slaying a random CG monster that appears, the two get down and dirty.I understand that this porn parody is on a limited budget and that ultimately it’s only supposed to be fap material for those who buy it, but a bit more effort could have been made.Look at Lawless for example. The male characters in FFXV all have very distinct and elaborate hair styles, but this man is completely bald! He looks more like Phil Anselmo from Pantera, not the lead of a Final Fantasy game. Then, of course, there’s Nikki Benz. Yes, she sort of looks like Cindy, but why was she fighting monsters? All Cindy does is fix cars in the game. It’s pretty clear the producers of this movie saw a trailer for FFXV and did a cheap cash grab film of it because it’s a popular game at the moment.Poorly production values aside, we can forgive this Final Fantasy parody because it is ultimately harmless. Let’s just pray that someone doesn’t get the idea to do a porno based on The Last Guardian. We do not need that. Stay on target Android Ransomware Pretends to Be Reddit PornVirginia Outlaws Deepfake Revenge Porn last_img read more

September 17

Rescued white tiger undergoes surgery at Lions Tigers and Bears sanctuary

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Show Caption Hide Caption Show Caption Hide Caption Show Caption Hide Caption Show Caption Hide Caption October 25, 2018 Jonathan Halvorson Show Caption Hide Caption Jonathan Halvorson, Rescued white tiger undergoes surgery at Lions Tigers and Bears sanctuary Show Caption Hide Caption Show Caption Hide Caption 12345 ALPINE (KUSI) – A white tiger rescued from a breeding operation in Ohio was spayed to Thursday at Lions Tigers & Bears sanctuary in Alpine.Surgeons say the tiger, Crystal, is expected to make a full recovery over the next week.“Crystal was rescued from prison-like conditions at an Ohio breeding facility, that was shut down in 2014.” said Bobbi Brink, Founder and Director of Lions Tigers & Bears.The sanctuary plays to reunite Crystal with her former tiger companion, Hank.“Hank and Crystal are the lucky ones,” said Brink.  “They are survivors of the devastating exotic animal trade, which exploits animals for profit, subjecting them to massive animal welfare abuses, and puts all tiger populations in jeopardy.” Posted: October 25, 2018last_img read more

September 16

Groups lose money as city covers Hilton debt

first_imgCity tax dollars collected from a 4 percent charge on hotel rooms — which once helped fund such community events as Independence Day at Fort Vancouver and the Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival — now go exclusively to pay off debt at the Hilton Vancouver Washington.The tax traditionally went to paying debt on the $68 million hotel and convention center downtown, with the rest dedicated to city and community events and programs that promote tourism. State law prohibits the lodging tax from being spent on anything besides tourism promotion.The idea was: When needed, the tax would help cover the debt payment for the Hilton, and whatever the Hilton didn’t need, would go to tourism-related events.But the trouble with a lodging tax is that it goes down as the number of reserved rooms drops, meaning there’s less tax to go around. Problems for the Hilton are compounded, as fewer rooms booked also mean a smaller profit margin.The result: The city feels the lodging tax will be more consistently needed by the Hilton — so it’s cut off the money for the events.last_img read more

September 16

Study asserts Vancouver waterfront project not viable as conceived

first_imgThe companies seeking to build the Northwest’s largest oil-by-rail terminal at the Port of Vancouver have thrown a counter-punch at the developer who argues the terminal will severely curtail his plan to construct a $1.3 billion commercial/residential redevelopment of the city’s waterfront.In a market analysis commissioned by Tesoro Corp. and Savage Companies — operating together as Vancouver Energy — Heartland LLC, a Seattle-based real estate advisory firm, says “that under reasonable market input assumptions” the waterfront project “is not viable as conceived, making an argument about the impacts to value from the proposed terminal irrelevant.”Waterfront developer Barry Cain, president of Gramor Development — a member, along with local investors, of Columbia Waterfront LLC — blasted the analysis as “trash.” Tesoro and Savage are “working against the waterfront,” he said Thursday. “They’re working against what’s good for the downtown, because what they’re doing is bad.”The Heartland analysis, which examines such factors as rents, capitalization rates, and structured parking, is included as part of a 2,161-page preliminary draft environmental impact statement submitted by Tesoro-Savage to the Washington state Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council.This story will be updatedlast_img read more

September 14

Dennis Publishing Sold to Private Equity

first_imgIn 1995—a year before acquiring The Week—Dennis launched Maxim, the magazine that would spend the next decade becoming the largest men’s monthly in the world (peaking at a rate base of 2.5 million in the early 2000’s) before it was sold to private equity in 2007.Commenting on the acquisition, Exponent’s David McGovern didn’t seem to herald many immediate changes at the company.“Exponent is delighted to back [Dennis CEO] James Tye and his team,” said McGovern. “We look forward to combining their expert knowledge with our own deep experience in consumer media and e-commerce to help further develop Dennis’ strong market positions and build on Felix Dennis’ legacy.”Founded in 2004, Exponent primarily focuses its investments in upper-middle-market companies in the UK and Ireland.“We see Exponent as excellent partners for Dennis,” said Dick Pountain, a longtime business partner of Felix Dennis, speaking on behalf of his estate. “Their track record in media is extremely strong and we have confidence in their ability to continue to grow the size and reputation of the company that Felix created almost 50 years ago.” For the first time in its 45-year history, Dennis Publishing has been sold.The London-based publisher of The Week and Mental Floss, among numerous others, has been acquired by British private equity firm Exponent, both parties announced Tuesday. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Heart of England Forest, the wildlife conservation charity formed by Dennis Publishing founder Felix Dennis, who passed away in 2014.Exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, although bids for the company are speculated to have been in the neighborhood of £150 million ($197 million). Reports that executors of the Felix Dennis estate were mulling a sale of the company first surfaced last summer.Dennis houses some 37 print and digital brands across its portfolio, mostly in the UK and serving the technology, automotive, and lifestyle spaces. The company rose from humble beginnings as the publisher of just one magazine (Kung Fu Monthly), before moving into the technology space with launches like MacUser and PC Pro in the 1980s and ’90s.last_img read more

September 9

Girdwood Seeks Public Safety Plan

first_imgWith the state budget tightening, some small communities may be losing Alaska State Trooper outposts come January. One of the affected communities is the ski resort of Girdwood, which, although part of the Municipality of Anchorage, is located forty miles South of the city.    Girdwood’s board of supervisors has established a public safety task force to look at the community’s options for law enforcement after the Alaska State Trooper post there closes on January 1. The task force has been working with the city of Anchorage since March to find a solution to Girdwood’s public safety problem. Sam Daniel, the task force co – chair, says any public safety coverage in Girdwood has to be not too small, not to big, but just right.“We believe that Girdwood taxpayers and residents would be willing to pay for a right sized, cost effective public law enforcement model in Girdwood, but we are not interested in having to pay for services that go far beyond what our needs are, and that we don’t believe will truly be provided when we finally have to pay for them.”]Mike Abbot, Anchorage municipal manager, has told the task force that APD is not set up for rural coverage, so if Girdwood wants more police protection, Girdwood must join with the Anchorage Polcie Service area and get the same coverage as other muni communities. But Daniel says paying for full coverage will break Girdwood’s tax cap“I think we are being shunted toward voting for inclusion with the greater Anchorage service area, and the concern that locals have is that they are going to say, ‘Oh yes, we’ll give you 24/7”, but the way that the Anchorage police model works is that it is based on need, so instead of there being three police officers down here, which is way more than we need, they are going to be in South Anchorage, or they are going to be downtown during bar break, or some other place other than down here, while we are going to be paying as much as folks in Anchorage are. “Union requirements and legal challenges also cloud any inclusion in APD, and joining the APD service area would depend on approval from Girdwood and muni voters in the next city election.But at a recent task force meeting on August 26, the task force discussed having Girdwood share the Whittier police force with Whittier police chief Dave Schofield.The harbor city of Whittier has 24/7 policing, with one to three officers available, depending on the time of day. Whittier pays 450 thousand dollars a year for public safety. And, Schofield says, Whittier has a contract with the state of Alaska to patrol the Portage Highway and the Anton Anderson tunnel.“So that puts us on the Whittier side and the Bear Valley side with the Portage Highway. So going into Girdwood is just an extension of what we are already doing.”And, Whittier, about 20 miles from Girdwood, could benefit from the plan. Schofield has to lay off two seasonal officers every fall.“Our summer months are our busy times, and as I understand it, from Girdwood, winter is their busy time. So our busy seasons are opposite of each other.”A collaboration with Girdwood could help keep the two seasonal officers on full time.The task force has approved a motion to pursue discussion of a partnership with Whittier police with the Municipal attorney to see if the option is viable.Meanwhile, other options are under consideration by Girdwood’s task force. One is to contract with Alaska State Troopers for public safety coverage, a plan not likely in the face of state restrictions.The closing of Girdwood’s Trooper outpost affects other communities as well. Bird, Rainbow and Indian, three tiny enclaves north of Girdwood on the Seward Highway, will lose policing, too. And Sam Daniels worries about that a lot.“All of us that live in Southcentral Alaska should be very, very concerned about the Seward Highway safety corridor. And if there are not police officers on the highway between Girdwood and Anchorage, actively enforcing the safety zone and speed limit, than people are going to drive beyond the speed limit in an unsafe manner.” The Girdwood public safety task force meets later this week, on September 17 to continue examining it’s options.last_img read more