April 11

Area under the leadership of the grassroots people to listen to public opinion

The reporter learned from the East District, since November 25th, the district Party Committee Standing Committee of the 5 will be held a forum, random visits, individual interviews and other ways, in-depth area of various schools, rural areas, enterprises, communities, temples, understand the people listened to the voice of the people, the months of investigation the police opinion, puxiashenzai really do practical things for the people, problem-solving skills.The total 4 

months of research; days, the 5 District Party Committee Standing Committee will be to solve the problem oriented, from the 7 aspects of grasping rectification, turn style, will focus on the understanding of national unity and progress, create advanced areas to promote safe construction of the eastern decision to deploy the implementation at the grassroots level situation, overcome the weaknesses, to eliminate dead and promote the work of real measures at the grassroots level landing, to cover every people; problems will sort out and grasp the cadres at all levels exist in the implementation of work and the style of the building, to carry out the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice ready. The Dundian, members of the Standing Committee will be the work style of cadres to the people most dissatisfied as a priority among priorities, in addition, attention of the masses of hot and difficult and focus problems will become the research focus, the research will be to develop solutions that make people look forward to really get attention, the real problem is solved.


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