April 14

The spirit of Lei Feng deeply learning activities in kindergartens of Mudanjiang city Business Net

to learn the spirit of Lei Feng, can help the people around him, to help people around you, you can let the spirit of Lei Feng generations in succession. In March 1st, Heilongjiang province Mudanjiang kindergarten children in Jiamusi border detachment of soldiers under the guidance for young boys to sing revolutionary songs, in order to carry forward the heroic feats of honor.

it is understood that in the fifty-fourth Lei Feng anniversary, this detachment actively carry out the "learning Lei Feng promote righteousness" theme activities, the organization served as vice president of the legal officers "deeply resident 20 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, teachers and students through meetings Zhutibankuai, for the kids about the spirit of Lei Feng, Lei Feng deeds etc., educate and guide the students to sing Lei Feng, Lei Feng, Lei Feng, to start from their own, from the little things around, establish helpfulness, dedication spirit, advocating civilized and harmonious society for fresh air, high spirit of Lei Feng always shine.

for the children, they learn in the activities of Lei Feng, gain more knowledge, but also know how to help people around is a meaningful thing, to bring great convenience to people. Lei Feng spirit in their body to get a better play, I hope in the future life, to help people around.

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