April 14

Guangzhou happy lemon shop how to join a

happy lemon Guangzhou branch join process:

1, through the , telephone and other media, to the official website of the United States to obtain detailed information to join the happy lemon. On the basis of the understanding of the brand, fill in the application form and attach the relevant information to the headquarters to convey the intention to join.

2, you can visit the headquarters of the field, to further understand the brand. On the basis of the intention to join, you can sign a confidentiality agreement with the happy lemon headquarters and pay margin. After that, with the help of the headquarters, businesses can choose the right store and sign the lease contract.

3, choose the right place of business, businesses can negotiate with the happy lemon headquarters to join the relevant details, the two sides reached an agreement, you can officially sign a contract, and pay the appropriate fee.

4, businesses can be supported by the headquarters, to proceed with the design and decoration of the shop, the headquarters will provide tailor-made design drawings to support the decoration. At the same time, merchants can carry out recruitment and training of staff.

5, shop decoration into the end, businesses need to purchase materials, equipment installation, opening activities planning and other matters. Everything is ready, you can enter the trial operation stage. Everything is ready, you can officially open shop business.

According to the above

happy lemon Guangzhou branch to join in the process to go, in addition to the headquarters provide business support and guidance, businesses want to easily shop business is not a problem. Such a good brand project where to go? If you have sufficient start-up funds, have to bear the hardships of preparation, then come join us!

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