April 17

How to do door to door business Business

in the course of a variety of business operations, door-to-door sales business can be said to be very difficult, however, if successful, is also a very lucrative business profits. It’s not easy to persuade customers to buy a commodity when it comes to doing business. Cold, supercilious and cold-shoulder treatment, is to eat "homely food every day". In the face of rejection, the salesman should not only have a strong psychological endurance, it is more important to master the methods of prevention and response.

Guizhou City, a staff member of the air conditioning company Li Zijin, the company’s marketing expert, he sold out of the total air-conditioning sales accounted for half of the company.

once, he heard that a man named Luo Jiacai wanted to buy an indoor air conditioner. Luo good live is a high-grade areas inhabited by the rich, the whole district is only 20 households, Li Zijin didn’t take time to find Luo Jiacai home. At the door and explained what he wanted, his indifference to say: "there’s no plan at present." Then he closed the door.

back to the company, Li Zijin learned that after an investigation, Luo Jiacai was a worker, after several years of hard work among the wealthy, is a computer Daoteng businessman, amateur love engage in interior design, also earn some money to buy a new villa design, interior decoration design is his favourite work, often show off to friends. Li Zijin decided to take the customer as a breakthrough point.

a sunny afternoon, Li Zijin once again opened the door of Luo Jiacai’s home.

saw him, he did not speak, Luo Jiacai will close. Li Zijin hurriedly said: "boss, I don’t talk about air conditioning today. Listen to friends that you are proficient in interior design, I also have this hobby, friends of the villa decoration I ask you!"

Luo’s face suddenly relaxed a lot, let him into the house. Li Zijin went to the wall and pointed to the board on the wall Wood is very delicate, very beautiful!" Luo Jiacai is proud to say: "yes, maple is a product of North America, due to the impact of climate and has a fine texture, shallow warm yellow is also quite texture."

, good mood is very high, he carey visited each room with Li Zijin, a piece of the indoor decorations, also introduces his design process. Li Zijin listened with interest, not to mention some of the other topics of interest.

visited the room, went back to the couch with ripe plum, he smiled and said: "Luo boss is really a design master, your house decoration is the absence of something exquisite beyond compare." Luo Jiacai a, said: "I wanna see." Li Zijin said: "such a beautiful house"

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