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Pickled tofu ten brands list the whole

as a very traditional Chinese food, because the production of different spices, so that the flavor of fermented bean curd has a lot of difference, the birth of the brand is also countless. Next, let us come to know the ten major brands of fermented bean curd, and then the bean curd industry brand has more understanding.

NO.1 list of ten brands of pickled tofu, Wang Zhihe: founded in 1669, the Chinese time-honored brand, won the Chinese, Chinese brand 500 strong, the national intangible cultural heritage, Beijing’s Wang Zhihe Food Co. ltd..

fermented bean curd ten brands list NO.2, Guang he: founded in 1893, China’s fermented bean curd, the brand name of the international famous brand, is committed to the production and sales of Sufu enterprises, Kaiping hop bean curd Co., ltd..

NO.3 list of ten brands of pickled tofu, Kedong: originated in 1915, the Chinese time-honored country, Heilongjiang province famous trademark protection, business, brand-name products in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang province Kedong pickled tofu Co. ltd..

NO.4 list of ten brands of pickled tofu, Dingfeng: began in 1864, China Time-honored Brand, Shanghai famous trademarks, brand-name products in Shanghai City, a well-known brand of pickled tofu, Shanghai novanat Co. ltd..

fermented bean curd ten big brand list NO.5, sea will Temple: beginning in 1932, Sichuan province famous brand, Sichuan famous brand products, Sichuan old name, China’s top ten brand of fermented bean curd, Chengdu state stuffed food Limited by Share Ltd.

fermented bean curd ten brands list NO.6, Shin Naka: was founded in 1952, China famous brand products, China green food, Jiangsu famous brand products, Jiangsu province famous brand, Jiangsu new Brewing Co., ltd..

fermented bean curd ten major brands list NO.7, Liu: was founded in 1736, the national protection of trademarks, origin protection products, Zhejiang famous brand products, Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing Food Co., ltd..

NO.8 list of ten brands of pickled tofu, Lao Cai Chen: Beijing famous trademark, China condiment industry pickled tofu ten strong brands, industry famous brand, Chinese ten pickled tofu brand, Beijing Lao Cai Chen Food Co. ltd..

NO.9 list of ten brands of pickled tofu, Huaqiao brand: founded in 1958, Guangxi’s largest pickled tofu / Yuba production enterprises of the high prestige brand Wang Zhihe (Guilin Beijing pickled tofu, pickled tofu) Food Co., ltd..

fermented bean curd ten big brands list NO.10, Shi Baozhai: Chongqing city famous trademark, once obtained the Chinese famous brand, in

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