May 29

Entry and exit policy encourages foreign students to start a business in Beijing

the development of science and technology, the earth into a global village, studying abroad has become very frequent, with the development of China’s economy, the strength of the country, there are more and more foreign students born in china. The entry and exit of the new policy, specifically to encourage foreign students to venture in beijing.

24 evening, Chinese youth network reporter from the Ministry of public security informed that the Ministry of public security recently launched to support the innovation and development of Beijing 20 immigration policy measures involving foreigners visa, entry and exit, stay and residence etc., will be officially implemented in March 1, 2016.

It is reported that the launch of

policy breakthrough

around the service of foreign high-level personnel, the establishment of the Zhongguancun foreign high-level personnel to apply for permanent residence through train; " " smooth transformation from foreign high-level personnel to employment residence permanent residence; give foreign high-level personnel entry and long-term residence convenience.

around the service innovation and Entrepreneurship of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese in Zhongguancun to apply for permanent residence innovation breakthrough convenience; give innovation and entrepreneurship in the Zhongguancun overseas Chinese long-term residence breakthrough convenience.

around the service of foreign students, foreign students in Beijing to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun; to support foreign young talents in Zhongguancun to practice activities; to encourage foreign students to innovation and entrepreneurship.

services around the residents of Hong Kong and Macao special talent for the first time, Hong Kong and Macao residents and their families to settle the special talents.

policy to relax

established by market-oriented, transparent simple employment of foreigners to apply for permanent residence channels. According to the actual needs, the abolition of the employment of foreigners in Beijing to apply for permanent residence restrictions on the types of units and job levels, to relax the residence time requirements. In Beijing has over 4 years of continuous work, and every 4 years in the territory of Chinese actually lived a total of not less than 6 months; 4 consecutive years of wage income (before tax) 500 thousand yuan; yuan each year to pay personal income tax by 100 thousand foreigners, the work unit is recommended, you can apply for foreigners permanent residence.

allows foreign and Hong Kong and Macao high level talents employment of foreign domestic service personnel. Give full consideration to the actual demand, has been in China for permanent residence or hold working class residence permit foreign high-level talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, and Hong Kong and Macao high level talents, providing personal economic security, and for the employment contract

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