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Analysis of the causes of common traffic changes in website analysis

in "8 common causes" website traffic anomaly changes in that article, I change to the whole flow were analyzed and summarized. In this article, we will continue this topic to discuss the reasons behind the changes in Web traffic. Different from last time, this time we will go deep into each subdivision traffic, such as direct traffic, paid search, brand words and so on. The possible reasons behind each set of subdivision traffic are analyzed. Now let’s start with one by one.

one, direct traffic

usually refers to the direct flow of visitors directly enter the URL or visit the website traffic from the favorites, but in reality the situation is more complicated, all traffic sources cannot get referrals are classified as direct traffic, for example, from the chat tool QQ, MSN traffic, or from the mail client traffic will be as no source of information was classified as direct traffic. After understanding the composition of the direct flow, we analyze 4 possible reasons for the direct flow change.

1 brand advertising

brand advertising is the first cause of direct traffic change. The so-called brand advertisement, my understanding is besides the website name or the website, what information also does not have that kind.

scene analysis: the most direct purpose of brand advertising is to allow users to remember and visit the site, and if the site is concise and memorable, users will directly remember the site address, access to the site. This resulted in the growth of direct traffic. If the site is longer, then the user will remember the site name or a slogan, and then access the site through the search engine, which has nothing to do with direct access, which is what we want to introduce later.

2 hot event

hotspot events are the second leading cause of direct traffic change. Hot spots here include both positive and negative events. Whether it’s viral marketing made by the site, or because a mistake was discovered and amplified by users. When the site is hot because of the hot issues, traffic will certainly increase.

scene analysis: the reason why hot events lead to direct traffic changes is simple, think about how we usually get this kind of information, and how to share this information to friends. Yes, chat tools, QQ, or MSN. When we see the link information in the QQ group, and click access. The visit will be recorded for direct traffic.

3 internal access

internal access is the third reason for direct traffic changes. Internal access refers to the amount of traffic generated by a web site or within a company’s access to a web site. Usually, the site will block access from the internal IP, but if there is no shielding or for some reason can not be blocked, internal access has become the main reason for affecting direct traffic.

scenario analysis: how do websites or company employees access their websites?

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