August 5

A rookie station experience

I’ve been at the station for about half a year. I don’t know anything from a station where I don’t understand anything. I really don’t know how to do it. See other people’s website is so beautiful, so have personality, I really want to make my own website, but no, I have no technology. English is not good. I can’t read the code. I don’t know. It should be from He Xueqi. It’s no good trying to learn. Hey,

although now stand a few stations, but no flow, see others standing flow, every day thousands, tens of thousands of, in the heart is really very uncomfortable.

when will I be able to do this? For me, simplicity is impossible.

people always say, do stand to wait, to time, but is the first three months, I stand still no traffic, now it was only up to 100 IP. When so much, my heart is happy, others can see, simple is junk. Simple is no better than you.

Some people say that

film station Haonong, I made a movie station, just know, the original movie station people too much, there is no place for our technical people to participate ah, ah, no matter, the station has been completed, not to move him, or listen to others, time is the best evidence, slowly. One day, it is very high, ah, writing an article is not good, do not write.

, ladies and gentlemen, please come to my website to advise, what is the bad place, please point out, I have the best ability to fix it, thank you,


, my website is

thank you all,

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