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From the end of 2017 institutions scheduled to increase list mainstream institutions are new three

institutions investment in 10 million yuan, 50 million yuan, the range of a total of 768 institutions, accounting for 47.64%; 10 million yuan has 627, accounting for 38.90%; investment in 50 million yuan, 100 million yuan also has 127, accounting for 7.88%.

The other side of the

IPO wave, subject to the transfer of state-owned shares and three types of shareholders, brokerages and public offerings and other traditional two tier market players, the enthusiasm of the new board is fading. In the first half of 2017, brokers and public offerings increased by 1 billion 500 million yuan and 300 million yuan respectively, representing a decline of 80% and 83.33% respectively over the same period of last year.

he worked as a journalist, then invested in pens, worked as a vice president of excellence, and worked with Lei Jun, who founded me and published an autobiographical novel called "return".

, looking back at the product and marketing team, found that a lot of people were useless. But it’s not employee’s fault. It’s my fault. I’m impatient. It was wrong to advertise and do marketing events at that time."

"where the customer did a massive downsizing, the process was very painful.". From the peak period of more than 13000 people, into 500, 600 people; SKU also from more than 190 thousand to now all new product planning, including 200, 300."

July 22, 2014, millet annual conference, the National Conference Center crowd. The activity was about to begin, and the guest CEO aged and assistant stepped out of the elevator and stood for a while. Many of the young rice noodles holding the invitations quickly passed, and their old eyes fell on them.

"where the customer is re start the company, where the starting point is cost-effective brand.". This year seriously look at the brand distribution, found Chinese clothing brand wipeout, because we are not grasping quality. The whole network to sell clothing is rubbish, some people refuse to sell proud to sell inventory as the honor, the user does not need to waste."

Most of the

of course, this investment logic with the two market and participate in different subjects are inseparable, but don’t think that the new third board market is no nouveau riche figure, a total of 90 institutions in more than 100 million yuan in the first half of the total amount of investment, accounting for 5.58%. Excellent car in China 838006.OC will increase, a Chellona UnionPay Co invested 2 billion 400 million yuan, fund management Co., Ltd. invested 999 million yuan to participate.

next, he repeatedly "admit mistakes", put himself very low.

2007, where customers direct sales of men’s shirts, with brand marketing and cost-effective products, once created the growth myth of the Internet brand. Or a shirt, 7 years later, where customers back on the road. But this time, the domestic electricity supplier arena of a few big all-powerful, more of a humble entrepreneurs.

institutional investment median of 11 million yuan, the largest amount of investment is China UnionPay once cast 2 billion

that day, Lei Jun on the stage wearing "every guest three sets" issued millet 4, aged invited to sit at the stage.

in the first half of 2017, the agency’s contribution to the increase, accounting for 76.97% of the total growth of the new three board, is still the main market growth. However, as the market expects differentiation, the structure of institutional investors is undergoing subtle changes.

a month later, the guest "a white shirt" conference held, old boarded the rostrum, his first sentence is: "Hello, long time no see.". Each guest has not opened an external Conference for more than a year, I am very nervous."

new three board set by the market, the most powerful force is changing.

investment company is still in the public offering brokerage accounts take cities and seize territory, and choose to leave, non-financial companies are in wait-and-see. This is the first half of 2017, the new three plate institutions set by rivers and lakes pattern.


Conference on the same day, old a person standing on the platform is very excited, the content of the speech about iron craft from a powerful and unconstrained style, cotton, to design personnel in Japan, even the history of shirt. For more than an hour – in fact, it doesn’t matter what the audience listens to – it only adds up to one sentence: "I knew shirts when I was old.".

old "re sell" shirts

coin. At the moment, the new three board with more than 10 thousand companies has become China’s largest pool of assets. With the valuation decline, PE, VC and other investment institutions choose to add three new board. In the first half of 2017, investment companies increased by 33 billion 100 million yuan, up 23.05% compared with the same period of last year.

although the amount is not small, but compared with the A A-share market tyrant, or a lot less. According to Choice data, in 2017 to participate in the A share placement institutional funding median reached 195 million yuan.

then, the layman broke in

to join is where the customer’s old friends and old customers, investors, and even choose to leave but also read old former employees. People care about each guest and what kind of status I am.

institutions are definitely the main force in the market. In the first half of 2017, the number of institutions participating in the new three board increased by 1612, the median amount of investment was 11 million yuan.

was founded in 2007 on the aged Eslite, the apparel industry still do not fully understand.

IPO wave, subject to the transfer of state-owned shares and three types of shareholders, brokerages and public offerings and other traditional two tier market players, the enthusiasm of the new board is fading.

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