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      in addition, some publishers wrote letters about his web server >

      in the "AdSense policy" in front of the series, we have introduced some common policy issues. Today, let’s introduce another very common policy issue – Copyright material.

entrepreneurial weathervane, entrepreneurship Mecca, entrepreneurial dream gathering place, these are Beijing Zhongguancun pioneering Street hereinafter referred to as pioneering Street has been given label.

      if you use on your site for these materials have clear copyright owner company or individual, and you have no formal authorization of the copyright in all authorization legally binding using these materials, the content of your site is a violation of copyright material. Our policy plan.

Wang Feiqin also mentioned that, in the operation of this street, but also created a precedent, that is, "a station can register a company" business reform, this kind of thing in many other cities is difficult to complete.

3W, vice president of the group 3W space CEO Wang Feiqin told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, there are various groups and organizations gathered in the business street, this street is to give people the feeling of pure, inclusive and open, the development of its core business logic is enough market, through the development of the two years. There has been a relatively complete form of entrepreneurial ecological services. For example, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial reception hall can provide services from the company registration, policy services, human resources to intellectual property services, if the start-up documents sufficient, 4 working days will be able to complete the "four cards" book".

      as the name implies, "refers to the use of copyrighted materials" are not authorized by the copyright owner under the condition of the material, including movies, TV dramas, TV shows, music and songs MP3, bell, flash, comic books, software, etc..

      1. movies or TV online watch or Download Web site, if there is no formal authority of the publishing company, these content belongs to copyright material.
      2. music online audio visual or Download Web site, or use songs to do ringtones download site, if there is no formal authority of the publishing company, it belongs to copyright material.
      3. comic websites; if the cartoons are explicitly copyright owners and are not officially authorized by copyright owners, they belong to copyright materials.
      4. online books or novel sites; if the book or novel has been formally published and has a clear copyright owner, if it is not authorized by the copyright owner, it belongs to copyright material.
      5. software download sites, if the software has a clear copyright owner and publisher of the company, without copyright authorization for download as well as any other form – such as cracked version, Chinese version of the green version, belong to copyrighted material.

in late January, the "daily economic news" reporter from the start of a street where security of the street from time to time tour, many of which are the organization to visit, especially in the summer, basically every day to come.

we can see in the business street, the shops here regardless of what type, almost all support WeChat or Alipay to pay the payment, including business service agencies gathered: Angel sinks, garage coffee, 3W coffee, Binggo coffee, 36 krypton, Lenovo star and onion cast etc..

in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," and other policy oriented and "prime minister with the paragraph coffee" and other hot events under the boost, entrepreneurial street for a while bustling.

today’s entrepreneurial Avenue is the result of conforming to the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, business street is the predecessor of the pedestrian street of Haidian city library, which opened in 1992, Haidian book city, after the rise and fall, upgrading and format adjustment, June 2014, Haidian book city pedestrian street to show people in the business street.

      let’s take a few specific examples of copyright materials:

      the need to emphasize is that copyright statement on your website such as "all contents of this website are collected with the network, if the violation of your copyright please notify us immediately, we will immediately delete" there is no legal effect. If you do not have the copyright holder’s authorization, it is still copyrighted material and still violates our plan policy.

business street website data show that as of now, its settled services institutions, investment institutions totaled 40, incubation and start-up team of 1791, of which about 600 teams in the block incubation. Entrepreneurship reception hall has accumulated more than 60 enterprises and government departments settled.

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