August 12

Chen Zhaobo do some Shanghai dragon views on micro blog

1, micro-blog found authenticated users are more likely to be included in

.The name or title name like

fortunately now micro-blog personalized domain name can also grab, omitted here 7 words……

micro-blog website, the website, the importance of the title since Needless to say, the ranking of words depends on it. Micro-blog name is the same, may it in Sina micro-blog has an advantage, because the name Sina micro-blog is the only Tencent, micro-blog can name, an important criterion for a good name is also attractive.

, a personalized domain name

two, micro-blog

2, micro-blog found active users of micro-blog is more likely to be included (as the website often updated)

learned that at present, the Tencent officially launched micro-blog search real-time search, micro-blog search engine more and more fire, will be more and more attention, Shanghai dragon Er, you attention? I think there should be a lot of people, all share it, any new things only share many people, naturally the rapid development of.

is currently in the Tencent micro-blog personal description on the link is the chain is, because the search engine will included content. Sina did not verify, because to see the Sina micro-blog content will need to log in, so also can’t visit SE estimates.

five, other

ZAC in his Tencent before micro-blog did an experiment. ZAC input a bunch of meaningless words, and then take the own blog address. To the experimental results, his Tencent micro-blog ranking up. This experiment is a test to see if the link itself has not played in the Tencent micro-blog ranking effect, but the Tencent micro-blog content ranked up, "

four, micro-blog

three, micro-blog personal introduction to

since the last noble baby PR after the update, many people will find the micro-blog domain name is the PR value of sina Li Kaifu, micro-blog PR6, micro-blog PR5 Tencent.

at present, micro-blog content included a great opportunity, a micro-blog keyword also contains relatively easy to find search to a portion of the link is also a chain of outside.

believe that we do know, register a good domain name is difficult and the domain name of Shanghai dragon has a strong influence, this is not to say you understand. Similarly, personalized domain name for micro-blog, is the best one with your own website or want to do related websites, whether the impact on the rankings, which need to be observed.

a micro-blog as a web site or a blog, because he has a personality domain, since there is a domain name, can be included in search engines, it can do Shanghai dragon, today to talk briefly about how to carry out the micro-blog Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon micro-blog, welcome to discuss.

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