August 12

Discuss the role of Robots and common problems

1, the station site operator error, misuse or delete some specific pages.

is the problem of website dead links can not be avoided, if indexed by the search engines, so the chain connection is bound to affect the user experience, this time on the need for robots shielding on this page. Some common errors are as follows:

3, dead link caused by the chain, usually because the input error caused the formation of dead links to your site.

Robots Ao effect, it can be used to do what. Robots is an agreement between the website and search engine. To prevent search engines that we don’t want to be the search engine index content. We can use it to protect privacy, shielding dead links and content pages and repeat page.

two, no shielding content page and repeat page

Shanghai dragon is a process of accumulation, some of the above points, hope for the novice webmaster friends for help on site optimization, there is no specific wording of a detailed description of Robots, you can view the specific wording of love Shanghai Robots optimization guide; here only to its function and use.

, shielding dead link

2, the same page shielding multiple paths, many on the front page of the site there will be such a problem, for example, Dangyang hotline: www.***.net, this site is commonly used to login, because of program and the path is not uniform, resulting in home has two paths are included, similar to www.***.net/index.php so, we will give the website entrance of a unified standard, the direct use of robots shield operation.

2, because errors in the program website, replacing the program caused a dead link.

The Here the first

protocol for all search engines to effectively, it is not a command, but a command, it will not come into effect, short days can be effective, long time more than 4 weeks to take effect. Google to love Shanghai, effective time faster; the definition of common grammar definition: User-agent: search engine. If you want to define all search engines use *; Disallow: ban on search engines, "said the root directory, all directories on behalf of a web site. Allow: is permitted, here only to do a simple description of the specific operation method, please refer to love Shanghai library; to talk about the problems and common usage.

1, no content page and repeat page will seriously affect the quality of the station page, if the station there are a large number of this page will repeat the meaning and cause the site right down; for example, some of the registration page, landing page, session ID, the page is loaded, the shopping mall blue pages, all these are to shield.

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