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How to carry out the website title and description set to rank quickly

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(4), must take the attractive words on the inside, such as address and phone number on the inside here only for example, can according to their own requirements to set.

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1, description and title in different places?

(1), the home page, the page directory keywords, and we are an important keyword directory page, landing page, keywords theme is to write descriptions of the page.

(3), must take place keywords to more forward position in the description of which.

3, describe the correct setting. A well written description is an important factor in determining the user clicks, a good description can increase the user clicks.

(2), can not have a short description, description to write 82 characters or so, describe the little love Shanghai will be added to that rank is unfavorable.

2, how to effectively set the title.

title (title) format: brand word keywords, keywords, keywords layout of the page. Why should the words in front of the brand as a website is the most valuable website brand word, other people can’t compete with you. Brand words can improve the site conversion rate. Forced me to deepen the user’s memory, one day your keyword ranking without him will find you through brand word, and finally transformed into brand word search volume up. Brand word to web site benefits (especially the latter), is the general keywords incomparable! For example that can be found directly shopping in Shanghai love Taobao stores, Taobao screen spider love Shanghai but in the Taobao search in the sea surged this is the brand effect. The home page set to 1-3 general keywords not brand word (brand word keywords, keywords, keywords), page keywords _ brand word. Not a little stressed inside pages have to repeat title. The title of the website as far as possible not to repeat not also do not put descriptive keywords such as the largest, and most fashionable, the best use of the keywords, do much harm is your title inside place too much, especially descriptive words will weaken the other key words competitive you can refer to the title, thermodynamic diagram (thermodynamic diagram – Nanning Shanghai Longfeng website optimization).

of different places described is no effect on promoting the keywords ranking, description and title in the same place is later described to stabilize keywords. The proposal of the home page and important page written description for these important key secondary stable rankings.

recently help users analyze the many websites found that most of the title and description of the website is not set correctly leading to the site can not be quickly get rankings and ranking concussion is big, today and you share my experience in Shanghai Longfeng welcome paizhuan. Right set good website title and description can not only quickly get good rankings, but also for a long term Wengding website ranking.

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