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The recent development of Sogou search and optimization of matters needing attention

three: do not spend too much time in the description of

Sogou is using the name "SogouRank" index to evaluate a site, there is a close relationship between SogouRank and the site’s authority. Therefore, if you want to improve your rankings in Sogou than you, the authority in Shanghai love to pay more attention to their site optimization in.

do Sogou offers many different types of search for the domestic third major search engines, including pictures, video, maps, music, news, blog etc.. At the same time, it also has its own browser, Sogou browser and Sogou Pinyin input Chinese tool. All of these contribute to the growth of market share. With the Sogou market share will continue to increase, as we should optimize the overall strategy of Shanghai dragon Er – we do consider Shanghai Longfeng Sogou, so here I will Sogou optimization do simple elaboration with some differences on the optimization of Shanghai love.

in this topic, any search engine is a focus on the original. Sogou original content is very concerned about the site, even developed a spam detection algorithm, called R-SpamRank. Therefore, you should try to provide more original content, don’t just copy other site content.

According to Sogou

four: avoid mirroring page or site

CNZZ (the leading network analysis tools) statistics, currently Sogou search engine market share of 5.43% over the same period, Google’s market share was 7.41%. Love is still the big boss in Shanghai, market share reached 82.53%. Sogou has become third only to the second largest search engine, Google China love Shanghai. Last year, Sogou release from sohu贵族宝贝, the establishment of an independent company, after a year of struggle, their performance is gratifying.

due attention to the original content, all do not recommend the use of mirror page or site.


and love Shanghai Sogou optimization, to the attention of Meta is not so high. Sogou search more attention is the title and web page content. So if you just do Sogou optimization, you need not be too concerned about Meta, do not need to write the description of complex Meta.

: Sogou more on a site of the authority of

five: improve the user experience

all sites are intended to provide customer service, improve the user friendly experience and is also important to improve the search engine friendly. The user perspective >

two: focus on the content of the original

shows Google and Sogou in the past year market share from the above CNZZ data. It can be seen that Google lost market share is significant, and is in a steady growth in sogou. To catch up with Google Sogou search engine has become the second largest sooner or later things.

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