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The four step is to do the case analysis of beauty website website long tail keywords

3, the content of

it is analysis of love Shanghai search optimization guide or their own website, can come to this conclusion, and some long tail keywords ranking Title occupies a large proportion. What do you want to optimize the keywords, such as the "skin care knowledge" must be put in the first place title. Don’t tube, automatic word segmentation, search engine what the website weight is low, the page weight is lower, to have a good ranking, we should try to reduce the algorithm of search engine.

in addition, the title of the best keywords behind with other words. The reason is very simple, long tail keywords completely matched rarely. In other words, if your keywords match, only with the "basic knowledge" beauty as the title, it is very difficult to row to the first page of the. The nature of the title, let the search engines do not think you are cheating.

is what we usually say the abstract, many CMS will automatically extract the first paragraph of the article as abstract, I use dedecms’s so. Let the target keywords at the beginning is repeated several times, have implications for the search engine.


1, the long tail keywords optimization from the page title of

can say that love Shanghai last year the previous revision of the most costly than Taobao passenger and medical industry. I will do is a Taobao off site, recommend some cosmetic products such as perfumes, essential oils, skin care products etc.. In June is down right after the station has taken a conservative strategy. Here is not to say that the conservative stop post, to stop the construction of the chain, do you only one. Although the core keywords haven’t fully recovered, but the long tail keywords to the current site conversion rate is better than before, compared to income also increased. Today is like to share their experience of optimization.

at this point, a lot of friends it is repeated, the stack of target keywords. For example, the so-called "expert" to develop the original article generator principle is to act as the original article by random insertion of long tail keywords interception of the novel in a paragraph. This is a few years ago is still relatively effective, but now, the software had disappeared.

How to determine the content of the


2, the content of the beginning of the long tail keywords

search engine, largely through the keyword related keywords in the industry, the field of the repetition rate to judge. For example, the case of "our skin care basics", has been ranked in the article, find the high frequency of a class of words, such as "clean" and "moisture" "water" ".


related keywords

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