September 12

The wind on the seconds Shanghai seconds recorded the whole process of love


the last time I write an article about the love of spiders in Shanghai seconds when the article said, found an interesting phenomenon, related to the lower right corner of the I "attacks" plug-in, what is, and everyone together to share below. In fact, not what, oh, just saw the love of Shanghai in my blog and spider crawling and the residence time was calculated, see the spider walk, immediately under my love Shanghai station, found that increased a web page snapshot included 1 minutes ago. So, looks a bit unbelievable or fantastic, let alone see the love of spiders in Shanghai, even if many webmaster query traces crawling spiders in Shanghai are difficult to love.

in the first two days, early in the morning, I just write the diary, just released in the end, "attacks" there and saw the "Beijing" guy. Not long, on the left, I had a moment, to love Shanghai site my station, found just 1 minutes before the collection of the article I just released. Isn’t that "Beijing" is the "love of spiders in Shanghai". So, I will query the access record under logs space, it is at this time to. In online search, "love Shanghai spider IP" said most of the users are not fixed, but the IP address of the query location is in Beijing. So, the wind would like to say: I see the love of spiders in Shanghai, ha ha.


seconds, most of the webmaster or not, even if there is also most occurred in Google, fell in love with the sea is more rare. Most of the time also depends mainly on the love of spiders in Shanghai’s own wishes, the wind to talk about how the wind witnessed the second, and their views.


does not explain, is a coincidence, ha ha, see the love of Shanghai spiders crawling the entire trajectory of the joke, this is just a coincidence, say love Shanghai spider site time is not fixed, in fact, this is a minor, good good do stand, "

this "play of the earth" is a screenshot of the morning when more than 7 points, see "Beijing", and then to cut a figure. Then, for a while, such as "Beijing" left, immediately to site a website, sure enough, in a minute ago also included a page, picture below:

I use this "attacks" plug start, beginning with this plugin, one is interesting, two can also record the geographical location of visitors. Later, in a month ago, has made me wonder, my blog not how publicity, there are several IP is every normal, but there is a "Beijing" have been in IP, every day, I always wonder, am I a classmate or friend in Beijing. I did not think, so subconsciously think.

The whole thing is needed from the

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