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Ali Tencent red change flavor the total amount of less than 1 yuan per capita

Yang Yang

at 9:30 on February 12th, under the Wangjing bridge parked a taxi, the driver Zhang master and passengers in a violent shake the phone. The original is master Zhang see passengers in grab envelopes are unable to bear their own desire, after allowing passengers after he parked the car to the side, open the WeChat shake page, and passengers at almost the same time together violently shakes his mobile phone, he eventually shake to the $7 cash envelopes, while passengers only if 5 yuan.

Zhang master does not know is that this moment and he also participates in "shake" tens of millions of people, is the biggest red users out of the 888 yuan. Of course, the master Zhang has been very lucky. The day before the first delivery of Alipay red envelopes, because many users only grabbed 2 yuan red envelope and Voices of discontent.

set off from 11 Alipay grab red campaign began, the Chinese was dragged to a universal grab red tide, people greet each other are you robbed how much red


Tencent and Ali the two Internet giants to "red" the traditional culture as the breakthrough point, combined with the enterprise to create the scene for the Internet and mobile phone users red packets on various social platforms, the purpose is to allow users to use their own payment tools. According to public disclosure of their data shows, the Spring Festival this year will have a total of nearly ten billion red drop from the clouds.

the money There was no parallel in history. wars began to ferment in ten days before the 2015 New Year’s Eve, and reached the peak in the new year’s Eve – and only in the physical field without mental "rob" movement, whether it is a Tencent, Ali or users, are playing awfully.

but the problem is that this market nearly 10 billion in the end how much can really fall into the hands of users, and how much can bring real benefits?

Spy Drama Eve

Lai Zhiming, general manager of

money to pay the Spring Festival as an important node in mobile payments, the impact of the equivalent of eleven pairs of online shopping. The money paid through the phone QQ, WeChat joint force, the real purpose is to want to send a red envelope through the spring festival marketing means, the formation of the user to use QQ wallet and WeChat payment habits.

Yin Yu, vice president of

Tencent Inc and its team orchestrated the red scheme this year: mobile phone QQ official envelopes will continue from the eve of the Lunar New Year New Year’s Eve, there are two kinds of forms: one is the red star, including Fan Bingbing, Li Chen, Zheng Kai and other more than and 10 domestic popular stars, from the beginning to the eve of the Lunar New Year Eve has been through mobile phone QQ cash red; the other is a business envelope, in the new year’s Eve, there will be more than and 10 well-known enterprises with mobile phone with QQ payment envelopes, envelopes by cash and vouchers, two amount of red add up to a total of more than 3 billion yuan. Because Yin Yu think is the layout of the entire mobile phone QQ ecological chain.

but the final landing of this program is hard won.

prior to this, the phone Q>

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