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The case of the establishment of pornographic websites registered overseas registration cases repeat

With the

mobile phone network pornographic action against regulation, the local police smitten, seized a number of key cases.

Guangdong Heyuan case: the registration of the domain name to open a pornographic website

2008 June and July, peaceful county of Guangdong province Heyuan city junior high school, Luo Mouyan, Luo Ding discuss overseas mobile phone WAP pornographic websites for profit. They rented a foreign company through a company in Shanghai, the registered domain name to open a website.

Luo Mouyan respectively in August 2008 and March 2009 opened outside the "erotic May day" and "porn frontline" "3G cool color" website, and more than and 700 pornographic pictures downloaded from the Internet to upload these pornographic websites, through video links to two porn movies uploaded to the website backstage. Luo Ding in August 2008 launched the "frog community" and "customers" website, upload pornographic pictures more than and 900.

Luo Mouyan, a pair of top first through regular website content to the two advertising company applied for registration, to obtain its advertising resources, then the pornographic website added, and advertising company only for the first time to apply for the registration website review, this website will not be added after a review, let two people take advantage of. They insert ads in pornographic content, earn more than 20 thousand yuan advertising.

June 1, 2009, the Heyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment in Shenzhen police, in the South Longgang District of Shenzhen city market a rental will be Luo Mouyan, Luo top captured, seized 2 sets of computer, 3 bank cards.

The court Yuancheng District of Heyuan city

recently on the case verdict, the dissemination of pornographic materials were sentenced Luo Mouyan, Luo Ding 6 months imprisonment, fined 3000 yuan.

Zhejiang: Jinhua case pull more than and 50 mobile phone information dissemination of pornographic website

from September last year, the number of mobile phone users in Zhejiang city of Jinhua Province in the legend, "" WAP website can view, download the "spring unlimited" pictures, but also free to watch, download pornographic novels, and similar porn sites more and more mobile phone.

survey found that when users watch the contents of the download site, some of the web pages will automatically play out, mostly a variety of product advertising. It turned out that the profitability of these mobile phones rely mainly on the click rate to earn advertising fees, the higher the click through rate, the popularity of the site of the fire, you can attract more advertising.

in April this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau organized a special investigation, tracking the domain name for and other mobile sites and found that although they look different, but should belong to the same company’s server.

was arrested by the police, said the boss of a mobile phone site, about last September, he got a message on the Internet, saying that without spending much money, a mobile phone website can be rich. Rolling.

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