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Why is the world’s largest programming code hosting site GitHub 1 hundred million


is the world’s largest social networking programming and code hosting site GitHub recently successfully received a $100 million investment to well-known venture capital institutions Andreessen Horowitz, finance also allows Github to be praise and questioned by many people suspect that the $100 million investment in Andreessen is worth $one hundred million, with the Github

is able to stand?

1) is not only a control system, but also a variety of file storage system

The open source

platform not only has the same function as the other similar control system, to manage and store the modified code, can be used for file storage, other forms such as Word, PPT or other final version of the software, so GitHub is not only a system of control, or a final draft and file storage system.

2) the developer decides whether to send the modification to the central server

before Github, some software, such as CVS and Subversion will give each edit software in a central repository, each modify write code once, the system will directly send the code to the repository, and the use of distributed control systems such as Github, without each modification are sent to a central repository only need to modify, in the local computer, and then decide to store the modified code to a central server, so many developers are willing to make more details of the changes, because there is so much trouble.

GitHub is also a Git repository hosting service, with many of its own unique features. Git is a command line tool, GitHub provides a Web based graphical interface, you can access and control some of the collaboration features, such as Wiki and basic task management tools.

3) replication – Request merge Trilogy

GitHub’s trump card is to copy the "fork", will be able to transfer a user repository to another user repository, so users can access and modify the code of others in their own account, modify, if the users love to share with others, you can send a request to the original code, you can click the button, the others modify with their original code combination.

is the three step: copy – Request – merge, so that GitHub become more powerful. Code School Gregg Pollack said that before the GitHub, if you want to modify a open source software, you must first download the original code, local modification, and then modify these email software, some people don’t again to make an evaluation of these changes, and then decide whether to merge, very troublesome.

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