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Ants are preparing for PO Peng Lei and other executives visited Silicon Valley

Beijing time on December 7th evening news, according to Bloomberg News reported today, a Alibaba’s executive team ant gold suit recent visit to Silicon Valley, assess the potential investment matters, the fastest in the next year to start the IPO (IPO) foundation.


ant gold service in China’s high visibility, with more than 450 million users. But in other parts of the world, the ant is a relatively unknown name. Therefore, the Ant King must convince foreign consumers, so that they can safely put the financial information and funds to their own management.

it is reported that Peng Lei, chairman of the board of ants and other executives last week made a visit to San Francisco. Peng Lei, of course, is aware of the challenges faced by the ants. She said that IPO will provide an opportunity for the ants to allow the outside world to understand the company, improve the transparency of the company, as well as financing for mergers and acquisitions.

Peng Lei said in an interview with the international media for the first time, a lot of people will be regarded as a pure gold payment company, but in fact the company’s business is far more than this. She said: "this may be our fault, in order to let the outside world know the Ant King service business, we should do better."

so far, the ants have not yet disclosed the amount of gold in the program’s IPO financing, but CLSA (CLSA) in September this year, it was estimated that the valuation of the ant gold service is about $75 billion. In addition, Peng Lei and his team did not disclose the company’s listing site, but said there are many choices.

Han Xinyi, vice president of financial services, said the company will no longer need to be listed overseas to win international trust, you can now choose to list in Shanghai and Shenzhen. But informed sources have said in August, Hongkong is also a good choice for the ant king.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma had said earlier in November, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed technology related financial regulations are outdated. If the Hong Kong stock exchange can be innovative, ant gold service will choose in Hongkong IPO.

Alibaba itself listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but insiders said, given China’s regulatory barriers, the Ant King is unlikely to follow the Alibaba in the New York Stock Exchange IPO. In addition, the ants are registered in China, will be subject to strict restrictions on foreign investment.

Alibaba and other Chinese Internet Co through the variable interest entity (VIE) structure to circumvent the rules limit, allowing foreign investors to buy their shares. But the Ant King does not use the VIE agency, the government may need to exempt.

The latest round of financing

ant service is in April this year, when the valuation of more than $60 billion. In October this year, there is news that the ants are still focused on the development of business services, the fastest will have to wait until the end of next year to be listed. (Li Ming)

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