March 8

Marketing marketing how to break brainwashing quella heart

Hello, this is Pujiang. Not long ago, GUI school QQ group, Shanghai netizen Wang Chunyan questions, there are a few fans also asked quella marketing, "Pujiang, you see how to break the heart quella marketing?".

at that time, did not want to break on the broken, not only to break, but also broken seconds. Now writtenup announced, in order to satisfy the scientific marketing and marketing new fans quella old fans.

if you have seen Jin Yong veteran martial arts novels, or his "Legend of the Condor Heroes", "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", "The legend of Condor Hero", "eight guardians", "The Legendary Swordsman", "the deer" and so on the drama, I think in this it is not necessary to render more ink, in order to compete for the martial arts martial arts people heart secret, a bloody and the glint and flash of cold steel.

said a single person, originally is the door upright CEO Yue Buqun, in the "canon" from a pure man, became a mystifying sissy! Do you know what is the "heart" of the secret of sunflower? Is very simple, and Mr. Jin Yong said: for practicing this skill first, from the palace; even from the palace, may not be successful! I don’t know if Yue Buqun saw the heart secret, that is how to think; do not know when he still firmly, brandished a knife from the palace, his wife lady Ning is how to think… He is from the palace, except the sissy sequelae, also is the fruition, finally mastered magic. If his own castration, not practicing magic, too shameful, he can still do a part-time job in the palace, when a father what……

all these eight miles away from the stuff, and how to break the heart quella marketing, a half dime relationship? OK, "canon" is "crooked ways doings heart", quella marketing are decent martial arts, an evil, not comparable. However, in order to get these things heart secret, apparently paid the price, you know? In order to study the marketing disciple quella heart, at least paid the price of 100 thousand yuan…

said, although not very valuable, but it can also be said that the marketing method quella valuable, you say is broken? Not only to break, even seconds break? Yes, marketing in the banking arena quella atmosphere thick, farfamed, all the disciples, countless fans; and scientific marketing. Although a faction, but at the beginning of the portal, not authoritative… Keya Liu 100 thousand health strokes, you say it is take that take


floating in rivers and lakes, which can not take the knife! Said will take that! OK. A total of three heart quella marketing. The first one: never sell products, but to sell dreams and results; second strokes: all the marketing problem, the answer can be found in human nature; the third measure: the world’s most advanced marketing not only customer sales, spontaneous self sales. Only a trick of scientific marketing: marketing brainwashing. It’s easy to say that marketing is the only thing you can do is to influence and persuade the other person to think in your way of thinking.


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