March 9

The so called grassroots webmaster said

grassroots webmaster, I don’t know whether I belong to the ranks, has stressed that he is the webmaster, from graduate, is a living site of the idea.

From the previous

Cassidy above a few words and then fart bump said, after a site like. Pure word, from now on it’s just a SB.

I’ve always wanted to run away from the code, but after a circle and a circle, I still go back to where I was. I prefer when SA or SC, always want to let the middle ranks into the bovine A and bovine C, I this person, occasionally estrus is the moment the moment of passion, just as a man, I will find people crazy chat, chat between men and women, I want to find a girlfriend, always cry, but society has never put this topic as a fart to see.

Liu XX asked me, you find a girlfriend for what, in your character, find a girlfriend will only make you more upset, why? He asked me, why do you find a girlfriend, I said that in order to solve physical problems, solve psychological problems, he said to me, you are not in order to realize. Function, a moment I will feel really a sudden failure, what are determined.

but when I suddenly woke up, the second day fart as usual, did not have any problem, or the grassroots, cheated me of things for a long time – blog, Lao Tzu has always considered him a website, and everyone, when found, I was completely deceived when I was accustomed, in the blog there is also a spring’s hidden things, looking at his behind one of you is a very fortunate thing.

I write something completely accord with prose literally, now that I’ve been hearing a song, from the beginning, and then look back, like the wind of freedom, perfect life, experience the beginning of love, sometimes a song may be locked, than in the first you sing or listen to my pain. Tired, I want to realize my value, I want to get rid of the garbage station, but in reality only do dumpster before people live, start doing professional station tomorrow, no garbage.

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