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Adsense network broadcast Ali acquisition of cool disk meter folding network was traffic attacks

1 Alibaba announced the acquisition of cloud storage software incorporated the entire team

cool disk

September 25th news, Alibaba group announced the acquisition of domestic cloud storage software cool disk, to enter the field of personal wireless cloud storage. Cool disk CEO, storm Gu Zhicheng, founder and team will join Alibaba group, I will still be responsible for the cool disk business in. But Ali did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, as well as the relevant details.

it is understood that the cool disk as a cross platform personal cloud storage service providers, on the line in 2010 so far, has 15 million users, of which more than 3 million of mobile end users. 2012, with the rise of the mobile Internet, cool disk strategy focused on mobile devices.

2 Beijing team in the new Sogou soso "marriage" for three months

news September 25th, Tencent shares Sogou part apart from cash, business team into the new Sogou search and the formal introduction of the policy, team will spend three months in the new period of integration Sogou, then select.

according to the internal data show that the search technology department, the Department of the Beijing team into the new Sogou is still the first three months of the identity of the Tencent staff, after two months will be a two-way choice.

three options, 1, signing new Sogou, N+1 compensation, additional enjoy 3 months retention bonuses; 2, the new Sogou choice and the employee does not choose, will return to the Tencent to join the "managed search", still belong to the employees of the Tencent; 3, the new Sogou not to choose, will also be added "hosting search".

at the same time, Shenzhen and Chengdu and other teams to stay in Tencent, will not go to Sogou, but also into the managed search department".

also involved into the new Sogou input method, and ask Wikipedia, Department, the three departments of the staff selection is no "trial period". They only enter Sogou and leave Tencent two choices.

these two choices will get N+1 compensation, if the new Sogou and full year of service, the staff will enjoy an additional 3 months retention bonuses.


3: employees of N+1 Tencent shares Sogou soso search

to form trust compensationSina

technology news September 25th morning news last week, the Tencent shares Sogou burst transaction, the Tencent’s search business search structure and personnel adjustments become inevitable. According to a detailed plan for Sina Technology, part of the whole system will search team into Sogou, employees can receive N+1 basic compensation, while the establishment of hosting search department to solve the remaining issues.

the afternoon of September 16th, Tencent and Sohu announced a stake in Sogou transactions, according to the agreement, the Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, the shareholding ratio close to 40%; in addition to the Tencent original soso search business brand will disappear, in addition to search map map > left in the renamed Tencent Tencent

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