March 10

360 and rising in the end who kill Trojan more professional

      when it comes to domestic antivirus software market, people first thought is rising, not only because of rising is a domestic old brand, the key is through the test of the market, rising has been recognized by the people. Including Norton and a number of foreign antivirus giants can not shake the position rising.

      of course, the market needs to continue to introduce new. Security guards had hit the Qihoo in the market to run out the name of a rogue software was, now has no rogue software, 360 security guards also began to hit "killing Trojans". As everyone knows, in order to completely remove the Trojan horse, must possess the technical ability of the system level, real-time monitoring, network monitoring and active defense, these functions have, in order to kill the Trojan, otherwise it will be neatly around the past. Security guards have this ability?

      days ago, rising security experts warned about nearly 700 thousand kinds of Trojan virus is a threat to the Internet computer, regular anti-virus software to prevent trojan virus computer user must use the domestic and foreign mainstream. In the Trojan raging, still some users have been misled by rumors, no regular anti-virus software, only some small killing Trojan security tools to protect computer security. The past six months, rising customer service center received hundreds of such users for help, but most of the user’s account and other personal information has been stealing trojans.

      Simon said, "there is a wrong view online, Trojans and other computer viruses will be treated differently, actually just a Trojan virus." According to the global security industry past practice, according to the mode of infection, computer virus characteristics, which can be divided into trojan virus, trojan virus, worm virus, but with the development of technology, all kinds of viruses is gradually showing a trend of merging. Especially in recent years, a lot of Trojan viruses also have the characteristics of worms, infectivity is very strong, and some even directly and worms, such as binding, the formation of complex hybrid virus. Only the correct use of mainstream regular anti-virus software to prevent Trojan viruses, these software to have the following three conditions, one is to have a large and comprehensive virus database, such as Rising antivirus software version 2008, killing about 700 thousand kinds of Trojan virus, which is a security tool two is difficult to compare; have extensive and professional new virus monitoring and sample collection system, as well as the new virus rapid reaction ability; the three is to have can completely remove " hybrid Trojan " the underlying core technology.

      obviously, rising shouted "killing 700 thousand" slogan, a look that is aligned to the 360 and come, and it hit his gate! Before, the security guards said: at present most of the anti-virus software or Trojan special tools to kill only

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