March 15

After 80 guy build 30 million vegetable kingdom

now some 80 after they have become the main force of entrepreneurship, the whole society at the same time, they are also a group of relatively many 80 vibrant entrepreneurs, many of whom have extraordinary entrepreneurs and some of the more successful story.

white-collar workers of state enterprises don’t do but to grow vegetables, to sell to raise money for the development of entrepreneurship, frozen industry to kneel…… To commemorate the 95 anniversary of the Hubei youth movement will share 54 ", from Bristol to young entrepreneurs to create their own share of Han tech vegetable kingdom" stories and insights.


tall and skinny, wearing a formal suit shirt, but the skin is dark. Han Gaoke said that the sun is in the field, black spots more healthy. You know Han tech was in the office of the office of the white-collar workers, after graduating from Hubei University of Economics in 2005, when the two white-collar workers in a state-owned enterprise in Wuhan, and then resigned back home business – Xiantao vegetables.

from the "white collar" to "jump black collar", because from the news found business opportunities. In 2005, the Korean tech went to Beijing to study to prepare students from the Renmin University of China, during a news caught his attention: a vegetable vendor to grow their own vegetables sold out, buy vegetables from elsewhere to affix their own trademarks, the result was exposed. Han Gaoke said that although the negative news, but let him see the business opportunities, I want to do one-stop service".

ups and downs

investment of millions of family business, selling

of accounting professional learning of Han Gaoke, he is a complete layman of vegetables. In 2007 just back to business, he went to Shandong to spend 60 thousand yuan to buy Pepper Seeds and fertilizer, but because of rain and snow in 2008, led to the high temperature and humidity, so that No. This is also the Xiantao weather conditions are not suitable for pepper growth, Han said: "hi tech seedsman people told me I could, I also for gospel truth."


kneel to learn the deep processing, ready planted to the national

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