March 15

What books are suitable for women

women want to become smart, it is necessary to read more books to enrich themselves, then, for women to read the book? Today Xiaobian compiled 20 suitable for women to read the book, I hope to love reading female friends help, come and have a look at it.

1. Eileen Chang "fallen" is suitable for women to see the book.

2. Margaret · "lover" by

3. · Colin McCullough; "thorn bird"

4. Haruki Murakami "Norway forest"

5. Junichi Watanabe "Paradise Lost" "man this thing"

6. Qian Zhongshu "Fortress Besieged" (marriage mirror)

7. Laurence, "the rainbow" "love" women in lady Chatterley "s lover

8. Tagore "bird collection" "new moon set" which is suitable for women to read the book.

9. Salinger, "the catcher in the rye

10. Milan · "unbearable lightness of being" in Kundla "slow"

11. · de · Beauvior Simone; "the second sex"

12. · Heidi "Cher; report"

13. for women to read the book as well as Dirk Xu Xu "Little Prince"

14. let me make you happy: Dumas "La Traviata"

15. love philosophy and soul: the "red and black"

16. over love, see the spring bloom: Jane · Austen "Pride and Prejudice"

17. I love you, nothing to do with you: Zweig, "a letter from an unknown woman"

18. it’s like a play: William · Shakespeare "and"

19. love never say sorry: Seagal "love story"

20. mountain over there, your heart broken: Shunji Iwai "love letter"



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