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The Stanley Parable demo A tour through a bizarre wholly unique experi

first_imgThe Stanley Parable started life as a Source mod that was originally released in 2011. The first-person exploration game was such a hit that its developers — Galactic Cafe — gave it an HD remake and filled it with new content. Since the new game recently released amidst Pokémania, you might’ve missed it. You also might have heard very strange things about the game, making you unsure if you wanted to spend time with The Stanley Parable.Considering this and hoping to draw in curious gamers, Galactic Cafe made a separate demo for the game. Rather than being a snippet from the full title, the demo is a completely unique, standalone piece of content. I played the demo, and was so amused that I compiled a tour through the content to let you know what you’re missing.The gallery does include spoilers, so beware, but just seeing different rooms and textures and objects and signs definitely won’t ruin the experience.The Stanley Parable is an extremely meta game, featuring a charming, antagonistic disembodied narrator — similar to Portal’s GLaDOS — that leads you through the game’s often lofty and hilarious messages. The demo itself has its own narrative with its own ending. It’s quite a brilliant way to go about drumming up interest in a game. Rather than spoiling the game’s experience with a brief, detached snippet of the final build’s gameplay, The Stanley Parable demo crafts a new piece of the game for you to play. “If you liked that, you’ll love this,” the demo suggests, reminding you that a much richer experience is only a click away.It’s tough to discuss The Stanley Parable, and though our screenshots don’t spoil the demo (or game) and aren’t in any particular chronological order, things that happen in the demo are surprising. So, if you’re on the fence about giving the game some time, check out the gallery and be convinced.If you’re definitely going to play the demo and game, we suggest two things: play them as soon as possible before the internet can spoil things, and don’t check out our gallery unless you’re extremely brave.Head on over to Steam and pick up the game today. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY sp_demonstrationsp_demonstrationLet the demonstration begin (again).sp_democonstructionBehind the scenes.sp_eightbutton8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8.sp_2chaimbzWhich booth will you immediately run into without thinking twice?sp_despairchamberThe Despair chamber.sp_discoverchamberThe Discovery chamber.sp_thinkaboutmistakesEvery one of them.sp_artSome fine art.sp_complimentsPerhaps the creepiest room in all of video games.sp_complimenttruckContinued creepiness.sp_danceperimeterIt is important that you oblige.sp_performdanceProgression through dance.sp_demoinprogressFinally, a funny video game that isn’t about something being a lie.sp_famousdemosCan you guess the demos and why they’re enshrined on the wall of fame?sp_gravityDoes this mean it won’t be in effect elsewhere?sp_isolationchamberPeace and quiet.sp_screensPossible side-effects from playing the demo.Do you like meA weightier choice than Mass Effect ever offers.sp_emergencyAre you sure you like it?sp_theendThe end?sp_theendthumbThe end???Let the demonstration begin (again).last_img

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