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first_img Batman Loses a Dad Again, Another Ben Affleck Update & More DC Movie NewsSecret Aquaman Role, Wonder Woman’s Throwback Photo, & More DC Movie News Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img The DCEU is in a strange place right now. After the disappointing box office performance of Justice League, Warner Bros. is taking a hard look at its franchise plans. It’s no secret there’s been some restructuring at DC Entertainment while they figure out what the future of their universe is. That is if it even exists. Despite all that, there’s one DC movie that is certainly not in turmoil: Wonder Woman 2, or whatever the sequel ends up being called. The first Wonder Woman is the only unqualified success the DCEU has seen so far. Critics loved it, fans found it inspiring, and it absolutely crushed at the box office. A sequel, with Patty Jenkins returning to direct, seems like the only sure thing DC has in its pocket right now. To hear Jenkins tell it, Wonder Woman’s success didn’t happen by accident. A ton of work went into making the movie as good as it was.Speaking to Vanity Fair, Jenkins talked about the hardest part of the first movie to nail, and what she sees as crucial to replicate for the sequel. Currently in the middle of pre-production, Jenkins said she’s working hard to ensure the tone of the new movie matches that of the first one. That mix of hope, genuine heroism and humor that made Wonder Woman stand out from so many other superhero movies. That balance was hard enough to strike once, and doing it a second time doesn’t sound any easier.“I was obsessed with the tone. It was the hardest thing. Particularly because the story we were talking about could so easily skew another way with any of the chapters,” she said. “You start in a fantasy world of women in costume, and then you go to real life, World War I England . . . and then you end up in the supernatural . . . and then you have a love story. So I brought in all of my [department heads] every week. I would sit and hammer home . . . we have to be so careful that we don’t veer from one movie to another movie, first of all.”The other thing she wanted to make sure of: that Wonder Woman’s costume never felt out of place. “That anywhere that she walks out in a Wonder Woman suit, it just doesn’t look ridiculous,” Jenkins said. When you watch the movie, it’s clear that a lot of effort went into those two things. Despite the wildly different places the story goes, the tone carries through all of it. It feels like one movie, and a very good one at that. She also clearly accomplished her goal with the costume too. With its intricate styling based on classical armor, it looked anything but ridiculous.Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2 Cover (Art: Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval, via DC Comics)Wonder Woman isn’t the only movie that still has a future in the DCEU. Despite news about the project being almost nonexistent, Green Lantern Corps is reportedly still happening. In an interview with IGN, screenwriter David S. Goyer said the film is still in the works.  With the lack of any updates and the uncertainty of the future of the DCEU, some fans have speculated that the project, among other planned DCEU films, was dead. Goyer assures that’s not the case, but he doesn’t have any other concrete updates either. He at least recognizes that the current uncertainty inside the studio has held things up a little bit.When asked when fans could expect some updates, even he couldn’t say for sure. “I don’t know. Who knows, especially with what’s currently going on with the DC universe? There’s obviously a whole recalibration happening with that right now,” he said. That sounds more honest than the typical “wait and see” answer that question gets. With everything going on at Warner Bros. right now, I totally believe that even a writer/director as deeply involved in the DCEU as Goyer is has no idea what’s going on. Hopefully he continues to be right about the Green Lantern Corps movie though. The comics have been a lot of fun lately and the Green Lantern concept deserves a better movie than that Ryan Reynolds… thing from 2011.Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League. (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Warner Bros.)Less certain in the DCEU is the question of who will play Batman in future movies. Rumors that Ben Affleck wanted to exit the series started around last summer’s San Diego Comic Con. Though the actor initially appeared to deny them, he’s since seemed more uncertain about his future in the cowl. Since then, stories that he’s done playing Batman have only increased, sounding more plausible each time. Now that DC is rumored to be resetting the whole universe with Flashpoint, it seems like the perfect time to recast the role if they’re ever going to. Who well play him? Nobody knows for certain yet, but Gary Oldman has an idea.Speaking to TooFab, Oldman floated an idea that sounds… pretty great, actually. “I would like to see someone like Joaquin Phoenix play it,” he said. Yeah, me too. Phoenix is a very good actor, and could probably play both the dramatic loner that is Batman as well as the slightly unstable billionaire that is Bruce Wayne. Oldman went on to clarify that he doesn’t mean this as an insult to Affleck, and that Phoenix (or any one actor) alone wouldn’t make a better Batman movie. “This is no disrespect to Ben Affleck. I think it really depends on who is at the wheel that lifts it,” he said.The person at the wheel is one of the more promising things about the next Batman movie. Matt Reeves is directing The Batman, and he had one of the best movies of last summer with War for the Planet of the Apes. If Affleck doesn’t return, Phoenix and Reeves would probably make a great team. Besides, if you’re going to listen to anyone about who should play the next Batman, Commissioner Gordon isn’t a bad choice.Finally, there’s the much more stable (and better at universe-bulding) section of DC: Television. DC is adding a lot to its already impressive roster of TV shows and not all of them are more Arrowverse shows. Krypton is coming to Syfy later this year, and we got a full trailer for the series this week. It looks pretty great. Watching this, it doesn’t even matter that Superman’s not in it.Fans have been wondering exactly which universe Krypton will take place in. Is it tied to the Arrowverse, meaning we’d follow the family of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman? Or is it in the DCEU continuity, meaning these would be Henry Cavill’s grandparents? Well, the answer is apparently neither. In addition to writing for multiple DCEU movies, David S. Goyer created this series too. He says Krypton will tell its own story, not connected to either of DC’s current continuities. It’s a truly standalone Superman-related series, Tracking Board reports.“It’s almost entirely advantageous,” Goyer said. “It is its own thing, it is an untold story. And because there’s a time travel element, we have a tremendous amount of free reign. Not to mention, not that much is known about Kryptonians in the comic books. It’s all advantageous.”The show’s time travel elements, and the fact that it’s not connected to either established universe, will allow it to tell it’s own story. It sounds like they’re not necessarily worrying about linking it up to any existing continuity. Per Slashfilm, Goyer said, “Since you can tell time travel is involved, what that means is history can be changed. What happens in this show could be very different than the backstory that most people know.”It’s setting of 200 years before Superman’s birth also means it can use characters that are off limits to other DC TV shows. Remember how Arrow can no longer use Deadshot or Deathstroke? Krypton won’t have to worry about limitations like that. Goyer says Doomsday is just going to be in the series. “He emerged on Krypton long before he came to Earth. The Phantom Zone figures in, so we can deal with other times and places eventually. It’s not just going to be set on Krypton,” he said. Well, this series just got much more exciting.last_img

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