March 19

Xinhua insurance to help customers recover and then start a warm heart policy greatly praised

buy insurance is a guarantee, but want to create a better living environment, but also need to venture. Therefore, the Xinhua insurance and then a new policy to help customers recover and then start a business, this is a great entrepreneur.

"Xinhua Insurance complete disability evaluation standard for the industry the new maximum amount of disability compensation case embodies adhering to the" customer-centric "business philosophy of insurance enterprises, actively responsible claims, to help customers to return to the good life, and ultimately selected annual impact ten claims.

  Hunan customer Lee in the Xinhua insurance company has two insured "Xianghe million endowment insurance (participating)" and "additional accident insurance". By the end of 2014, he rolled his right leg due to vehicle accidents, the right thigh above knee amputation, constitute five disabled.

Xinhua insurance claims payments to the payment of 3 million 24 thousand yuan according to the new edition of "personal insurance disability evaluation standard", the amount of compensation is 10% higher compared to the old standard, since the implementation of new standards of insurance industry has become the largest amount of disability compensation, is also "Chinese Insurance News" named the "2015 China Insurance (life insurance) annual impact ten claims".



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