November 18

Makarska Tourist Board: log every visitor to the eVisitor system

first_imgGiven that in the current period, while the corona virus epidemic reigns, a large number of people have decided to spend a period of isolation in their cottages and holiday homes, not counting how they can endanger and disrupt the entire system, it is necessary to keep records infection or self-isolation of individuals, inform the relevant institutions. The Tourist Board of the city of Makarska has published on its official website an invitation and appeal to the owners of holiday homes and apartments, but also for all citizens, to report all new visitors due to records of human movements and the danger of coronavirus spread: “Based on the instructions of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Split-Dalmatia County, and with the aim of preventing further spread of the corona virus epidemic in the Split-Dalmatia County, we inform you that all visitors staying or planning to stay in apartments, houses or holiday apartments in our tourist area community, to be required to register in the eVisitor system, because it is a legal obligation that is especially important in this period, due to the need to record the movement of people and take appropriate measures. Source: Makarska Tourist Board Therefore, we appeal to all citizens to report any information, ie justified suspicion, about citizens who evidently do not comply with certain prescribed health surveillance measures or citizens who have recently crossed the state border and are not under health surveillance to the competent police. stations or call the Coronavirus Call Center at 113 ″, is on the website of the Tourist Board of the city of Makarska.last_img

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