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Qinghai province Da Ji Huang canal project environmental impact evaluation of public participation i

is one of the leading west channel big economic backbone project Huangshui, its construction is mainly for the city of Xining (National) DL-DOPA Gan River Industrial Park and Huangzhong County town economic and Technological Development Zone, industrial water, agricultural irrigation both parts of Datong County, Huang Zhongxian. According to the requirements of the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment of construction projects, the bureau is hereby publicized as follows.

a brief introduction to the construction project

Qinghai provincial yindajihuang West Canal Project (hereinafter referred to as the "West Canal Project") is the task of water supply and irrigation, and create conditions for the local people out of poverty. Engineering control irrigation area of 300 thousand and 500 acres, of which irrigated area of 250 thousand and 600 acres of farmland, woodland irrigation area of 49 thousand and 900 acres. The total water supply of the west main canal is 183 million 560 thousand m3, of which the industrial water demand is m3, and the irrigation water volume is 78 million m3 () (P=75%). The total investment of 4 billion 444 million 109 thousand and 400 yuan, is expected to start construction in 2015, completed in 2020.

west main canal project is located in the Huangshui River Basin, the north shore of Huangshui River in Henan, the overall project in North, South, north of Datong County of Heiquan reservoir, Gan River Industrial Park to the south end of Huangzhong county. The geographical location is between 101º and 06 (101º); the ” ‘,’ 36º ‘; (37º); between the’ ‘and’ 14′. Located in the west main canal anterior treasure of the right bank of the river, the middle and North Beichuan Huangshui River west of the hilly area, after the section belongs to the Huangshui River South bank. The canal line via Datong County and Huangzhong county two treasure Castle Township, township, township, town, forest green forest roots Township, township, bliss, Xie Gou Xiang Liang Jiao Xiang, the new urban and rural areas, Huang Zhen, five, Zhuang Zhen LAN Long Kou Zhen, Lassa township.

The main content of the construction of west channel

projects include: a trunk, 29 branch and field supporting engineering. Trunk length 131.16km, the culvert length is 10.94km, accounting for 8.34% of the total length of the canal line tunnel; 55, a total length of 80.33km, accounting for 61.24% of the total length of the canal line aqueduct; 49, a total length of 12.63km, accounting for 9.63% of the total length of the canal line; inverted siphon 6, length of 27.304km, accounting for 20.82% of the total length of the canal line; other buildings 106 branch 29, total length; 280.87km; branch building: open channel length 199.61km, inverted siphon 2 seat, 2 seat seat 15 aqueduct tunnel, bridge 315, car seat, sluice 29, Doumen 3566, drainage bridge 1, drainage culverts 30.

two, project construction unit name and contact information

construction unit: Qinghai provincial yindajihuang Project Management Bureau

address: No. 18 Kunlun Road,

, Xining

Tel: 137097296;

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