March 19

Xining City West District innovation work strong base

The West District of Xining city

"construction closely and comprehensively deepen reforms together, proposed the implementation of the third industry service center project construction, the west area tourism service center, city green road landscape to enhance the implementation of a series of new ideas and new measures. The reform and innovation, pioneered the work become west area catch "Three Basics" and "strong, vivid practice to promote development and improve people’s livelihood.

built the province’s first social organization incubator base

West District in accordance with the central government, Xining Province, to strengthen social construction, innovation and social management system requirements, on the basis of foreign advanced experience and successful models, in the area of Hai Yan Road community established the province’s first social organization incubators. This is an important contribution to the development of the western district to support the development of social organizations, but also one of the important initiatives of the Western District of social organization and management system reform and innovation. At present, there are 13 social organizations, such as community social work station, old age association, healthy hut, charity charity supermarket and so on.

takes the lead in the implementation of social pension insurance for landless peasants

with the city to speed up the process and the rapid development of economic construction, the west area of landless peasants old-age security problem more and more, to solve this part of the farmers, West District will landless farmers social security work included in the project for the tangible things, matching funds 85 million yuan, the first in the province to implement the rural social endowment insurance. To solve the long-term livelihood of farmers by land acquisition problems fundamentally. Today, the area of 60 years of age or more insured farmers can receive a monthly payment of $450.61 insurance.

disabled entrepreneurs to open the door of happiness

recently, the West District Disabled Employment convenience service Street officially inaugurated. Pavement free for disabled people, 20 people with disabilities will be here with wisdom and hands to create a happy life, to realize their dreams. The disabled Sister Zhang to shoes for a living. In the past, Zhang sister is put on the street stalls do business, encountered rainy days, she had to stay at home. Now is not the same, after moving to the convenience of Employment Service Street, Zhang sister has its own shop, no longer afraid of the wind and rain.

electronic monitoring platform for the safety escort tongue

West District to build food and drug electronic monitoring platform to create a sunny kitchen, improve the supervision of various types of drug special inspection to ensure that the region’s food and drug safety supervision has been strengthened. Food and drug safety supervision platform is the Western District food and Drug Administration in the comprehensive deepening of reform in an innovative work. At present, the region’s 50 large and medium-sized catering service units, schools have set up nurseries canteen.


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