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Do you need guidance or information of a particular topic?

first_imgDo you need guidance or information of a particular topic?On 1 Nov 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Perhaps you want to research a new area, or need advice on a specific HRissue. Other readers may be able to help. Exchange is a new column that HRprofessionals can use to ask for advice, share best practice or set up aninformal network. Readers interested in using this service should e-mail [email protected] withtheir messages. Contemplating staff cuts? DBM experts counsel organisations to avoid a piecemeal approach whenthinking about staff cuts. A single, well-planned reduction in force is farpreferable to successive small layoffs, which prolong organisational turmoil.Likewise, voluntary programmes are less likely than dismissals to generatenegative backlash. To find out how to design incentives for voluntaryprogrammes and set objective criteria for eliminating jobs, visit in Asia Pacific Bridge, a US-based consultancy specialising in HR issues in Asia, isoffering a free, 30-minute phone consultation with its president Ames Gross, onany issue relating to HR in Asia. Questions you may want to ask could include: – What are the benefits and drawbacks to hiring a Taiwanese manager for yourmainland China operation? – What are the legally required and industry standard severance packagerequirements in Japan? – What kind of compensation package should I offer a “returnee”candidate? Do most returnees expect expat-type benefits? To arrange for a free phone consultation, e-mail Shawna Lepage ([email protected]) andindicate your availability. The offer ends on 31 October. Theatrical techniques Using theatre to explore diversity issues is just one area of expertiseoffered by MaST International, a training and development consultancy, Expertadvice is also available on: – Communication – Diversity (using theatre techniques) – Employee development – HR legal issues, such as employment tribunals – Strategic influencing – Leadership – Virtual teams – Change management/teambuilding – Stress management – Talent management For further details e-mail Simon Hepburn at [email protected]last_img

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