May 12

Council thinks laterally to attract new blood

first_imgCouncil thinks laterally to attract new bloodOn 26 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Hull City Council has tackled the national shortage of social workers byrecruiting a pool of new recruits directly from local colleges anduniversities. Grow Your Own, a partnership between Hull’s social services, universities,colleges and the voluntary sector, has established a small group of newlyqualified social workers who are given full-time contracts and are ready tostep into posts as they become vacant. They work in other associated roles forthe council or in the voluntary sector on full salary until they can begin workas social workers. The scheme, which has been running since 1998, has preventeddelays in filling vacant posts, which can last up to six months. Margaret Dennison, assistant director of childcare and families at Kingstonupon Hull City Council, said, “We can use the scheme’s flexibility todeploy people we have already recruited. It allows for the peaks and troughs instaffing.” Council social workers give students advice on the profession during arecruitment fair which is now in its second year. Dennison continued,”Social care has not got the extra money the Government is pumping intoteaching and nursing, so we have to be especially creative about attracting newblood.” Director of Social Services at Hull City Council, Jan Didrichsen, believesthe scheme is successful because it recruits local people who are more likelyto stay with the council. “We have been very successful in filling socialworker vacancies.” last_img

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