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Put equal rights issues under one umbrella

first_imgPut equal rights issues under one umbrellaOn 14 Mar 2000 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. There is not much which angers me more when trying to do my job thanbureaucracy and the wasted effort that so often accompanies it. In the past fewyears we in the personnel department have suffered from a huge amount ofbureaucracy generated domestically and by Brussels. However, there is anotherform of that same disease which seems to be afflicting us and which iscontagious in the extreme. I refer to the proliferation of agencies – officialand unofficial, quangos and voluntary groups – set up to support and focus ourattention on equal opportunities. At the last count there was more than 40.This may be dangerous territory, akin to challenging motherhood and applepie, but my objective in raising the topic is not to draw attention away fromthe issues but rather the opposite. I think the multi-faceted aspects of equalopportunities are currently being badly served by the very fragmentation whichbesets the subject.Even a well-resourced personnel department in a large or medium-sizedenterprise that wants to keep up-to-date with all the legislation, codes ofconduct and best practice in equal opportunities will find extreme difficultyin doing so faced with the constant barrage of letters, training courses, up-dates,guidance notes, etc. Each claims priority, argues a perfectly reasoned case asto why organisations should take the particular issue seriously and why itshould engage the support of line managers and employees in putting theappropriate policy into action. And if large or medium-sized organisations arehaving problems coping how does the small business manage?I pity the organisation, typically a small business, operating without apersonnel officer but receiving a barrage of information daily on the wholerange of equal opportunities topics. Who do you turn to for unbiased, free, andreadily available advice on how to navigate a safe way through all therequirements? Is it beyond the wit of man to combine all equal opportunitiesissues under one broad agency?I am reminded of the cautionary tale of the Federation of Small Businesseswhich, faced with the huge welter of legislation of the past two years, askedfor some modest relief by asking the Government for a single inspectorate todeal with all the regulations on health, safety, fire and environment. Thereply by the agencies was a classic: “No one person could possibly masterso many rules” …except presumably the small business man or womandesperately struggling to make sense of them all and run a profitable businessat the same time.I recognise that lots of independent agencies, lobby groups and supportgroups would not wish to be limited by being under such an umbrellaorganisation but as the various aspects of equal opportunities become enshrinedin the law, surely there is a case for bringing them together in some moremanageable way.By Mike Judge Personnel director ofPeugeotlast_img

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