March 21

Enterprises to absorb college graduates enjoy job subsidies and social security subsidies

Reporters learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, enterprises to absorb the employment of college graduates enjoy post subsidies and social security subsidies have relevant provisions.

can enjoy the subsidy policy of college graduates: the provincial colleges and universities employment of graduates; colleges outside the province from reviving unemployed graduates. Enjoy the policy of subsidies to the enterprise units: in Qinghai province engaged in production and operation or registration of various types of enterprises and units, as well as to absorb the employment of college graduates in Qinghai provincial enterprises and units in the green.

post subsidy standards for enterprises (units) new jobs to absorb a college graduate every year, and signed a labor contract for more than a year, 200 yuan per person per month subsidy. The standard of social security subsidies shall be calculated according to the basic pension, basic medical care and unemployment insurance premium paid by the unit. Private enterprises and non-public units to determine the duration of the labor contract signed according to the contract, the longest no more than 3 years, the state owned enterprise subsidy period of not more than two years. State owned enterprises to absorb pure farmers and herdsmen and the difficulties of urban families of college graduates, social insurance subsidies can be extended to 3 years. (author: Mo Qing)


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