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System change point Street offices will disappear in the Eastern District of Xining City

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revoked Street Party Working Committee and the office of the streets, the establishment of Community Party committee and the community public service center, "City District Street Community" four level management "City District Community" three levels of management, implementation of management system is flat. From January this year onwards in the East District of Xining leather city community service system reform pilot work plan at the end of September basically completed. This means that, soon, the street office will disappear in the territory of the East district.

in recent years, the east area of rapid population growth, coupled with the influx of floating population, poverty population, city infrastructure is lagging behind, put forward the new request to the city grassroots social management and service mechanism and system reform. In order to further transform government functions, improve the community public management and service level, East District will reduce the administrative levels, in accordance with the ", about 2-3 million people 15 minutes service circle" service standards, re integration of community size settings, set up 12 new community public service center (not including the rural household registration system reform after the establishment of the community), its location is east district government extends to the integrated service platform of community residents directly facing the masses. The implementation of a community set up a number of neighborhood committees, that is, one community and more community model.

it is understood that the East District of city community service system reform pilot work of the implementation of a commission, two center, habitat, community structure, the establishment of Community Party committee, community work center, community public service center. The original street party committee functions to adjust to the community Party committee, the government’s public service functions to the community public service center, and is equipped with community grid administrators, the establishment of community work objectives management assessment system.

at present, the East District urban community service system reform preparatory work is ready. The new community Party committee, community public service center to the end of August formally run. (author: Sheng Nan)

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