April 2

Security tips 51 travel note

with "51" the arrival of a small holiday, in the downtown area of long distance driving, shopping and play vehicles has increased significantly, of which the urban tourist attractions, business district and the train station, highway passenger stations, toll stations and other surrounding areas will be in holiday traffic saturation, facing the huge traffic pressure, in order to facilitate the public I enjoy travel, safe travel, the city traffic police department issued safety tips, to the public choice of travel mode, travel guide all key note.

12 types of traffic violations will be thoroughly investigated

April 29th, reporters from the city traffic police detachment was informed that the "51", for the prevention of traffic accidents, the city will be a thorough investigation of drunk driving and drug driving, involving brand of card (including the "deck", deliberately obscured, defaced, not required to install the license plate, without a license plate, etc.). Overload, driving without a license, the red light, occupying the emergency lane, not comity zebra, illegal transportation of hazardous chemicals, vehicle inspection, scrap cars on the road such as the "twelve" road traffic safety violations.

passenger train ban three below mountain road

it is understood that, in order to ensure the smooth flow of road traffic safety at night during the holidays, the city will strictly implement the long-distance bus outage into the service area to rest at 2 pm to 5 pm, passenger bus, tourist charter provisions prohibited night following three mountain road. And this will be included in the law enforcement focus during the holiday season, strengthen the inspection, severely punished violators.

dangerous goods transport vehicles to install emergency shut-off device

it is understood that, in order to strengthen the road transport of dangerous goods management and control efforts, the city will prosecute the transport of dangerous goods vehicles do not meet the safety conditions, overloading, speeding and illegal activities such as driving line, to prevent the occurrence of hazardous chemicals leakage, explosion caused by accidents qunsiqunshang. The emergency shutdown device for failing to install, will inform the transport department canceled the road transport permits, and resolutely outage and supervision in place, which means that all dangerous goods transport vehicles to install emergency shut-off device.

focus on vehicles will be thorough investigation of the passing mark

according to the traffic police department, recently, during the festival, in the future there is not found in line with the vehicle safety technical standards, illegal modification, will not be issued a certificate of inspection. For 3 consecutive periods of failure to obtain inspection marks of the operating vehicles, shall be forced to scrap, and copied to the transport sector.

51 which sections prone to congestion

it is understood that, in order to avoid the occurrence of congestion phenomenon during the festival at the intersection, prone to congestion toll station entrance, viaduct, tunnel mouth bottleneck Road, the traffic police department will deploy more police to guide;

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