August 30

The site is down right after the analysis of the reasons is the key


three, which makes the website easy to fall right

website right down, most of the webmaster all know, the number of reasons in numerous ever. Like a machine, if the lack of a rose nail machine will cause paralysis. Therefore, the author summarizes the following.

for the site right down, which is why analysis is right down is very important, if you do not even know why will be right down, so to find a solution is more difficult, perhaps many webmaster may resolve by fish in troubled waters right down, but this is more luck. Only to find myself why web site is down right, make yourself easy to know why down the right, a natural solution can be found right down to the. Is the so-called because there is only the fruit, not because of where you can do? You really only know why the site is down right, such as the reason to modify their own right down when it is easier and more rapid recovery. So, what did not drop right, some websites do not know why is right down is the most critical. read more

August 30

Zhang Fangwen Shanghai dragon user search habits and artificial intelligence search

of this technology is not complicated, mainly to read the user’s browser cookis files, if users often love Shanghai search the same key words, we can think of the user demand for the product or service? The love of Shanghai alliance will be targeted to display this content to the user, but also as long as there is love Shanghai each hanging advertising website will be displayed.

because I am in the optimization of a "second-hand woodworking machinery" of the enterprise website recently, so often in Shanghai second-hand woodworking machinery to detect the search keywords website ranking, I also love some music site, listen to music, but I found love Shanghai Wangmeng interesting products, this is also very good the embodiment of our today to say "user search habits and artificial intelligence search, so give us a few pictures. read more

August 28

Enterprise how to choose the Shanghai dragon talent quality

for Shanghai Dragon technology, in fact, knowledgeable people know: not only veteran Shanghai dragon master. Shanghai dragon like a soldier, although as many know the theory and skill, but a veteran in battle down veterans and recruits is not the same, why? Because rely on the experience, rely on the practice. In Shanghai dragon circles inside a lot of theory to practice it is no use, it is the right time theory used in some of the site may be wrong, a lot of wrong theory in a lot of time together with the effect is also good, such as the collection of articles, many people say that the acquisition is not good, but I do not collect really practical! Creating a website collecting thousands of traffic, and has been very stable for more than 2 years. Therefore we should judge from their experience and experience, rather than his theoretical knowledge of how rich! Theory are nonsense, only a veteran in battle veterans is a real warrior. read more

August 28

Case analysis of long tail secret

navigation layout a long tail: Kunshan second-hand housing rental, Kunshan.

layout of the long tail

home page layout of the main key words: Kunshan real estate and real estate in Kunshan.


can I rent a specific reference to the arrangement of the home page. I will talk to you about how to improve the list page ranking.

two: Kunshan long tail layout area + + + + Kunshan second-hand housing, housing area.

, he set up two level directory, this structure will be more clearly. And after the exchange Links easy to change. But many can not be achieved because of technical reasons don’t. But many level key home many times is a list of pages, which will greatly increase the difficulty of optimization. read more

August 27

How to carry out the website title and description set to rank quickly

What is

(4), must take the attractive words on the inside, such as address and phone number on the inside here only for example, can according to their own requirements to set.

The < >

1, description and title in different places?

(1), the home page, the page directory keywords, and we are an important keyword directory page, landing page, keywords theme is to write descriptions of the page.

(3), must take place keywords to more forward position in the description of which.

3, describe the correct setting. A well written description is an important factor in determining the user clicks, a good description can increase the user clicks. read more

August 27

Love Shanghai webmaster tools search keyword query is not so worth the wait

This is the 51la

so this is a reference to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official content:


with love >

try not to look very simple, love Shanghai statistics interface really upset, but Zhuge Nobel should recommend cnzz or statistical analysis of the Tencent to everyone, but the space is too slow. Otherwise, blogs are not open, with two statistical software is enough. So we all knew what comparative statistical tools easy to use it, Zhuge Nobel also had before this article, search out, or search engine is read more

August 12

Analysis of the influence of search engine access to the website network

The author of the effect


has a significant impact on

independent blog site in Shanghai and Google are included within the normal, love Shanghai spider access cycle for 12 hours, the new articles included cycle in 12 hours. Love Shanghai included in site 28, Google site included number 135. Love the sea main keywords ranking fifth page first, site website in the first place. The website in Shanghai love statistics background show that in 2010 March a total of 4 time Shanghai love included were 19, 17, 21, 21. In 2011 March, the official website to stop, and cancel the binding domain, all your pages to return to the 404 error, analog network interruption, the situation off the site. read more

August 12

Discussion on several common errors in the novice optimization

four, internal links

five, external links

novice website keyword, not natural, deliberately will be piled up in order to improve the website keyword density of key words, this approach is the black hat Shanghai dragon behavior, and ultimately escape the ban of search engine. So new friends in the arrangement of keywords do not accumulate, nature will keep the keyword density in about 2%~8% can.

we all know the importance of the chain, so the novice is a lot of to increase the chain, but not a steady increase from time to time, we often say a steady increase in optimizing the chain to quantitative timing, not today, not tomorrow. At the same time we released correlation site in the chain, so the quality of the chain is relatively high. read more

August 12

Do some basic points of website promotion

entry is a shallow, but relatively deep industry expertise, deep things he is not you as long as you work hard, can learn to learn. He needs not only to tell the brain as well as the flexibility of rotation. Want to do a relatively deep Shanghai dragon er you need to charge. Because the Internet is a changing industry, which requires the development and change of Shanghai Longfeng Er to fully understand and study of the internet. In order to do website promotion. The following is a summary of how to do the mission of Baoding Zhili several points of website promotion: read more

August 12

How do the QQ group marketing website construction

?We all know that

1, QQ learned to bypass into marketing. Join the group of others, you need to keep others QQ group rules, some QQ for advertising hit very badly, which has its own management personnel, these people’s purpose is to restrict the workers to play hard advertising. Therefore, this requires us to establish their own QQ group or a management group inside, so that in the limit of a lot less. In the process of group member interaction, can be appropriate to talk about their love topic or marketing topics, can also set clear marketing group name card name. In the group interaction process, with the group of people more and more, it will gradually form a good marketing platform, and make use of induction, advertising or marketing to insert soft inside. read more