January 14

District #13 Gives Rep. Saah Joseph High Honors

first_imgOne of Liberia’s humanitarians and political standouts of District #13, Saah Joseph, has received global and national accolades and recognitions for his tremendous work during the Ebola outbreak that left thousands dead. He invested his entire time and resources to help drive back the attack of the Ebola scourge that was finally eradicated due to his, the government and its partners’ efforts.Though he worked tirelessly without wanting anything in return but to see his nation back to normal, nothing exceptional has been done as a way of paying homage to him for a job well done – until recently.Known as the “Ebola hero” or “Representative without borders” because of the way he and his team fearlessly ventured into every community in search of Ebola victims, Joseph however began his outstanding humanitarian initiatives within his district way before Ebola.That was until Sunday April 31, when he was finally given the recognition deserved, considering he has never asked for it but worked hard for it in his district.where his leadership style, especially during the crisis, which has ignited a call for him to seek a senatorial position when the time comes.This recognition came by the way of a women’s group, the Selehaja Women’s Group and Savings Club. The Club is comprised of vibrant young business women from the Mandingo ethnic group.The “Representative without borders” was honored by the group on Sunday at a well organized program in District#13 for being a savior, not just for them, but the entire country during the height of the Ebola crisis.The occasion was also attended by hundreds of residents including youths, women, men and the elderly. Also present were some stalwarts of the Coalition for Democratic Change, headed by Chairman Nathaniel McGill. Rep. Joseph is a member of the CDC.The women were glad to honor one of their own. “It is a great day to be honoring one of our own who stood with us during one of the most difficult periods in our country’s history,” the group leader, Hadja Konneh said,adding that there were several reasons Why Rep. Joseph was being honored as a true leader and humanitarian.“You made us proud during the crisis because you were the only hope for many Liberians when the virus was raging. “When Liberians were looking up for leadership when none was coming from the central government, you rose up and brought some relief,” she said.During the height of the crisis, Liberians were dying and there was no hope coming from anywhere. “You exhibited true leadership and brought relief to your people,” the group leader said.In a country where public services had virtually collapsed, there were a little over a dozen or less ambulances normally available for the country’s four million population, saving an Ebola patient often came down to phoning a politician with a true humanitarian heart.It is not the Ebola effort that shows Rep. Joseph’s true leadership qualities, she said, adding that the Lawmaker has been highly involved in the empowerment of women, youths and many other residents in the district. “Thousands of young people are being empowered by you. You have also contributed immensely to the development of women here by the markets you constructed for us and many more initiatives,” she said. Rep. Joseph supports thousands of young people at various vocational training institutions in the district.Many of the youth are gaining technical skills at many of the vocational institutions in Monrovia at the expense of the generous Lawmaker, she said.“We have done a lot here in our district and we are poised to do more. We have markets that we can boast about; we have institutions that our young people can attend in spite of lack of funds.“We have 530 young people currently enrolled at the Monrovia Vocational and technical College (MVTC). We have an additional 1800 at the Vision Vocational School,” he said.In response, Rep. Joseph said that he is not worried about his reelection at the polls in October because his works will speak for him.“I want to thank those who organized this program to honor me. This is a clear indication that we have a very good relationship in our district.”He said the honor will also encourage him to do more not just in his district but in Liberia and the world as large.He also lauded the CDC which he said is making him the kind of Representative he is today. “The CDC, along with my people of this district, worked very hard in 2011 which led to my election as Representative.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more