October 24

On Alert: Birds of Prey

first_imgBirds. We see them flapping about everyday in every sky we look up at. We eat them, we photograph them, and we watch them relentlessly. But most of us have no knowledge of birds or how they impact our own lives.Recently I took a trip to The Center for Birds of Prey outside Charleston, South Carolina and got schooled on all sorts of amazing fowl. After learning more about their eagles, falcons, vultures, hawks and owls, I had a private tour of their bird hospital and their oil spill rescue area (yet to be used, but sadly we know the day will come. And yes, they use Dawn!). A highlight was their Owl Wood area where I saw more owls than I knew existed.I learned that most people have no idea how to help an injured bird, and oftentimes cause more harm than good. I decided to speak to the Director of Education, Stephen Schabel to learn more about what we can do to help instead of hinder our bird populations around the country.What is your background?Essentially I have always loved birds and being outside. I started as a biology major then got my degree in education but didn’t want to teach in the usual way. I then got my masters in Environmental Policy and came here in 2003. Here at the center we take science to normal people and help them use that information in the way we behave, construct policy, and vote. Turns out I really love working with these animals. I never thought ‘Zookeeper’ would be part of my job! It’s awesome and has a good mission behind it and it resonates with a lot of people.Why should we pay attention to birds?That is one of the topics most discussed here. What we know is that birds are an indicator out there.Examples:Lead toxicity is a big one. I thought lead was gone after lead paint and lead gas. And how many people hunting know they are putting animals and themselves in danger by using lead bullets? The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now Become a Tiki Garnish Master With These 6 Expert Tips How to Properly Polish Your Own Shoes The Best Men’s Heritage Outdoor Apparel for Cool Weather last_img read more