May 3


first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE that Supit Ying MossI wanted an opportunity to respond to an article in last Saturday morning Courier and Press that reported on an incident that allegedly accused her husband,  Dr. Richard Moss, of misdemeanor battery 23 years ago and she has just responded to set the record straight.IS IT TRUE she acknowledges they have had a few marital spat, over the years but at no time were there any physical contact between her and her husband? …she also states that there were no battery occurred then or at any time during her time together with her husband?  …we just posted a copy of Mrs. Supit Ying MossI  letter she sent to the Evansville Courier and Press and also posted it in the CCO with her permission?  …we  posted Supit Ying MossI letter without opinion, bias or editing?IS IT TRUE the Evansville Courier & Press editor announced over the weekend, the Courier will host a debate between Cheryl Musgrave and her opponents competing for the Vanderburgh County Commissioner seat in the Republican primary?  …the debate will be held Wednesday April 27, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Browning Room in Central Library?  …you can bet that the real Mayor of Evansville Carol McClintock and her husband hand picked candidate Alex Schmitt will be primed and ready to go to answer the debate questions?IS IT TRUE we can’t wait to see  how Mr. Schmitt will explain to those attending this debate why his present financial problems and his unemployment status qualifies him to serve on the  Vanderburgh County Commission?  …we would also like to know if Mr. Schmitt ever had similar issues when he lived in other cities?IS IT TRUE if “First Lady” McClintock and Mayor Winnecke’s hand picked candidate Alex Schmitt wins the Vanderburgh County Commission primary race people are  saying that they will officially take political control of Evansville and Vanderburgh County alike?  …In essence if this happens we will have a consolidated government? IS IT TRUE a recent switch for a retirement program from Nationwide to Voya-Wells Fargo has upset some County employees?  …at yesterdays County Commission meeting  some County employees say they don’t  want their plan to change,?  …some county employees attending this meeting alleges  that there may be a conflict of interest on behalf of County Commissioner Joe Kiefer’s  because his son is one of the brokers listed  on this retirement deal thats now handled by Voya-Wells?  …its alleged  that Commissioner  Joe Kiefer son is set to receive an undisclosed amount of commission from this deal? IS IT TRUE that  County Commissioner President Bruce Ungethiem said county officials are examining the deal to see if it can be stopped?  … County Recorder Z Tuley asked for the commissioners to stop the change?  …Jim Ethridge, a retired deputy prosecutor, spoke on why he feels why the deal was mishandled by commissioners.?  … Mr. Ethridge statement that Commissioner son is making money off this deal,”  was spot on?IS IT TRUE that former Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Jim Ethridge charged that Commissioner Joe Kiefer son Joe Kiefer II is an employee at Wells Fargo and was one of two brokers who closed the deal?   …Commissioner Kiefer did abstained from all votes and public discussion related to this retirement plan?  … that Mr Ethridge also stated “Just because you abstained does not mean you don’t have a conflict of interest?    …this is a developing story?IS IT TRUE our announcement that Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding was selected the third 2016 CCO  “Community Achievement  Award” winner got the attention of our many thousands of CCO readers?  …the article on Sheriff Wedding was viewed by a whooping 6,760 CCO Facebook readers and 1,719 on line CCO readers?  …it looks like we made an outstanding  choice in selecting Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding as one of our 2016 “Community Achievement Award” winners”?FOOTNOTE:  Our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Friday?Please take time and read our newest feature article entitled “HOT JOBS” posted in this section are from Evansville proper.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] “Readers Poll” question is: How would you rank Governor Pence job performance over the last several years?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

March 2

Watch Umphrey’s McGee’s Joel Cummins Join Spafford At Electric Forest [Videos]

first_imgSpafford | Electric Forest | 6/25/17 | Photos by Patrick Hughes Electric Forest wrapped up its first weekend in Rothbury, Michigan, yesterday, keeping on with the trend that the festival continually outdoes itself. The diverse lineup welcomes fans of all types to gather in celebration of music and also allows for a number of awesome sit-ins and collaborations to take place across the festival’s course. On Sunday night, up-and-coming jam band Spafford amplified The Observatory with their improv-driven, seven-song set. Toward the end of Spafford’s set, Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins joined in on the fun for fan-favorite “All In.” Spafford and Umphrey’s have shared the stage before, as Umphrey’s tapped Spafford to support they’re extensive tour earlier in the year. You can watch most of Spafford’s set in the live-feed video below:Here’s a close up of the collaboration, by Jeremy Bullard:Setlist: Spafford | Electric Forest | Rothbury, Michigan | 6/25/17Set: Electric Taco Stand > Dis Go In 5? > Electric Taco Stand, People, All In [ 1 ], Mind’s Unchained, Backdoor Funk[ 1 ]: With Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGeeDon’t miss Spafford’s late-night Baker’s Dozen show at B.B. King’s in NYC immediately following Phish on 8/5. Limited tickets available here. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

January 26

Saint Mary’s community hosts Madrigal dinner

first_imgCourtesy of Mary Firtl Saint Mary’s students perform in the annual Madrigals production.Though the event is entertaining, it also serves the higher purpose of fundraising.“The proceeds from the events actually goes to the women’s choir to help fund their women’s choir tour that they do every other year,” Baxter said.All of the departments’ work hard to benefit the women’s choir.“The women’s choir starts working in September. They start rehearsing the pieces, and then we start working from October on,” Baxter said.The Saint Mary’s event differs from other versions of Madrigal dinners.“It’s a really unusual and unique kind of event,” Baxter said.Baxter said that Saint Mary’s communications professor Susan Baxter has developed two scripts for the dinner after Nancy Menk said “that she wanted the performance to be a little more reverent.”Before Susan Baxter’s scripts, the storytelling for the event was secondary, Richard Baxter said.“Over the years [Madrigals] has involved into a presentation that is centered on a story and then it has songs that the choir signs and the choir kind of moves the action along,” he said.The scripts follow one traditional family living in Renaissance England.“Susan wrote the first script where the daughter falls in love with one of the kitchen people, and of course there is an issue with their social status, and the master of the house did not want them to be married, but eventually, they are married in secret. That’s part A,” Richard Baxter said. “Part B is what we are doing now, where the daughter and the husband have moved away and you see the master and the mistress and the jester coping with the master’s dip in faith.”In the past, the love story was performed, but this year, the play being performed is the one after the daughter and husband move away.Like all Christmas stories, Baxter said it has a happy ending.“The story she has put in is really a story of faith, and how he recovers his faith and how the Christmas message is rediscovered and enjoyed,” he said.Though the story has become an important part of the dinner, there are still many other features.“The evening involves a lot of sacred music,” Baxter said. “They have a trumpet fanfare, and they have jugglers. That is all part of the festivity with the intent being that you are in a medieval hall prior to Christmas time. … The dance department puts on the dances, and the ancient music ensemble from Anderson University comes down and plays the music.”All of the work that goes into the production pays off with the reaction and dedication of the audience.“There is a family that has been coming every year for the last four years, and they bring their children,” Baxter said. “They pulled me aside two years ago, and they said, ‘As far as we are concerned, Christmas doesn’t begin until we come to this event.’”Baxter said he enjoys watching people come to the event.“Watching people come in out of the cold, hang their coats up, sit down and be transported back to the middle ages. That’s my favorite part,” he said.Tags: christmas, Christmas Madrigal, Madrigal Dinner Every late November, the lobby of Regina North is transformed back in time. People from departments across campus including the costume shop, the dance department, dining services, the set shop, the music department and the Office of Campus and Community events join together to create a night of music, magic and storytelling through the Madrigal dinner.Attendees are transported back in time to the Renaissance period for a night of dancing signing and holiday cheer.“This office has always helped to do the logistics of the event in addition to selling the tickets and managing how the event operates,” Richard Baxter, the director of campus and community events, said.last_img read more

December 18

Celebrate summer and the credit union difference with #CUVacay!

first_img 11SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Summer is still here. And, for many American families, there’s still time to celebrate it as we all inch closer to the 2017-18 school year. Whether it’s enjoying a few days of fun in the sun, a back yard cookout, a long weekend away or something else, many of us will be hitting the road to spend time with friends and family this month.AAA reports that the old school family road trip is the most popular vacation for families who travel this year.  And, multiple sources report family travel trends for Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Boomers that suggest multi-generational domestic trips are a “thing” this year.With this in mind, TruStage has joined forces with CU Solutions Group to help connect — and celebrate — the last weeks of summer this year through a social media sweepstakes. continue reading »last_img read more

November 18

Excellent cooperation! Prima Furniture equipped Bluesun 5-star hotels

first_imgPrima Grupa, the largest Croatian furniture manufacturer, has equipped two Bluesun hotels with its highest quality furniture – SENDTIDO Bluesun Berulia in Brela with 4 stars and the TUI BLUE Jadran hotel in Tučepi with 5 stars. According to the wishes and needs of the client, more than 700 top-quality bearings have been produced in Prima’s plants. Thus, these two hotels of the highest category, by choosing smart solutions, provided their guests with superior sleeping comfort.Certainly a big compliment to the Blue Sun Group who recognized and became aware of the importance of encouraging local production. Let’s not be fooled and be sure that BlueSun, like everyone else in the premium segment, had high standards and expectations in accordance with the 5-star categorization, which were obviously successfully met. So, it is possible, in fact, that the quality as well as the design of our products certainly do not give up by the competition. Regardless of the “local patriotism” of the Sunce owner, he certainly saw the ratio of quality, performance and price because in the end it is a business process that must meet high standards in order to continue to achieve high accommodation prices.Due to their durability and longevity, mattresses produced in Prima are a quality and long-term choice for furnishing hotels and apartments. Primini box bed systems are created for top comfort, and in combination with durable mattresses they guarantee comfort, quality sleep and body regeneration, which is extremely important for guests when talking about health tourism and accommodation of higher categories. With these features, as well as the affordable price, they were guided in Bluesun hotels and stand out from Prima Gurpa. “The hotel decoration project requires a careful selection of furniture made of top quality materials, durable and long-lasting, and yet functional and visually attractive. Increasingly demanding guests expect a complete experience and want to feel relaxed and comfortable, like in their own home. That is why we are extremely proud that Prima furniture is recognized as an ideal solution to meet the needs of Bluesun hotel guests. “, Pointed out Renato Radić, director of Prima Group.Source: SENDTIDO Bluesun BrelaBy the way, Prima Group is the largest manufacturer and retail chain of furniture in Croatia and the region. It has 8 own production plants and an extensive retail network of as many as 63 showrooms, of which 55 in Croatia and 8 in Macedonia. It employs more than 1500 staff. Prima’s furniture has been recognized for its quality by customers in the demanding Western European market, so today Prima’s products enrich homes in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and other countries. “Although we are recognized on the market as manufacturers of furniture, I also produce mattresses and we are proud that we have set high standards and that this is a Croatian product and production. It is extremely important to us that we cooperated with the travel company Blue Sun, ie on the arrangement of two of their hotels, since we did some finishing touches according to their requirements in accordance with the high categorization, which we successfully fulfilled to the mutual satisfaction. We are actively present in the tourist segment and we have a wide offer for hotels, apartments, villas and houses, ie the entire tourist program. ”Point out from Prima Group.Buy and use Croatian products, from agriculture to furniture, because the quality and design do not lag behind foreign furniture, in fact, they offer a better ratio of quality and price. But most importantly, by buying Croatian products you encourage the development of the local economy, and thus the retention of the local population in Croatia. The greatest power of tourism is precisely that it is not one industry, but connects various industries vertically and horizontally, and it is imperative for the tourism sector to maximally encourage and use local resources. Precisely for the reason that tourism spending is dispersed to as many local industries and participants as possible so that everyone can make a living from tourism, not just one because it is not self-sustaining.Unfortunately, our tourism closes figuratively in one “resort”, we encourage imports and foreign products, and yet we do not appreciate our quality, production, products and people. Which is insane and counterproductive, and ultimately not economically viable. That is why young people emigrate even from cities that live directly from tourism on the Adriatic, because simply three months of tourism as well as less involvement of the local population (except as cheap labor, and interestingly we are talking about tourism which is a highly profitable sector) enough to survive the whole year as well as for a quality standard of living.So make the most of local resources, from furniture, agriculture, souvenirs as well as the whole range of products and services involved in the tourism industry. Due to the “couple of kuna” difference in price, because foreign products have a lower price due to the large amount of production, you encourage foreign companies and foreign markets, while domestic ones are failing. Of course, I am not against foreign companies or foreign products as well as healthy competition, but we should certainly encourage and take care of domestic production, as do all other countries that care about their economies, from Germany, Austria to Slovenia.Source: TUI BLUE Jadran, TucepiAnd there is a big difference between domestic and foreign owners of the hotel industry. Of course, I emphasize again that I am not against foreign investments or anything like that, in fact, but foreign hotel chains are managed through excel spreadsheets, which do not know the emotions, long-term, the importance of the local economy. To trivialize, one kuna invested in the satisfaction of the guest, tomorrow brings five if the guest comes back again and recommends your accommodation to their loved ones. Kuna may keep someone in Bjelovar or Slavonia more tomorrow, so he doesn’t go to Ireland or Germany to look for his place under the sun. And accordingly, maybe then there would not be so many problems with the workforce, which will only show in the coming years, because the family would stay in Croatia. Interesting how the circle turns and how everything is connected, right? The whole system is unsustainable if local resources are not used and if tourist spending is not dispersed to as many local entrepreneurs as possible.I am free to draw a parallel as we close in on one resort.We have examples of how tourism has developed in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and it is quite clear that closing in one resort is unsustainable, while on the other hand we must look to Bavaria, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland who make maximum use of local resources and live in In the first sense, tourism, in fact, live it all year round. Domestic production and products are high quality and competitive, they may not be as branded as foreign ones, but they are certainly on the same or even higher level in terms of quality. The combination of blue and green Croatia is possible, as well as the placement of Croatian products through the tourism sector. Indeed, for all the above reasons, it should be imperative.An excellent example is the Jadranka Group from Mali Lošinj, which cooperates with over 60 domestic family farms throughout Croatia – from the islands of Cres and Lošinj, Istria and Kvarner, Međimurje, Slavonia and Baranja. “For us, this form of cooperation is important because, in addition to providing our guests with quality and home-made food, on the other hand we help the local economy. Due to the recognizable connection of green and blue Croatia within its entire offer, the Jadranka Group is today the largest purchaser of products of domestic family farms. ” Goran Filipović, a member of the Management Board of Jadranka Group, points out. A statement in which everything is said and the whole paradigm of the union of blue and green Croatia. Yes it is possible, and Jadranka Grupa is, at least as far as I know, the only real example that rounded off the whole story and connected blue and green CroatiaStart from yourself and encourage the local economy, because maybe your son or daughter will have to move outside Croatia tomorrow because there will not be enough work and business activities in your city. It’s interesting how that circle turns and how everything is connected, right?Unfortunately after a couple of attempts I was not able to get a statement from the BlueSun Hotel either, but they certainly deserve praise for this great collaboration and for boosting the local economy. You buy domestic and Croatian products. It’s all up to the people, start from yourself and don’t forget it’s all up to you.PS This is not a paid PR article, but a positive example of excellent cooperation and synergy of tourism with domestic production and products #kupujmohrvatskolast_img read more

October 20

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 9

first_imgDemocrats are doing harm to the countryThe purpose of this is to help make The Gazette great again and to debunk some liberal talking points used by Doug McFadden in his June 29 letter (“Support getting rid of Trump, McConnell”). He attempted to discredit Jane Pauze’s June 22 letter (“Enough effort wasted investigating Trump”) that spoke to the damage the progressive liberal wing of the Democratic party is doing to this great nation.Mr. McFadden’s claim that “Trump tried hard to obstruct justice“ is said honestly as, “tried hard to defend himself. “Gone it seems are Ronald Reagan’s “blue-dog“ and John Kennedy’s “Ask what you can do for your country.” Democrats were  shamefully replaced by the liberal progressives that condone killing live-born babies and open borders that will allow other 9-11 — butchers to prey upon the innocents.Create sanctuary cities such as Saratoga and Albany that harbor illegal Democratic voters, a.k.a., immigrants.Worse is their attempt to discredit, damage and destroy Donald Trump, his family and anyone ever associated with him. This is a blatant attempt to destroy us and our way of life.As Ms. Pauze said, ”He ate your lunch.“ Tough – suck it up and love your country.What’s also sad is that many opinion page authors unwittingly support these hate groups.God did indeed “bless America.“ Don’t screw it up,  Libs.Jack OsterlitzGlenvilleDemocrats in Albany show their humanity In response to Jennifer Richards’ July 2  letter (“Prioritize humans over animals in NY”) in which she criticizes the recent ban on declawing cats passed by the state Legislature, she should read and think about the quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi of India, who said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”Cat declawing is inhumane and should be outlawed. I hope it passes in every state soon.Ms., Richards also states that the Democrats, who now control New York state government, should pay more attention to “dignity-of-life” issues, especially on the issue of banning abortion.It seems that the pro-life movement condemns all abortion, period.They are hypocrites when they ignore or minimize life after birth. Issues like poverty, education, income inequality and the inhumane treatment of migrants in cages don’t seem to matter. I’m proud to be a Democrat and animal lover in New York state.Lori HudsonPattersonvilleMelania stays quiet on border situationBorder Wall – where is Melania Trump? Any other first lady would have voiced their opinion on the abuse the children are experiencing at our border.Joseph RownySaratoga SpringsMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motorists Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionTrump family never served in militaryJust a reminder for those readers who reveled in Donald Trump’s 4th of July “Me Day” parade, the Trump family has lived in the United States for more than 150 years, and not one of them, not one, has ever served in the U.S. military. Walter WoukSummitlast_img read more

October 20

…as MD leaves the building

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September 28

The Entrance Dredging Continues

first_imgCentral Coast Council is working on the next phases of the 2020 Entrance dredging program, following initial works completed earlier in April under the advice and guidance of expert coastal engineers engaged by council.About 5,000 cubic metres of sand have been removed from the eastern reaches of the channel and used to repair eroded banks on the southern side of the channel.The works were also designed to discourage further outflow from the channel along the southern side and sustain the current flow of water through the northern channel for a longer period of time.Central Coast Mayor, Lisa Matthews, said that during the February flood event, a lot of erosion occurred on the southern banks of the channel.“Repair of this foreshore will improve the safety of the beach area and protect nearby infrastructure such as council’s lifeguard tower,” she said.Council’s Unit Manager, Environmental Management, Luke Sulkowski, added that the work would help preserve the current exchange of water between the estuary and the ocean.“Since the February 2020 flood event, Council staff have observed significant changes in the movement of sand at The Entrance, with the sandspit that separates the ocean from the estuary again beginning to grow in size,” he said.“The Entrance Channel is a dynamic coastal environment and while the widening and narrowing of the channel is a natural process, these works are in part designed to try and sustain the current flow of water through the northern channel for a longer period of time.”Technical surveys of the channel and surrounding beaches have been done and these include an underwater survey of the channel bed and an aerial survey of the sand spit and coastline, using drone and laser technology.last_img read more

September 25

‘Kagawad’ killed in Roxas City shooting sustains 34 wounds

first_img“Six ang igo sa ulo; seven sa body; two sa left arm; ang isare-entry; two sa left thigh. All (made)a total of 34 wounds. No bullets recovered,” Fuentes added. The plate numberof the vehicle was captured from the closed-circuit television footage butinvestigators cannot disclose the details yet due to the ongoinginvestigation.  ROXAS City – Avillage councilman who was shot to death here on Jan. 7 has sustained 34entrance and exit wounds, according to Lieutenant Colonel Joe Martin Fuentes,medico legal officer of the Regional Philippine National Police CrimeLaboratory. “Posible may kaantanan sa iya negosyosa droga ang iya kamatayon,” a police officer on condition of anonymity said./PN “Barangay PuntaTabuc ‘kagawad’ Onel Arandez has a total of 17 bullet entries with one re-entrybullet,” Fuentes told Panay News.  The three armedmen alighted from a red car while another suspect served as their driver,police said.   Onel Arandez, councilman of Barangay Punta Tabuc, lies lifeless on the ground after three unidentified suspects peppered him with bullets at a repair shop in Barangay Cagay, Roxas City, Capiz on Jan. 7. GLENN BEUP/PN Arandez, a formerdrug surrenderer, was shot to death by three unidentified suspects wearingbonnets at a repair shop in Barangay Cagay here. “A total of 17entries, but since one ang nag re-entry, 16 ka bullets lang ang nag-igo,”he said.last_img read more

September 24

Lady Trojans Freshman VB Team Wins I-74 Border War

first_imgEC Freshman won in two with scores 25-19, 25-15.‘We had some good plays tonight, but the majority of the game we lacked intensity and aggressive play. We hope to bring that back from our games this past weekend when we head into the end of the week. I think we came in a bit tired but the girls didn’t get flustered and continued to improve their play. Several front row players showed again the effort they are putting in to improve their hitting form and speed.’  EC Coach Rachel James.Freshman are 12-0. Next game is on Thursday, October 2nd at 5 PM at Milan.Courtesy of Trojans Coach Rachel James.last_img read more